Sunday, 17 October 2010

Happy Birthday #1 Tommy!!!!

We All Love You Tommy!  Have the Best Birthday Ever!!

and Bop em dead on X-factor too!!!

Picture by ?

Two Previously Unseen Pics of Tommy (unless you saw them last night)

Taken in Malaysia and enhanced by @aquariussue7

                               Taken by Stephanie in Toronto and enhanced by @aquariussue7

                                       Taken by In Rock magazine Nagoya and enhanced by @aquariussue7
                                                (thanks to @saruki_chi for the information!)

                                    Taken by @_dashia and enhanced by @aquariussue7

islasands But guys, the Fever pash was NOTHING compared to the birthday pash they shared, centre stage, during encore. Massive, long, ardent PASHUP

And here is the video!

Because this song is Tommy's favorite, the encore!

Monterrific We surprised Tommy by doing "Enter Sandman"-Metallica for his birthday! Happy Birthday Tommy! We only got to rehearse once.

TommyJoeRatliff Just got THEE sickest early bday present ever! Got to play Enter Sandman on stage with the baddest singer and band ever!!!! thank you guys!

                                                 Pictures thanks to @SweetOnPeacexx

and here are the enhanced versions by @aquariussue7 because I know you wanna see them again!

Partial Videos from Aukland...It's What we have so far!

Watch this!

Interview from New Zealand- Adam talks about Tommy and gets a gift from an older fan!

Video from New Zealand News

Adam Lambert to Gay Teens:  Ignore the Hate and Focus on the Love

                                           Taken by ? and enhanced by @aquariussue7

Following pictures all taken by @_dashia in Malaysia and enhanced by @aquariussue7

          Following pictures taken by Stephanie in Toronto and enhanced by @aquariussue7

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  1. A special treat for Tommy, and our Kiwi sisters - awesome !!!

  2. I love TommyJoeRatliff so much, he means the world to me because he's sweet, sexy, gorgeous and so very talented!!! I love my Kitty Kat !! <333 HAPPY B-DAY GLITTERBABY <333

  3. Ditto what Gloria said!

    This summer has actually been quite difficult for me. 3 years ago my mom died of Lymphoma which started out with lumps in her neck. In June I found a rather large lump in my neck. Needless to say I was terrified. After many tests, CT Scans, and a biopsy it has been determined to be benign. Thank God. But during all this the only thing that seemed to take my mind off of everything and calm me down was watching Adam take over the world. His music is beautiful. He is beautiful (inside and out). And....Tommy makes me happy. He is so talented and sweet and adorable and sexy. He makes me so happy. Tommy saved me from losing my mind this summer. His adorable little scrunchy faces and lip biting....I just love him so much. I like to watch him play at the Kiss Concert ... his solos are so good. I'd love to hear more. His playing with Monte at NAMM on 1-16-10 is something that I watch all the time. God did some of his best work the day he made Tommy. Love you Glitterbaby. <3


  4. Happy Birthday Tommy :) Hope it's Glamtastic and that Adam sings Happy B-day to u *sighs* :)) lol.<3 ya !!! ~LIZ~

  5. Wow. New Zealand got a live version of For Your Entertainment. Lucky!!!!!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Tommy--I KNOW you had a great one!!!!!!! And have MANY, MANY, MANY MORE!!!!!!!!


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