Monday, 9 April 2012

Oozing HOT! 09/04/2012


"Trespassing" at the Logo's NewNowNext Awards. Get in:

(This one has been taken down... there's one thanks to @GaleChester near the bottom of the page)

Instant Download:


@adamlambert putting my request in now for one of those dresses.

(ME TOO!!)

markgilroymusic: So today is the day a new genre of music was invented #ElectroFunkStepEmoPOP ... #TRESPASSING is coming!”


I think I fell in love with @adamlambert .....
Retweeted by @adamlambert

Thanks to @enriqueme

 Adam, your performance at the NNNA's was soulful, mezmerising, slick and polished. I couldn't help but be reminded of the epic performance of Ricky Martin at the Grammy's doing "The Cup of Life". That single performance catapulted Ricky into world domination. Mass frenzy. I had been a Ricky fan for years before that performance, the world caught up. This Trespassing performance needs to be on a world stage, such as he likes of the Grammy's. This song, and the timing in your career is primed for world domination in the same way. The single fist in the air, during the chorus speaks volumes. OMG Adam you really are a star! Got your back, all the way! #NZGlittertribe

Thanks to @Listoffsay

Today!  10 PM EST/ 7PM PST

World clock for today's New Now Next Awards w/ Adam Lambert performing  10p ET on Logo channel or  (@coralmermaid Livestream)

Adam Lambert screencap thanks to @lilybop2010

I added 10 pics! 72 Screencaps of Trespassing, Adam Lambert at NewNowNext Awards:

Two words for @AdamLambert's NewNowNext Awards performance: Hot sex!

Did someone order a heaping dose of Adam Lambert oozing hot sex all over the stage? Well, your order is served.
Adam and his band funked up the stage something amazing as he performed his new single, “Trespassing,” at the 2012 Logo NewNowNext Awards. The Pharrell Williams-produced jam features sexy electric guitar rifts, funky drum kicks, and Adam’s tasty vocals, all beckoning you to the dancefloor.

A video that shows Adam Lambert rocking Logo's NewNowNext Awards has hit the web. During the event, the 2009 runner-up of "American Idol" performed the title track of his second studio album "Trespassing", which will come out in the United States on May 15. 

"TRESPASSING is ElectroFunkStepEmoPOP realness.... Getting all mixes back... sounding massive. get ready to dance this summer Glamberts," Lambert tweeted. He came to the awards show, which was taped in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 5, with his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. 



Trespassing Deluxe by @adamlambert only $9.83 right now on Barnes & Noble stocking up!



Thanks for all the nice tweets re my @adamlambert interview! Tune in tohttp://Logotv.comtomorrow during the #NNNAwards for more...


Tweets about Nirvana

@wrabel Just saw you co-wrote a song with @adamlambert for his new album! Wow, how cool is that??? :)

@Chris3Austin hm..quite? quite cool..? i'm so excited for the album! some really great stuff on there. (not JUUST the one i worked on..heha)

@wrabel Are ya kidding? That's AMAZINGLY AWESOME! And I love hearing that you love what else you've heard on @adamlambert's album! YAHHH!!!

@Chris3Austin yesss!! it's suuuuper excited. was beyond thrilled to get on it :)

@ShockUhDeliCA @theMichaelShane @adamlambert hahaaa yesssyesyes. pre-order 14 more!

yeahhh. on may 15 everybody go get @adamlambert's new album "trespassing". i cowrote the last song on there, "nirvana". can. not. wait.

@LambertUK  Korean TV commercial for water purifier Coway featuring Adam Lambert's song 'Strut' - @noahlaurie)

 Photobucket Video by : Korean Coway TV Commercial Featuring ADAM LAMBERT's Strut

Just Posted (We've seen these but give the station some hits!)


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Thanks to @GaleChester

Thanks to @dawnmyst



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  1. Gloria, thank you so much for posting the 107.9 interviews. I had missed them with the huge overwhelm of videos. Wow!! I would have missed something absolutely beautiful. Adam in his ballcap--being pure Adam. He is so deep, so loving and so FUNNY!! I laughed out loud. I loved when someone asked him what he looked forward to when he woke up in the morning and he said "Y'all", then went on to explain how much he enjoys the close connection with his fans and wanted to reconnect after two years. And it was totally genuine. I really saw that he is not just doing a "job", but truly enjoying the human one-on-one. He makes my heart soar. Hot sex combined with genuine heart and soul. What a combination he is!!! IFLHSM!!!

  2. Such gorgeous pictures today !!! And the drawing by Listoff is wondrously amazing, wow, she is good !

    Thanks for reposting the interview with the red curtain, such great questions and he was so comfortable.

  3. The Trespassing video has been removed ;-(
    Glad I grabbed it yesterday !!!

  4. He's just so damn beautiful.
    luv, lee


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