Top Ten Reasons Valentines Day Will Never Be the Same For Me Again!


(Disclaimer:  I have put this recap together for myself. I want to have access to all the details of my spectacular day for always.  Hope you enjoy!)

Have you ever had a day where every single thing flows perfectly?  That's exactly what I experienced on Valentines Day 2012!

      Could Adam Lambert look any more adorable? (and at least my eyes are open)

1)I'm Going to New York City!

 On Wednesday night, February8th,  I got a tweet from my wonderful friend @merrie_liny.  She told me that she was trying to win Meet and Greet tickets at Z100 and that if she won, I had to come with her.  I said "of course I will"! Right!  My DH was there and I told him and I laughed and said, "No Worries, it will never happen!"  
Thursday night, I received a tweet from Merrie saying "I won"  OMG!  I was in shock but decided at that moment that somehow, it was going to happen and work out perfectly.

After a discussion with my DH,  decided to make it a day trip and although I would have liked to stay longer, it sounded good.  Checked out the flights and found some reasonable times and prices....lucky me!  Toronto to New York is a 1.5 hour plane trip so it is all doable.

I love an adventure especially when it involves Adam Lambert!

All about Merrie:  She has been the key to two of my best Adam encounters ever.  I love this lady very much and appreciate her sweetness and generosity.  
(the other time was Rock My Town where she ensured I had one of the best standing spots in the house directly in front of  Adam and really close!)

2) Glamberts are just like Bridesmaids!

My sweet girls looked after every detail of my Valentine's Day with Adam and I felt taken care of and safe in New York.  I was picked up at LaGuardia airport within minutes of arriving and chauffeured to Z100 by the amazing @lisaharrington4.  Traffic was tight into Manhattan so I changed and got ready while we drove down Broadway Avenue.  Oh well, it was for Adam!

 Lisa dropped me at the front door and  I was met by @merrie_liny and @virg1877 and @adamsmadworld who had driven up from PA "just to see me."  There were several other fans who I met and we all flailed about the upcoming event!

3) Anticipation is keeping me waiting!

So exciting to be in line with only 20 Glamberts who were going to see Adam.  We were escorted in groups of six to the station which is hidden on an upper floor of the building.  Entering the studio, there were a number of chairs set out for fans.

There was one group already seated so I found a great seat in front of the stage about three rows back.  I ended up standing at the side near the window and was able to have a perfect view for the entire thing.  (By the way, Adam looked my way several times and like everyone else in the room, I felt like he was talking and singing directly to me)

Standing in line with 20 glamberts waiting to go to the performance/meet and greet!

Haven't met him yet. Starting in a few minutes

Two chairs and microphones. He's gonna be singing!!

Adam is due at Z100. I'm here to meet adam. He is late!!

Its being filmed by Z100 and will be up in a day or two

No. U stopped breathing a long time afo

Meant I stopped breathing long ago. So he's doing an interview and some songs

4) My friends who were "waiting for ME" in front of the radio station saw Adam!

                       Adam Lambert and Kevin Hastings arriving at Z100 thanks to @virg1877

Adam was about one hour late (exactly as I had predicted!)
and all us fans in the venue chatted and laughed and shared our Adam experiences. Finally, one of the ladies said "He's here" and showed me the picture from twitter sent out by Lisa  waiting outside.  I was ecstatic because we had been told Adam would not be coming in through the front door (never believe anything they tell you) and I was so hoping that all the girls would at least get to see Adam. They were so sweet and I was so happy for them!

5) Adam Arrives

Kevin entered the studio first.  He took a bit of time setting up his keyboard and smiling and waving at us.  Excitement building!!

Adams having herbal tea and he wanted to carry his own bag

Danielle came into the room and told us she had been talking to Adam.  The first thing he said to her was "I love your shoes"  She was wearing high heels with spikes coming out all over the back of the shoe.  

Something like these

She also informed us that she told Adam that we had nixed a few of her questions.  We strongly recommend that she stay away from Finland and leading Queen and a few others.  Adam told her that he knew we were protective and seemed amused .

