Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dancing in LA! 19/02/2012

Picture from Rasputin LA

With my Doppelgänger  do you guys still think I look like him? 

Adam Today!

Thanks to @MrsKateSmart


BTIKM holding at #31!


@illuxxia: dork!gangsta 


Adam Interviewed on Chart Show UK thanks to @GaleChester

Adam Lambert thanks to  

Thanks to Lynneville

"Am I hallucinating?"  So can relate to that! Haha!



New NewNextNow - Dream Dates, Idols

My NYC meeting Adam Recap


Adam Lambert at the Blondes fashion show via @kathryn17
Over  3,026,927  satisfied views!  

BTIKM Music Video is amazing!

Watch it looped here:

Keep this baby playing!


Adam Lambert:  Last Night at Rasputin LA

@TimoteoStudio Omfg @adamlambert is here at @RasputinLA he looks hot!

@BarbieMcQueen @adamlambert loved meeting you!! Ahhhh:)! Have fun dancing the night away <3

@loras23 @adamlambert thnx for the pic have a great night


Adam Lambert Hour with @LiamMcEwan thanks to @mmyy9


Norwegian Interview Here:

HitBound on Sirius Radio thanks to @GaleChester



yeah i aint growin one... lol don't you fret glamberts... :)




wandinka87  Look Adam in Bravo mag which comes out in Czech republic:) @adamlambert


Screencaps from Norwegian Interview 

Screen caps thanks to God Kveld Norge

Adam Lambert thanks to Outlawsoflove_92

Worth Every Penny!  LOL

Last bid is $1225 for two Adam Lambert meet and greet passes for charity

Is this real or not?  Probably find out Monday!


Adam Lambert commented Sauli Koskinen's sexiness

Thanks to @GaleChester 

Time to Catch Up today?? 

 It's all here:

(includes download links for your favorites!)


Missed this one....

 Wanna milk this album!

The Blondes Fashion show... Adam in the bottom right corner... 

Adam buy all the men's pants please!

Worth another Look!

Adam Around the World

: Aussie iTunes top 200 180212 Better Than I Know Myself music video #13 

ZIP-FM (Nagoya) McDonald's ZIP HOT 100 (Feb 19) BTIKM moved up from #23 to #9 先週の23位から今週は9位にアップ Chart to be updated 

BTIKM #1 in Bulgaria and South Africa!

BTIKM moved up to #15 on the CHUMFM music chart- #1 radio station in Canada!



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More Pictures from The Blondes
(all the WilsonModels pictures from this link)

Be sure to watch for my complete NYC Valentine's Day 

experience description coming out later today - ish! :)

I will tweet and email it out as soon as it is finished!

There are a few details I haven't shared yet!


Angelina Kalahari's Meets Adam 

Listen to this cause she actually knows what she is talking about!


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Listened to a Seminar today by Neale Donald Walsch...  here are highlights

The Three Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making your life work 

1.  Be the Source

Give away what you want more of.   Find people who want the same thing you want and give it to them.   Patience, compassion, peace, kindness, love,  time, money... what flows through you sticks to you.

This experience creates a magnet.  When you give away what you want more of to others,  the universe gives it back to you an ample amount so that you will never run out.

2.  See the perfection

When the world is falling apart around you, be grateful for a chance to experience your essence.  You demonstrate who you really are and these negative things will not be needed.  It will continue until you stop saying you do not want what you have.  

Your life is perfect just the way it is right now for you to experience who you really are.  

Example:  Abusive situation- this is occurring in my life right now so I can demonstrate who I am...  I can forgive others and love my self..  What would love for my self do now?  

The idea that there is nothing going on in your life is a powerful tool to discover who you really are...
removes from consciousness negative emotions such as anger, frustration, righteousness

3) You are not alone in this process called Life

Feeling alone is what makes it feel intolerable.  If you will be present in the life of another, you will never be alone. 

Your life has nothing to do with you.  It has to do with everyone whose life you touch.  Others see by the light of your example, who they are.  

We are all here with the presence of divinity.  There is nothing I need from you and I require nothing of you.  When people feel this from you,  they begin to feel safe in your space.  All the barriers drop and we become fully present and visible.  People naturally search to experience this and are magnetized to us.
People want what you`ve got... they already have it but don`t know it.

(Adam has this for sure)

The things we want in our lives will come to us without effort when we apply these three secrets.


  1. Hi Gloria, thanks so much for posting the link to my Sound Bath programme again - you're an angel! Great to have you back! :-)

  2. Beautiful pics today,Gloria!And I am finally able to sit down & watch some of the videos from last week.

    Adam is glowing these days~~~I am so glad we had a chance to bask in that glow for just a moment!!!!


    oh,btw,do I have your leather cell phone case? It was left in my car....

  3. Gloria,

    Thak you so much for the recap. I felt your excitement. Many fans said it before me. It is not just comprehensive up-to-date information that hooked me to you site. It is your infectious positive energy that is so much like Adam's.
    Love you, Tatiana

  4. Tatiana: Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your words more than you can imagine and they have really choked me.



  5. Angelina: My pleasure! I have listened to half of it, and will finish it up tonight. Adam and RL been keeping me a bit busy but I love it!



  6. Oh, Gloria! How exciting for you to be able to meet up with Adam! I can't think of a better gift for you and all your hard work you do for us every day. Unlikely as it is that I will ever have the pleasure, your recap brought me so close to Adam I almost smelled him. Thank you for sharing your special moments with us!


  7. Oh Dear Gloria, thank you so much for your intimate moment by moment recap of being with Adam! Your passion and commitment to this project is awesome and we who follow you each day are blessed with such rewards in our mutual love and admiration for this amazing Man and his journey. Great Entertainment, and great life lessons too. Kudos!! and Kisses too!

  8. Gloria, what heaven you must have experienced, it was Karma because you work so hard for us and you derserved every second of joy!!

  9. Gloria I know you're beautiful from the depths of your heart and you are really special
    Thank you
    arabic lady

  10. Gloria, I just read your recap of your amazing time in NYC meeting Adam. I am so happy for you! Your experience sounds wonderful and I appreciate your sharing it with us. You made me feel like I was there (almost)!

    Thanks so much for all you do for us ... sharing that good Adam crack! LOL!


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