Friday, 5 November 2010

Finland Heating Up!

AdamLambert @Adams_smile sending you light and love. You are sooo brave! I love you for being positive and hopeful in the  face of such challenges. Thank you for your kind words and inspiration. Your spirit is magic!!!

TCB/WLL enhanced from Atlanta by @Lambosessed

Helsinki concert: 12 Noon EST November 6!
(hopefully there will be some great cooks attending!)

TerranceDlibra In Helsinki Finland... Its COLD! WINTER BUUURRRR....
Glamnation is bout to heat it up though... ;)

TommyJoeRatliff  back in Helsinki!!!! :) i love it here. its cold as SHIT outside!


Word from Finnish fans is that Adam was not feeling well at the airport... Send his some healing love!

Pics from Helsinki airport thanks to @annaliisanylund

GlamOfTheOpera Adam asked everybody not to take pictures, and nobody did. He did sign some stuff though. I hope he is not sick and that he gets to rest.  (10:30 AM EST)

finnisheyes @nuuskis Adam doesn't have any press at all (according to several ppl) so he should get rest. I really hope he's just tired and not sick.


New Picture From Finland Promotional Tour

Thanks to @_dashia


Part 2 not available yet!

Taken at Indy by Aquariussue7


Adam Was in Munich Performing for Sony Music (German Article... hit Translate if you have it)

Taken at Indy by Aquariussue7


Chum FM Toronto Sleepwalker Poll Results

Last Week's Results: Adam Lambert "Sleepwalker"

Love It   93%

Like It   2%

It's Just Okay    1%

Don't Like It    1%

Hate It   3%


All Interviews since July for download here:


Taken by Aquaruissue7 in Louisville


Hot Magazine thanks to @_dashia

? Magazine

Dancing With the Stars Israel

Thanks to @wowpriscilla for sharing this article

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @pikaqu8888

Taken at Peoria by Aquariussue7

Worth a second look - Honolulu

Voting Links

Rock in Rio

Logo TV Vote for WWFM

German Best Male Singer

Fuse...Who did they overlook?

Sleepwalker links:


Calender of Events and Dates November/December


Posted by @earlzagurl4Adam


For a laugh: DJ from Singapore


Wondering about the MOD situation on AO?  Read this thanks to @islasands


Mods! I'll give you Mods. Please read about my unbelievably unfair experience.

Early in the piece my mother informed me, in no uncertain terms, that I am my own Moderator. This was news to me, and it was bad news for my emotional self, for whom I held - and continue to hold - a vehemently abiding affection.

That Mod, who I discovered resides in my own effing head, has systematically and relentlessly worked against me fulfilling my destiny to be an a**hole.


1. Every single time I feel completely justified in haranguing folks to get my own way it intervenes and says s***e like "It's not all about you" or '"It's none of your business" or - get this - "Have you done the dishes?" What can I say? Psyeah. Whatevs. I'm outta here.

2. Every time I know that I DO know better than anyone else - which is most of the time - that Mod waffles on about "choosing your battles wisely" and "always looking at the bigger picture" and other similar wishy-washy cr*p! The worst one is "Chances are pretty high that you don't know everything". OMFG! Who does this damn Mod think it is?

3. Every time I get justifiably wound up by what I perceive to be the inexcusable inadequacies of others, it tells me to CHILL, give social-networking and Adam Lambert's effing career a break, and watch a Glamnation vid! I particularly HATE this manipulation as it usually works.

4. Every time I feel angry because I feel someone is letting me or the side down, that smarmy uppity Mod in my head says things like "Settle petal. It's not that serious. Get a grip. Get a frickin life." So I'm not allowed to voice my IMPORTANT opinion! I tell you, that Mod is a PC-addicted, ars*licking biatch!

That's just a few examples of the hell I have gone through having a Mod in my head.

Thank God, there's music in this lousy world.

NOTE from the MOD in @islands' head:

Take everything this person says with a grain of salt. I've had my work cut out with her, I can tell you. She's a repeat offender on all of the above points. No wonder her mother called her a "littlle bisom".



Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today!

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  1. another amazing job thank you for always keeping us informed you do an amazing job...hugs

  2. I can certainly sit and watch the Adam gif all day long!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Love it!!


  3. Here we go !!!
    Glamnation Europe .... can't wait to see the videos ... need me an Adam Fix !

  4. This may be the only site that has the best and up to date Adam news...thank you for providing it


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