Thursday, 16 February 2012

NYC-The City Keeps Giving! 16/02/2012
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Adam Lambert @adamlambert
Yes, the album release date has been pushed back. Working on some new songs, making the album even better! Thank you all for understanding.

Adam Lambert With Logan And Nicole


: You will be able to watch  at 

Thanks to @GaleChester for this video!!!


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Glamberts get ready for a meet and greet!


adam lambert mtv 10 08



: Rumor control: no duets recorded except 

for Sam Sparro's feature on "Shady". Bruno has 

WRITTEN a song for the album. :) 

I'm doing a chat with Saturday Night Online send in 

questions & l'll answer them 2/25  


We stan a man who takes the time to style his eyeballs. 


Dark and Light Adam Lambert thanks to @bearsandbees

Good morning! Be sure to watch @VH1 at 10am. I'll be on #VH1Buzz!

Adam announced on VH1 that he will be performing on LOGO's NewNowNext Award (April 9th)


@phillipeblond the fashions were SICKNING Tonight!


@adamlambert and your clothes tonight? A++++++++.

@wolfgoat shirt and jacket by the divine Gareth Pugh, leather pants by Skingraft.

Thanks to
@Squirrely007 Close
freaking copyright words!

@argeneau: Has this been seen? New pic of Adam with Mao Padilha from The Blonds show last

Chain-mail top menswear at The Blonds @MetrovelvetTV @METROVELVET

MTV Style @MTVstyle Close
Adam Lambert backstage at The Blonds


Thanks to MyGlamRockGodUK= few secs of Adam and Sauli arriving


Adam Lambert Shares His Favorite Whitney Houston Song (VIDEO)

Q&a @adamlambert - How does an @americanidol contestant end-up working with @pharrell @nilerodgers & @QueenWillRock
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Just in case you missed this(: Adam is the number 1 thing you'll love this month (or Mapril) in Ladies' Home Journal! 


BTIKM #1 in Bulgaria for a Month!  REQUEST!


@adamlambert #BTIKM-one month on top of the charts in and Radio Fresh Daily Chart.:)


Adam on MTV NewNowNext yesterday!

More here:

Adam's Favorite MakeOut Song

Lots of pictures:  



Fuse snippets all on one YouTube vid : via @youtube

This is CBS radio top video:


Sirius XM Version of BTIKM


Acoustic version BTIKM from Germany thanks to hr3de


All Promo for Trespassing Collected in an orderly fashion here :)


February 16, 2012: Adam at Q102FM I Heart Radio Theater

binkleywtf: "you can watch the entire performance & interview LIVE right here on this Thu, Feb 16th, 4:30pm.


Vote and Request!! Do it now!  Link at upper right of the page right under the banner.


Bad idea to send me to NYC and let me meet Adam in the middle of a promotional fury!  

I'm feeling as confused as everyone else and it seems like I'm getting more excited about my meeting as time goes on. 
Each time I see a picture or video or hear Adam's voice, I'm back there beside him!  LOL!  

Gonna save my write up for the weekend when hopefully everyone has a chance to catch up on all this great news! 
And know that even if I'm a bit disorganized on this promo, I will provide links that have it all.

More coming later for sure...

Thanks for understanding :)

Watch this often!! :)

Adam performs at Z100... love this version of BTIKM that Adam sings all by himself!


  1. Your picture with Adam is saved on my iPad forever. You wonderful. :) Glenda

  2. so much pretty today and thank you. I'm hoping he comes to FL for a little promo touring and hits a radio show or two here if you hear anything plz let me know would love a chance to see him. still so excited about your meet and greet .


  3. Loving all your updated Adam news-especially the Blonds pics! BTW-what happened to your tweet button?



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