Sunday, 14 November 2010

Adam and GlamTroupe! Congratulations on #100 !!

M & G at Munich anyone know who took this?
Taken by Neil

Taylor cut his hand. E$mt's fixed him up!

Today will be the 100th performance of the Glam Nation show... still going strong... still surprising us... still keeping us entertained!

No Encore???!!!

Pictures by Nadine0501, enhanced by Aquariussue7
fever Kiss

Adam at M & G in Hamburg, Thanks MyGlambert1

Please check back later for lots of updates following the Hamburg show!!

Sydney - Get ready Hamburg


Thanks Suz and Rolando

No Wonder why Rolando had a Meltdown! Screen Caps by Aquariussue7

Barbara Streisand
In Rock Magazine - Japan Dec 2010 Thanks Bani

Thanks to @Lotti_V

German Concerts

November 14, 2010 Hamburg, Germany Grunspan 20:00
2:00 PM EST (today!)

November 15, 2010 Berlin, Germany Postbahnhof 19:30 1:30 PM EST

November 16, 2010 Stuttgart, Germany Zappata 20:00 2:00 PM EST

Adam in Hair!


It Gets Better... by @Jaimieglambert and adam fans!

Remember Sydney, Screen Cap by Aquariussue7


My Date with Adam Lambert Airing November 18 on Much Music


From Purple_skin she meant Adam in a bar last night in Hamburg!
So did Nady_81!

Signing in Denmark, Unknown Photographer

OPERATION PLATINUM... please read and participate!


Thanks @scorpios4Adam

Screen Cap from Fever, Munich

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Visit this website for Tommy Joe merchandise... all profits will be donated to help pay for medical expenses incurred during his Dad's illness....

There is a new 2011 TJR calender added... looks nice!

For questions, please contact @cynithilu and @PAB_Sistahs

Thanks to @lilybop2010 taken in Copenhagen

Taken by Dibaby1



Voting Links

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Rock in Rio

Logo TV Vote for WWFM

German Voting for best single WWFM and Video IIHY

Fuse...Who did they overlook?

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:



Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today!

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  1. Nice page. The screencap with the Glam Tongue from Fever, Munich, is mine, too. It was tough to catch, actually, but I love a challenge. :)

    Still bummed no acoustic Broken Open or Sleepwalker on the EP, but I'm hoping they may be on the Live DVD of the tour. Both versions of SW are fantastic.

    I have an acoustic Sleepwalker on my MP3 performed in Europe last spring. The person who made the video preceded the song with Adam talking about his most romantic memory, when he returned home to a surprise roof top dinner, with candles. He still sounded in love when he spoke about it. I assume it was Brad, maybe not. I hope he'll have time after the tour to date and maybe fall in love.



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