Thursday, 14 October 2010

Best Crowd Ever... Malaysia!!

More at

End of Encore in Kuala Lumpur thanks to @james_padfoot

DM me @adamquotedaily for recording KL


Playlist with more videos from Kuala Lumpur

Fever Today:  Adam pointed to the crowd and asked would YOU be mine!  Otherwise, he didn't seem to change too much!

Adam Glams Our Nation Tonight!

Pretty good interview



Who Doesn't want an Adam Calender for 2011?


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


Pictures from Hong Kong via @tjr_pics

The Gang Arrives at KL Airport yesterday!


Great Pictures Here


This Fan Video is Unbelievable! Had to Watch every second!

And one more that I love!

Last picture... could be Elvis except for the earring!


Twitter followers today:  711,200

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  1. OK, I haven't even had time to scroll down, but that first picture .... took my breath away !!!
    WOW ! What a man .... being his most homosexually beautiful, that'll show them !
    Rock on Adam back to check out the rest

  2. Yes Adam is so gorgeous in these glad Malaysia went well. Hey I really loved getting your posts in my e-mail because I could sneak and look at them at work w/o having to go online...but now you've stopped putting anything in the e-mails :( still love your blog though. Thanks.

  3. I love this full length pic of our beautiful Adam standing infront of the "Star World" poster. He is so stunning there, all matching and ahhhhh...I really love it!! Great Blog as usual- it'st he first thing I open in my e-mail EVERY DAY !!! Powderpuffnails

  4. I love this Diva video hahahahaha And the concert was AWESOME :D

  5. number8gurl You should be getting an email with a link to this site. Can't figure out how to do an email list here so I have been sending out a post from Wordpress. Let me know if you are getting that.



  6. Does anyone know where to view the interview with Adam by Pictures look awesome.

  7. first off adam points to the crowd alott(: during feveer! he wants to get us all alone! omg that man is so friqqen sexy unf!

  8. Listened to Soaked. Seems he developed a lisp.
    Love that they had a huge screen.

  9. Gloria, I adore your blog and visit every day for news and updates! With blogspot, you can do a e-mail subscribe using a tool called Feedburner. I use it on my blog and it seems to work just fine.

  10. Hello Glamily! I've missed you all so much! As you know, I'm recovering from the recent loss of my Dad! I hope Sir Tommy Joe is coping with the loss of his Dad too! Thanks for all the wonderful Videos, Pictures, News, Links, and Recaps! Diva Moments is a blast! Wish I could spend some time with Sir Adam during his Diva Moments! I just painted my nails Wet 'n' Wild Black/Noir with a beautiful Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Black Diamond Top Coat! It's the Glitter Babe! I recently bought a bunch of Eye Liner Pencils that I have to learn how to use! Sir Adam, if you are watching . . . I hope I can make up my eyes to be as pretty as yours! Those beautiful Eyes of Horus! One of these days . . . I will upload a Swarv Crystal Eyes Glam Shot of me and then you can see how beautiful my eyes can be! Gosh . . . the Sir Adam Lambert 2011 Calendar was my idea! I wanted to take the pictures, but I guess I'll have to be happy with Lee Cherry taking the pictures! Well, I gotta go! Stay close and sticky sweet! Cheryl Lee House, Glamily Newie PS: The Disco Ball keeps coming off my Key Chain and when it starts bouncing on the ground . . . I always flash back to Costa Mesa Tuesday Knight . . . one of the best Knights ever! :-)

  11. Hi Frances. Maybe you could help me cause Ive been trying to set that up. Could you email me

  12. Hello Glamily, again! I have a "love" question for King Adam . . . Do your Lips give 2-Day Kiss Locks or 3-Day Kiss Locks? When I get a chance to see them on close up shots . . . they look like the 3-Day Kiss Lock type! I'm pretty sure! If you would like to experiment someday . . . I would love to "volunteer" for the position! PS: I want my heart back!

  13. Agree... Adam is gorgeous... and how skinny he has become since Idol...
    Here in Denmark I am waiting for his Glamtour to arrive and my first concert will be in Norway November 8th... then Denmar Nov. 10th including a meet and greet... I am SO excited to meet Adam and hope I got enough time to tell him how much he has changed in my life and how he has brought back "my kinda music"... growing up as a teenager in the 70's I have NEVER seen or heard anyone who applied to me like Adam does. He took me - as many others - by STORM when he walked into the auditionroom at Idol and said "I'm not scared"... already there I was "WOW...this guy is something special"... and he sure was... and is... my last concert is in Hamborg, Germany.
    November will be ADAM Month to me and I will be glammed up... eyes, hair, nails "you name it"... I already got an apointment with my "nail friend" who will make my nail no.2 - this time Adam's A !!! Last time was when I went to Londonw where I got his EYE at one of my nails.
    I would love to share photo's but are unsure of how to do. My eye nail was soo COOL and I just know my A nail will be cool as well.
    Lots of hugs to the glamily and once again thanks for this AMAZING blog - I enjoy it SO much.
    From Denmark with lots of Love

  14. I'm loving this beautiful man more and more (if that is humanly possible!)!!! Love this site too and appreciate all who contribute to it to help feed our mutual Adam Addiction!!!

  15. That fan dedication video of Adam is simply breathtaking & the pictures of Adam are beyond gorgeous!!Adam has come so far in a relatively short period of time, and I couldn't help but think back tot the first time I saw Adam on AI auditioning, and as the song goes, I couldn't help helping falling in love with him right there & then, and will always love this inspiring, incredible man!! Thanks for showing that video, gloria - it brought tears to my eyes. Your pics are equally awesome; as usual, you are at the top of your game.

    One problem, I am having trouble viewing your blog now that you have changed your format somewhat - why I'm not sure. I wish Wordpress eouldn't have messed you up. But somehow I will always try to view your site - I would die without it!!


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