Short video just before Adam appeared thanks to @merrie_liny

Adam entered the room with so much positive energy.  He was in such a good mood, smiling and joking around and happy.  Focused and intense but friendly, loving and grateful.

Oh. How could I forget. He had one bit of hair down like on the btikm cover. My fav hairstyle :)

. Hair down (kinda)

6) Danielle interviews Adam and we are mesmerized!

Some of my favorite moments of the interview:

Adam talks about light Adam in BTIKM music video and calls him:  Kind of a "pussy"
He said, "I wouldn't be making a second album without you" and looks at all of us!
He overemphasizes  I'm in loooooooove
He talks about some of the songs on the album:
Cuckoo... creative insanity- celebration of being a nutcase
Chokehold-emotional masochism
Underneath- personal song about not showing what's going on inside

I absolutely loved how amused Kevin is by everything Adam says.  He is so cute and attentive and has a great deal of respect and admiration for Adam and his talent.

7) Performance
Kevin and Adam did not have an opportunity for a sound check so they worked on it with all of us listening.
Adam asked the sound guy to turn down the speakers to get it just right.  He was not happy with the sound and tried to turn the speakers away from him, but there was too much feedback.  
You can see my colourful shirt and where I was standing on the left side of this picture

Adam wanted them off but was told the speakers need to be on for the taping.
Adam said "it should be about the lovely fans here and not the tape"  He couldn't hear himself sing.

In the end, he sang with the speakers on and he sounded perfect despite his objection.

My Thoughts on the Performance

I love:

 that his voice sounds even deeper than normal
 that this is the first time in a while he remembers the lyrics to WWFM
 the chair dancing and how he can't stay still during BTIKM
 the eye contact with me ( ok all the fans)!
 the closed eyes for longer than usual around 6:20
 the Elvis sneers!
 hearing Adam do BTIKM without any backing this once (Kevin didn't sing)
 the ending of BTIKM... wow!

3:40   you can see where I'm standing

 This was such an emotional performance...  especially for me!

8) Meet and Greet
Palpitating. Wwfm and btikm. Gorgeous performance with a wisp of hair down.
Adam taking a break and coming back to meet fans

I apologize in advance if you think this is sucky.  I know myself and if I did not have something prepared to say, I would have said "Hi Adam!  I love your voice"  End of story.  So to prevent experiencing "post-Adam Deer in Headlight syndrome" for not having introduced myself properly, I had a poem ready.

I woke up on Sunday morning ( Adam meeting was on Tuesday) and this poem was there, in my head.  I just had to type it out and there it was.

I was advised by some experienced Meet and Greeters to wait til near the end of the line to meet Adam.  This worked out well because fans were quickly escorted out of the room as soon as they had their picture.  We were told there was no time for signing and that we needed to move quickly.

 When my turn arrived, I calmly walked up  and said "Hi Adam! Would it be ok if I read u a short poem I wrote? "  He said "Sure" with a big smile on his face and I believed him!


Ode to Adam

My name is Gloria and I live in Toronto,
When my friend won these passes, I flew here pronto.

Since the first time I heard your incredible voice
And saw a glimpse of your soul, there hasn’t been choice.

“Adamquotedaily” (AKA Adambertdaily) : I write it each day,
Share with thousands of Glamberts who love what you say.

New fans are my favorite and I answer them back and
Hook them in obsession with my Adam Lambert Crack.

 (that’s what my friends call it)

So thanks for inspiring, for the joy and much more,
For music in my heart and a smile I adore
 (yours and mine)

One last request, I don’t mean to be a bug,
But life would be awesomer, if I could get a hug.


I read him the poem but it was interrupted a couple of times by the people at Z100 who wanted to take our picture ( that's why I'm far away from him...I was reading and when they took the picture, I turned on the spot)  They also were trying to get me to move on, but I was determined and finished.

Fortunately, I knew the poem by heart and was able to look up into his beautiful eyes several times.  He was looking straight at me and smiling.  He especially liked the part about the Adam "Crack".  He actually laughed out loud and said "I love that Adam Crack " and I said, well, that's what you are to us!

Adam gave me my long awaited "Ellen" hug and it was wonderful. I held on for a few extra seconds, remembered to breathe him in and I was a happy girl. He didn't have any noticable cologne odour. He just smelled fresh and magnificent.  He thanked me and smiled and I reluctantly moved away.

