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Music from the Cave! 17/02/2012

Cute Interview with the Lips


Adam Lambert joins Justin Louis on the Air. Listen to His Performance and Interview 




SiriusXM Hits1 just told me "Adam will be on Hit Bound tomorrow at 1 AM, 5 AM, 9 AM, and 2 PM est. Be sure to spread the word!

Adam Lambert and radio guys today thanks to  @crockerock 

Where are you going Adam?


Just casually saw Adam Lambert at JFK

@shoshannastone is Adam on way to Brit Awards to perform w/ Roger and Brian?

@4evrmomof4 nope

Adam lambert spotted in JFK!!

 @nwahlll  EUROPE!!


 @FAULTMagazine FAULT Issue 10 Update #faultmagazine#adamlambert#anaaraujo #bandofskulls 

Thanks to



Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen...gorgeous at the Blondes fashion show NYC

(Scroll to the bottom of this page for full size view!)

Dean Piper Interview!

Queen influenced parts of the album too – what do they mean to you?

On trespassing there is a whole homage thing happening. Pharrell and I started talking and he said I was our generations Freddie Mercury. That was ridiculous. You’re never going to replace Freddie in any way. But I’m thrilled to have the chance to do stuff with them. I can’t wait to work with them again.

What are they like as mates?

So cool. They’re like my Poppas. So paternal and really great to talk to. Brian May is so cool actually. We sat down after the EMA performance and shot the shit and talked all night having a beer. It was super cool. They’re very normal. I went away from that thinking ‘wooooooah’. I flew with them on a private jet. That was friggin’ cool.

"Amaze-balls" album will now be out in "Mapril"


Adam performed without speakers last night and it sounded incredible (see below)

At Z100 adam wanted the speakers off but the station wanted them on for the video

He tried to turn the speakers in a different direction but there was feedback

He said the performance should be about the lovely fans in the room and not a tape

He was a bit miffed and said he couldn't hear anything but , of course, he sounded perfect

Glad he got his way tonight!

                                                                Listen to this!

Last Night with Special thanks to TALCvids


Thanks to @tuke18  More and full sized here:

@adamlambert WPST 3


@adamlambert WPST 4


Sauli back to LA but bumped by Delta?  Adam has a day in New Jersey?

Adam tweeted:
"Delta: quit over-booking your flights. Bumping people off a plane cuz you're trying to get out of debt is disgusting. #badbizness"
"(I'm not stuck... But someone close to me got screwed over today)"


 This song is about the misconceptions of what can result when two people speaking different mother tongues. It can be confusing and challenging, but also very rewarding at the same time, Adam sighs.
(Broken English)

I missed watching this with all the excitement! So cute!

Questions and answers:

@adamlambert Boots WPST 6


Thanks to Jesha84








Thanks to Emily
Music Choice @MusicChoice
Glambert, aka @adamlambert, stopped by the MC studios this week.








Bruno Mars - Never close our Eyes

@vegas1024: ohhhh the bruno song is never close our eyes

 @vegas1024: and he is like in love with dr luke. apparently he his making this song fantastic


More Happening today in New Jersey!

Check back regularly for updates


B104 Question and Answer

New Merchandise on ALFC revealed today!


Q102 Photos

Adam Lambert

Fashion Week Articles

                Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen...Click on picture for full size!

Thanks to aprilmarie816 on FB

Album Delay

Queen Stuff


BTIKM Music Video Looped Version...approaching 3 Million views!

Keep this baby playing!

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  1. Gloria, you ROCK!!! I always love coming here and today you really made my heart sing! Thank you so much. So happy that you got to meet Adam!!!

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