Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Thanks to the Glamily... you are amazing!

Hey everyone this is Warren Willis, the Magic behind Adam while on stage!

bani_ OMG! @adamlambert's Acoustic Live! EP is #1 Pop chart on iTunes US!! Three album covers on the top of the Pop page! :DD http://bit.ly/iiVlW6

Todays update from the European charts.

Still going up:

Holland: # 18 pop - # 33 General

Switzerland: # 18 pop - # 51 General

Germany: # 44 pop - # 131 General

Sweden: # 19 pop - # 40 General

Holding position:

Finland: # 2 pop - # 2 General

Denmark: # 7 pop - # 17 General

UK: # 27 pop - # 61 General

Going down:

Norway: # 20 pop - # 52 General (Peak 15/38)

Austria: # 27 pop - # 98 General (Peak 13/42)

France: # 38 pop - # 151 General (Peak 26/98)

Italy: # 68 pop - # 171 General (Peak 28/52)

And a few non-european ones:

New Zealand: # 2 pop - # 3 General

Canada: # 2 pop - # 7 General

Austalia: # 6 pop - # 15 General

Thanks to lambertlioness



London Meet & Greet, taken by Neil Lambert


Thank You from Suz526

Hamburg, Taken by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7

and by popular request!

Hamburg, Taken by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7


New Interview...Scroll Down for the English Version



Hamburg, Taken by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7
Hamburg, Taken by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7

Lee Cherry Photo

Scarlett and Lee Cherry have this amazing project they are working on!

If you have not heard, it's called "Labor of Love"!

They have both been great to Adam and his fan base!

Check it out.....Let's pay it forward!!


Take a look at the rewards...for example, if you pledge $150 you will be invited to the VIP listening party... just wondering who else might possibly be there?

and for a pledge of $350... a photo session with Lee Cherry!

Hamburg, Taken by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7
Hamburg, Taken by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7
Hamburg, Taken by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7
London Meet & Greet, taken by Neil Lambert
London, Unknown Photographer

Acoustic Live! Updates

Moondance09 @adamlambert Acoustic Live is now #2 in pop US itunes! and #7 overall! Wait til non fans hear ur voice! This EP is gonna explode! WATCH! :)
(tweeted at 8AM EST Tuesday)

glam_alidol Wow! @adamlambert EP is on front page of Chinese biggest Music website.There are 3 million people http://twitpic.com/3doxog

hooplamagnet Acoustic Live! is now available on iTunes Mexico http://tinyurl.com/242gyoq

Acoustic Live! is now available on iTunes Spain http://tinyurl.com/2g7tcqf


Photo by omgelvis, enhanced by AQS7
Photo by omgelvis, enhanced by AQS7
Photo by Maggy_97, enhanced by AQS7
Photo by Aquaruissue7
Unknown Photographer

Monte... This is beautiful!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy and Doug Ustream from last night

Part 1 http://bit.ly/fNzpZj

Part 2 http://bit.ly/h3h7r7

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by AQS7

TommyJoeRatliff Me and my fam appreciate all the help from angelbatz.org

& tjrmerch.com tremendously! There is NO competition between the 2 though! :) ^v^

Photo by nicolegillettee
Screen Cap
Photo Taken By Jana Pellmann
Screen Cap courtesy of Rolando, captured by AQS7

Unknown Photographer

Voting Links

(Adam is only #3)

Adam's Grammy page http://www.grammy.com/photos/adam-lambert-0

Register , read the comments and leave your own!

MuchMusic's Top 10 videos of 2010: http://bit.ly/cVhFcn

(IIHY on third page)


Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Fuse...Who did they overlook?




Sleepwalker links: http://adamlambertfans.com/forum/fan_groups_regions/12882

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information: http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/1144877)

WWFM and IIHY http://musicbillboard.webs.com/top100songsvote.htm


Calender of Future Events

Dec 6/10 Adam Acoustic Live! EP released

Dec 7/10 Interview at 5PM EST

Dec 8/10 Q102 (Philadelphia) Jingle Ball

Dec 11/10 Y100 (Miami) Jingle Ball

Dec 15/10 Los Angeles, Music Box

Dec 16/10 Los Angeles, Club Nokia

Dec 22/10 Acoustic EP released in Japan
Concert DVD to be released.

Feb 13/2011 Grammy Award Presentation ( possible performance!!)

Spring/Summer 2011 Adam's second album released


Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today

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  1. Glory be! SP is back! Thanks Suz 526, thanks adamquotedaily! : )

  2. Thank you, Suz526, for the beautiful tribute to all the people who helped you provide those amazing performance videos, and thanks to all of them, too. As I watched, I thought how exciting this Glamnation tour was for Adam, his band, crew and the fans who got to see the shows, a life highlight to remember as I do the hundreds of Elvis shows I saw when in my 20's. I only got to see one Adam show this tour, but it brought all that wonderful excitement back. Treasure it, everyone, it becomes even more special as you get older!

  3. Im so glad Im Finnbert! and so glad that Finns have shown that we surely love Adam!<3

  4. that picture od Adam and the little boy is too adorable.i just want to hug that little one he is so cute. Suz thank you video is amazing but it is i who am so thankful to her for her time and amazing work at bringing the tour to us and Gloria another great post... love ya girl


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