And we r done!
Big hug from adam and he smellls beautiful!
The meet and greet was pretty rushed. They kept trying to rush us out but I kept talking. Haha

I had an envelope to give Adam.  It contained a copy of the poem I wrote and a couple of bookmarks for him and Sauli.  I printed the gorgeous banner that @thefilmqueen designed and had it laminated.  It looks beautiful!

When I realized I had not given Adam the envelope, I crossed in front of the stage to give it to Kevin.  I had a chance to talk to Kevin and he told me that he has never played for such an incredible and talented performer. He loves the fandom and the craziness and wants his pictures posted all over twitter...I promised I would do that.
Kevin was very friendly and approachable.  He seems like a great guy which he must be since Adam chose him.

Thanks to @Merrie_LINY

My intention going into this Valentine's Day experience was to stay present and take in every moment. Truthfully, I know I will never have a "satisfying enough" Adam Lambert experience. I'm always going to want more from him.  

So, I decided to not judge and to just enjoy being where I was.  This was a very good decision.  I enjoyed every moment of the interview, performance, meet and greet and also watching all the other fans interact with Adam.  

He has such a beautiful presence and I'm sticking to my description in calling him MAJESTIC! No disappointment... Adam delivers Adam! He is #Plenty in every way!

9)  As if the whole experience was not spectacular enough, I got another chance to hang around Adam. We waited in front of the station and because his van was parked there, we knew we'd get another glimpse of the Man!  I would estimate there were about twenty people and around 15 minutes later, out walked Adam! He looked magnificent in that stunning taupy military inspired coat and his rock star sunglasses as you can see in the pictures below.

 We thought he would rush right into the van since he was running very late and had another radio promo down the street.  Instead, he stopped and said " Who hasn't had a picture yet?"  He stood with us for at least ten minutes taking pictures, signing autographs and chatting.  I tried to find my bookmarks for him to sign but I couldn't locate them and decided that I was just going to enjoy the moments.  Snapped a bunch of pictures of him and stayed close by but mostly just watched!

On his way out he took pictures with everyone and said "everybody have their turn?". So cute. Like being at school

When he was ready to leave he first said "Everybody have their turn?"  We all melted.  He was so sweet and accommodating and so Adam!  What a guy!

I took the three pictures above

Adam Lambert after the show thanks to @adamsmadworld

Adam Lambert thanks to @Ississ

I should have got next to Adam for more pictures but I felt he already gave me my time and I am thrilled that I kinda like the professional picture the station took. Thanks to @esselsari for enhancing it  a bit for me!  :)

10) It was Adam!

Adam was right there.  Got my wish of a 

fabulous "Ellen" hug and held on for an extra few seconds.
 Majestic. Beautiful. Sexy. Gorgeous. Hunk. 

OMG!!!  Surreal. So real. Incredible. Fabulous. … 

Stunning.. Present.. attentive... little bit of HAIR 

DOWN! Positive adjectives ad infinitum…. 

Adam in the flesh “reigniting all the souls that 

would die just to feel alive.”



Homeward Bound with Forever Memories!

Taking off. One hour to toronto and in spite of adam saying it doesn't interfere with flying I am turning off. :) ttyl

When I arrived back home, I went online and saw these tweets from Adam.  I figured that something great had happened with BTIKM music video or that there was some special Canadian news.  I intended to find out the next morning.  When I searched, I couldn't find any specific reason for this tweet and had many messages asking what I had done to Adam to make him tweet his love for Canada.
Not sure what Adam was referring to exactly, but in my 

dreams I'm a tiny part of that love for Canada! haha

Adam Lambert you are like crack to your fans... can't get enough ever!

This is where it all started for me and isn't it true!

Love and thanks to @merrie_liny, @virg1877, @lisaharrington4, 
@adamsmadworld, @esselsari.  Special thanks to my Adam 
Lambert partner in crime, @wowpriscilla for helping me put this 
recap together!
Merrie and Adam thanks to @esselsari!

Now that this is posted, gonna cut off my bracelet!


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