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More Goodies! 18/02/2012

Not in English but they keep saying Adam's name... butAdam doesn't like Nickeback

Adam Lambert, "Better Than I Know Myself" is #1 again this week on Belorussian Radio Unistar!
It break this chart 6 weeks ago and is #1 during 5 weeks in row!
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Adam Lambert at JFK ( or LAX?) airport last night thanks to Lydia S

Thanks to MyGlamRockGodUK
Adam Lambert Top 10 MTV - Via MyGlamRockGodUK

Adam on Sirius Hits1 thanks to Scorpio4Bert


Adam Lambert in Gossips Magazine 
(full size view at the bottom of this page!)

@ricccadam uploaded pics of the magazine. (thanks!!)
Q: What’s the secret of finding a great boyfriend?

Adam: “I’m no expert, but find someone that makes you want to be a better person.”

Whole article translated here:


Thanks to TheHildeMaire

Swedish Interview from Today! (listening now!)

@blakkrrox: Oh Adam lolol Dickshonary: ' plen·ty/plentē/Pronoun: A large or sufficient amount or quantity; more than enough. '


Google Translate:

That said, I was a little nervous about my date with Adam Lambert. But I had not had to be, at the time we visited was the little charm troll lavish me with compliments. "What great style you have, it's Madonna, or Cyndi Lauper? You are soooo cuuuute!" This will be hard to write without seeming self-righteous, but I try: he seemed to like it all with me, and asked a lot of questions: How do I get my haircut, what have I bought my necklace, how to make up myself ....? I was totally embarrassed, flattered and blushed. Had I not known that he has the guy so I probably would have almost become a little crush 

Anders, our boss was on the site and photographed me and Adam and I think you see how fond I am of all compliments, fånigare smile you get phase to look for 
But thank you, Adam, you're pretty hot yourself 


Today at 11:30 EST Adam hosts  on MTV!

Adam Lambert @adamlambert 
I'll be on @MTV tomorrow (Sat 2/18) at 11:30amET. I’m co-hosting @10ontop with @lenaydunn!

Lenay Dunn @LenayDunn
my new bff xo"RT @adamlambert: I'll be on @MTV tomorrow (Sat 2/18) at 11:30amET. I’m co-hosting @10ontop with @lenaydunn

Catch up on these you may have missed!

Adam at 94.5PST thanks to Jesha84

Complete interview thanks to 


Thanks to presscomm12 


Thanks to NiteNurseStat

If you have missed anything, here is a great link for all the promo with seven pages of downloads, pictures and videos!

Adam on Nicki Minaj




@MichaelOrland aww did you hear that Adam Lambert gave you major props at 94.3 radio today?Basically said he wouldve been lost w/o you:)<3

Michael Orland @MichaelOrland

@melirose89 can't wait to hear it. He's still the ONLY one who thanked me in front of 25 million people. #foreverGrateful

julia @sgjools 
awww @adammlambert shouting out @michaelorland as one of the two people who really looked after him on idol ♥


@sgjools @adammlambert that stuff is why he's well loved and will be successful for a very long time.


NewNextNow clips together

Adam Lambert and Rick Owens High Top Side Pocket Cowhide Sneakers Photograph

Coolspotters @coolspotters

Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) spotted in Rick Owens High Top Side Pocket Cowhide Sneakers


SAULI KOSKINEN & ADAM LAMBERT photo | Adam Lambert,,20222041_20571130_21121688,00.html

Be sure to watch for my complete NYC Valentine's Day experience description coming out Tomorrow - ish! :)


BTIKM Music Video Looped Version...approaching 3 

Million views!

Keep this baby playing!

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Listened to a Seminar today by Neale Donald Walsch...  here are highlights

The Three Secrets to Ending the Struggle and Making your life work

1.  Be the Source

Give away what you want more of.   Find people who want the same thing you want and give it to them.   Patience, compassion, peace, kindness, love,  time, money... what flows through you sticks to you.

This experience creates a magnet.  When you give away what you want more of to others,  the universe gives it back to you an ample amount so that you will never run out.

2.  See the perfection

When the world is falling apart around you, be grateful for a chance to experience your essence.  You demonstrate who you really are and these negative things will not be needed.  It will continue until you stop saying you do not want what you have.  

Your life is perfect just the way it is right now for you to experience who you really are.  

Example:  Abusive situation- this is occurring in my life right now so I can demonstrate who I am...  I can forgive others and love my self..  What would love for my self do now?  

The idea that there is nothing going on in your life is a powerful tool to discover who you really are...
removes from consciousness negative emotions such as anger, frustration, righteousness

3) You are not alone in this process called Life

Feeling alone is what makes it feel intolerable.  If you will be present in the life of another, you will never be alone. 

Your life has nothing to do with you.  It has to do with everyone whose life you touch.  Others see by the light of your example, who they are.  

We are all here with the presence of divinity.  There is nothing I need from you and I require nothing of you.  When people feel this from you,  they begin to feel safe in your space.  All the barriers drop and we become fully present and visible.  People naturally search to experience this and are magnetized to us.
People want what you`ve got... they already have it but don`t know it.

(Adam has this for sure)

The things we want in our lives will come to us without effort when we apply these three secrets.


  1. loved the photo in my email too adorable and as always your on top of all the news thank you.


  2. Can't believe how much great stuff keeps popping up! Stay tuned!

  3. I probably missed you answering this already but, did Adam know about your blog?


  4. I'm going to post my story tomorrow.. details are coming. But the answer is, I don't know but I think so! LOL

  5. Really looking forward to that story tomorrow, Gloria!!

    Adam is everywhere! Thanks for sharing it in one place. I feel like I'm getting crazy trying to keep up, so I just wait til I see it here.

    So funny, I was listening to that Neale Donald Walsch podcast right before I checked here. It was great to get your notes!!! Wow! You are such a gift to me!!

  6. I don't say it often enough. Thank you for all the work you put into keeping us informed.

  7. Struggled to the computer every day to read your blog (I threw my back/neck out doing too much exercise and not taking a break - learned my lesson - it's been VERY painful). Have looked at all the great stuff here and waiting in great anticipation for tomorrow's recap. Thank you so much for all you do. luv, lee

  8. Thanks Mary! Great to know you were listening to the podcast. Don't know if anyone finds it interesting, but it gives me a good place to keep notes! LOL!

    Deirdre.. thanks hun! Appreciate the comment!

    Becca, are two sweethearts always! :)




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