Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hong Kong..

 borneobaby Fans came from NZ, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, USA, Singapore etc to see Adam Lambert in Hong Kong tonight. Amazing!!

Full Set of Hong Kong...Playlist thanks to @itsJoooory

Video of Adam trying on the coat: http://www.flickr.com/photos/laihiu/5076016564/#

Adam in Hong Kong


Translation thanks to Idolforums

"Overnight singing competition sensation, runner-up Adam Lambert, had come to perform in a show in Hong Kong.

In this afternoon Adam was wearing a tang suit when he met the media at the Press Conference before his concert.

Adam said that he was here in Hong Kong nine years ago by ferry, but had only stayed here for one afternoon. Therefore, this time he has to do some shopping everywhere and taste the delicious local food in Hong Kong."

Pictures from Press Conference today:  http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/adam-lambert/image

Concert today in Hong Kong sounded like fun!  Encore was MW and TCB.  Lots of stuff thrown on stage.. Great crowd!  Waiting for videos now!


Some fans have been insensitive in their comments about Adam's concert in Malaysia.  He is going to perform there and I am certain he will put on a fantastic show! 

Adam Needs to Perform in Malaysia... Fans there want to see him too! 

Letter from Dashia....

On Tuesday 12th October 2010, @_dashia said:

This to clarify about the Malaysia GNT Concert. Hope this will be RTed.

It'd be happening. If anyone said it's not happening, please get your fact straight.

Regarding the rules, it applies to every single artist that perform here regardless what sexual orientation of the performer.

About the jumping part, it means no jumping to the audiences as it can get pretty chaotic if he does that. I've been to a lot of concerts and we've been jumping like crazy and even the artist jump together.

Regarding the stripping part applies more to lady performer although I've seen a couple of performers took out their jacket and shirt and just wore their inner shirt. A lot of underground bands performed shirtless. And they've came from US and Europe. No problem with that.

No kissing or whatsoever is part of the rules that you need to respect. You wouldn't want he'd banned right? As a quite conservative country, trust me having Adam performing here is a huge step.

The protestors are just like the WBC Case. Don't tell me you wouldn't want Adam to perform just because some party protest about it. What'd you do if it happen at your own area?

And whoever said that Adam shouldn't perform here, who are you to say otherwise, do you know how much we pay for the ticket? It equals to USD100. And the fans here probably spent as much as you guys there. So please don't say we are not entitled for Adam to perform here.


Funny Article regarding Malaysian GNT

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

THanks to @ginaaxton


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  1. I saw someone on twitter starting a campaign t contact 19e about canceling the Malaysia show and I thought that was such an overreaction. Some folks love to make things entirely more dramatic than reality. Thank you so much for posting this letter from a Malaysian fan. Having met two women from there who came over to see Adam on the west coast and knowing how thrilled THEY were when he scheduled a stop in their homeland - I think it is terribly unfair to them for anyone over here to be pushing for Adam not to go. There are far more adoring fans of his than there will be protesters and those fans deserve the opportunity to have him entertain them.

  2. Thanks Christina. Well said and I totally agree with you! I actually cringed when one of the fans said he should go back to LA where he would be safe. Living in Canada, I have my doubts about LA! We all have our own perspective depending on where we live.. Kinda funny

  3. Ethnocentrism at it's finest!

  4. Thats the word I was looking for! Thanks


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