Sunday, 24 October 2010

Adam's Pussycat

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I C how this works ! The Shopping Crew in Honolulu

Sasha, Sutan, Adam, Terrance, Taylor

One More Close-up of Tongue Diving

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Is this the jacket from the beginning of IIHY video?


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

What's New Pussycat?  Thanks to @lambertglowbug

Thanks to @pomegranate02 taken in Brisbane via @tjrpics

Monte's Interview with Andi Tan (@rhyden)

This is an amazing video... watch it!

Friends of @Suz526 Unite

Yeah Adam!

If you look at the very bottom of this post, there is a video bar for all Adam's music videos. WWFM and IIHY hit 10,000,000 views this week.  FYE is over 9,000,000 views.  Yeah Adam!

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS Adam wasn't listed as a nominee in any category! We need to type his name in the 'Other' Box. WE CAN DO THIS! **********************************************************
INSTRUCTION FOR VOTING ON-LINE (Follow instructions once and then its easy to repeat) MINIMIZE SCREEN to avoid scrolling (CNTRL - ) (UPDATE!!!!!! From @LittleMsBig!!! Please Read! "You don't have to keep typing his name . After the first time just click the "Other" box then click a few times in the name strip and his name will be there in a drop down window for you to click. Same thing with the song.") 1. At Home Page, click on 'Vote Now' or 'Nominate Your Favorites' 2. Vote as a Guest (No registration required) or as a Member Click on Continue 3. Click on 'MUSIC' (There are 4 categories.) 4. Click on 'Favorite Male Artist' 5. Check 'Other' Box 6. Type in Adam Lambert 7. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 8. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 9. Go to 'Favorite Song' 10. Check 'Other' Box 11. Type in 'Whataya Want From Me' (We need to vote for this song, so we don't have vote-splitting!) 12. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 13. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 14. Go to 'Favorite Breakout Artist' 15. Check 'Other' Box 16. Type in Adam Lambert 17. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 18. Click on 'Next Category' (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 19. Go to Favorite Pop Artist 20. Check 'Other' Box 21. Type in Adam Lambert 22. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 23. Click on "Favorite Male Artist" Under 'MUSIC' again, and repeat process! Let's send a message that Adam belongs on the final Nomination list! .

Enhanced by @aquariussue7

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  1. I donated to Suz526 AND I emailed/tweeted the link to everyone I know. I had withdrawal while he was away!! I truly appreciate and am grateful for the videos we did get while he was gone but....I WANT ROLANDO!!!!

  2. just donated to Suz/Rolando526 Europe, I hope they make it to cover Adam! catching up on your posts Gloria, on a stormy cozy sunday morn in california. Thanks again and again! PLT

  3. Wow every song adam does is a masterpiece! I am so thrilled that his Sleepwalker has debued in Canada, I sih it would here in the US as well. Another song that should have gotten more airplay is FYE (For Your Etnertainment) Love that song! Go Adam! I would encourage everyone to ask theirloca radio stations to play Sleepwalker. Make sure you don't bombard them though, just a couple times a day. xoxo

  4. I love Rolando's recap! Thanks Suz.

    I've decided Adam's orthodontist deserves royalties for that killer smile!

  5. HI, So happy he got some "quality" after hour time in Sydney ... he deserves a bit of fun !!

    I do wish he would ditch that B & W beach shirt ...UGH !

  6. Do you have any idea how to get in touch with the powers that be? I love Adam with all my heart but...I want to suggest that they add some Tommy merchandise ....I want a Tommy Tshirt so bad.

  7. Fabulous pics today - a multitude of thanks to all the photographers and to this wonderful blog!

  8. When Sutan and Adam walk together, they look like brothers..even more so if Adam got a tan.. but more than likely, he would just burn :)
    Love the Pussycat video, and the close up tongue-diving.. I also agree with zoodlemouse13... I also would like a tommy t-shirt...


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