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January 11/2013

Thanks to everyone who responded to my message about free counseling sessions.  I have been an emergency crisis counsellor for the past twelve years and worked in grief counseling for eight years.  I have a special interest in survivors of suicide or homicide.  I also have a degree in Dispute Resolution and many years of experience in that field.

My goal at this time is to develop a counseling practice via telephone or skype.  Since there are a number of challenges to work out, I am offering free sessions now to a limited number of clients.  I am willing to give each client five sessions at no charge in order to help work through any issue or problem. 

My only request is that you have skype or live in North America (and have a phone) and be interested in spending the time talking.  After one session, we can determine whether we will be able to work together so there is not much to lose.

I have already started working with clients and it is working out well.  Anyone who is interested (including the people I have already corresponded with) please email me  Subject line:  Adam.  

I am interested in about three more clients at this time. 
My goal is to continually offer some free sessions to those who can benefit so keep this in mind for the future too.


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