Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Epic Concert! 20/08/2013

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I just heard the news! Excited to sing w you girl!

*IF the rumors are true! Lol

Glee Exclusive: Demi Lovato Poised to Join Season 5 Cast for Major Arc as Rachel's [Spoiler]



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US DEBUT of Lay Me Down by Nile Rogers, Avicii, Adam Lambert

Adam Dancing to LMD

Videos from AFTEE Concert




Lets Dance

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More Pictures


Adam Events

Personal Update:  Since the last time, I have sold my house (24 years) and bought a new home and now begins the purge and pack!  Moving in 30 days :)   I do check up on Adam news each days when I can find a minute. Watching these videos today was such a joy!  Watch for occasional updates :)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Adam's Week! 01/08/2013

Happening Today!

@bradbessey R you gonna be at the Fox TACA 

day tomorrow? Think gonna be any Idol and 

Glee news?

Brad Bessey ‏@bradbessey 
 @omginsider crew will be there. Expect @americanidol announcement & 

@gleeonfox news. @mariahcarey was this day 

last yr.


Has everyone pre-ordered the upcoming album ? I co-wrote and sang "Lay Me Down"! Excited for you all to hear it!

Carina ‏@_ninni 

I've uploaded lossless audio rips of the two Lay Me Down partials from Balaton Sound (good sound) - bit.ly/1bIZn6r


Great Advertising!

Yes this is crazy!! Love it!


Hangin w fergie jakeshears ladyfag and friends at Fergie's Gayby Shower

For those askin: boots are Louboutin, shirt is Saint Laurent, jacket is Margiela and jeans are Diesel.

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92. Adam Lambert still has the most devoted fans on the internet



Happy August!  

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Looking Lovely in Leopard! 21/07/2013

Leopard moment realadamlambert @ Moonlight Rollerway

Thanks to @GeorgeKotsi


Hotel room shenanigans with @ashleydzerigian & @adamlambert directed by yours truly. 


Arts and Crafts @realadamlambert @tommyjoescissorhands @ashleydzerigian @brianlondon


More from Mid California Concert

Thanks to @rickyjordandrums

Thanks to @GaleChester

Radio Interview before the Paso Robles Show

Complete Show thanks to Butterknife

About Glee (does not mention Adam)


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