Sunday, 29 April 2012

Adam and Sauli! 29/04/2012

Photoshop of picture yesterday thanks to @GlamOllie  Original by @CocoLorenzo

More pictures on yesterday's post:  


@virg1877 YAY!! @saturdayonline played @AdamLambert Never Close Our Eyes tonight @Q102Philly screencap #NCOENOW


NCOE Video?


"drones" ages 18 - 45 Adam Lambert "Never Close Your Eyes" Music Video $175/12 Yes Non-Union 4/28/2012
Supporting / Male or Female / All Ethnicities /18 - 45 
Very futuristic feel, the look is a stylish, post apocalyptic world, everyone is a drone, but some people, along with Adam, break out and rebel, letting color and vibrancy back into their lives. Could use some interesting faces, some edgy looks (no tattoos), interesting eyes (eyes will be featured a lot). All are supporting roles FYI. Cool, interesting people. Stylish



@joannalizzy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ The whole Adam support team at The Kimmel much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Promotional Video for Queen in Wroclaw


Adam Lambert cropped thanks to Jessela

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Hollywood, CA
April 2012

Fan Recap of JK Experience


Whole Set thanks to Meme1108

Underneath remix thanks to AidenMcEwan

Naked Love Piano Cover thanks to MelodicGlambertPiano


If I get a chance to jam with @AdamLambert on "Shady" Live it would be fun. Especially if we just went OFF!


Just WON International Radio Personality Of The Year 2012 at Worldwide Radio Summit !!!!!!! Thank you to ALL of you for the support!!

Byron Cooke ‏ @Byroncooke
@adamlambert followers you were all so kind & supportive leading up to my award. Its fair to say "we are sure fire winners" !!


Cuckoo from Portland thanks to GaleChester

WWFM from Portland thanks to GaleChester


Interesting Article about this Girl... take lessons!


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  1. that write up on the video sounds rather interesting can't wait to see what the final product wil be and if this is a set thing or if the vision will change before making it to us to see either way i'm excited. hope you are having a great weekend.


  2. I love the McEwans...they are Adams fans that go way beyond the regular help. They actually put the music out in the whole world..I hope he contacts them, and just let them know he appreciates all they are doing. Plus Aiden does some unreal remixes.. He is very talented.. I think we should all get behind them as much as possible..

  3. Such beautiful pics from Kimmel, that to Audrey!!

    I am so excited to get this CD...I feel like this album is really Adam! I love the sound !!



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