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Aftermath: A Life Saver!


Thanks to @suz526!

50 interview clips.... love it!

Message from Adam


What Adam Never Got for Xmas!

Can anyone answer this question?

What Do You think of Adam's Staying Power?

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Crowd in Finland!

Club Nokia, Taken by @melluvslambert, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Club Nokia, Taken by @melluvslambert, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Club Nokia, Taken by @melluvslambert, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Club Nokia, Taken by @melluvslambert, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Club Nokia, Taken by @melluvslambert, enhanced by Aquariussue7

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Set Your PVR!

On Dec.24, on MSNBC's show "Morning Joe" from 6 to 9 am they are doing a "Most Influential people of 2010" ......

AND OUR BOY ADAM LAMBERT IS ON THE LIST !!!!!!!! (thanks to @ellenspen)

"Just saw the ad again this morning. Taped it so I could get the info. Friday 12/24 @ 7 a.m. on MSNBC they will announce "The Most Influential Americans of the 21st Century So Far". Faces of people including Adam's were Hilary Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Byonce, President Obabma and President Clinton, Oprah to name a few. One statement made in the ad was "influential people are people who make you do what they want you to do", also "everyone wants their 50 minutes of fame". "This show looks to what it takes to be influential" So there you have it. Not sure what it all means and how they might include Adam in the conversation. I'm hoping it will be a positive thing! At least his picture was in the ad with all those people!!!!"
(thanks to sauci1 on AO)

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Wish All those voting members could see this post! 
Adam would win the Grammy for sure!!


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HD Playlists from Music Box/ Nokia (Music Box)

( Change is Gonna Come/TCB encore) (Club Nokia)

(Purple Haze/WLL encore)

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Chinese Performance to IIHY

starts around 1:25


Adam's Pictures #23-25

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Monte's Show Review including Videos ( Tommy on the Bass too!)

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You Can Buy Sasha's Mask and Cane from Strut on Ebay!


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner (worth clicking on!)

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Fan Story from @charmed459

(shared to help others... please send her a tweet if you can!)

Thank you so much @charmed459 for sharing your story.  I'm so glad that you found Adam and Aftermath and that you are here to help inspire others!

 I believe that the song is so powerful because most of us feel like we are outsiders in one way or another.  This story is another example of  why we all need to keep spreading Adam's music to help others!

And it takes me back to my mission statement:

 "Healing the World, one person at a time by spreading the awesomeness of Adam Lambert"

(If you feel inspired to share how Adam has impacted your life,   We are going to need lots of stories to get through the next few months!)

"The Story of How Aftermath Saved My Life

Where to start my story...

I have to start at the beginning...

I have always been that kind of person that stood out. Was different than the rest and an outsider.

My life has been tough and I was bullied for 9 years.

It got so far I tried to commit suicide a couple of times and have from that day on had a bad self-esteem.

Always thought I was no good and not worth anything.

Since I'm the oldest one of my sisters I have had to be strong for my family. To support them and comfort them every time we got the message our mom was going to die.

She had a cronicle lung disease that forced her to use oxygen to be able to breathe.

So almost every year, at my birthday she got so ill I had to call an ambulance and go with her to the hospital where I sat at her side all the time for several months.

This happened for so many years that I felt like I didn't have any life at all except caring for my family and not myself.

But 2 years ago she got a lung transplant and is now healthy again.

Until May 7 last year when she had a seizure and broke both her shoulders, hips and something in her back.

Then it was back at being at the hospital....

But she has recovered from that as well.

I was so tired in the end I didn't know how I was going to be able to continue with my life.

It all changed the day I heard the most beautiful voice on the radio that kept haunting my mind.

It was being played every single day at the radio at work, but I was always so busy I never had the time to check who was singing.

Then one day I was at the laboratory (I'm a medical secretary at a doctor's office), I heard this beautiful voice again singing Whataya Want From Me and I looked at the website to the radiostation and found out his name was Adam Lambert.

I wrote it down and when I got home, I got on the internet and downloaded the song including some other songs I found.

Then I found the CD online, so I ordered it and got it just a few days later.

I was immediately hooked and couldn't stop listening to it.

But one song got stuck in my heart and it's this song that has saved my life several times.


The week before I was going to Adam's concert in Stockholm, I was so depressed that I felt that my life was worth shit.

That no one cared about me and that I was a freak that didn't belonged anywhere in the world.

I was crying and cutting myself. I wanted to end my life right there and then.

I was listening to Adam and then Aftermath started playing, not just once, but several times after the song had ended.

I don't know why that happened since I had it on random, so I put down what I was cutting myself with and just listened to the song while crying.

The more I listened to Aftermath, the more I realized that I'm not alone.

That no one can tell me what to do.

No one can force me to be someone I'm not.

Then I started thinking that I am special. I do have a purpose in life and if I die tonight I will not meet Adam the week after.

So I kept listening to Aftermath until I had stopped crying and calmed down.

That's when I decided that I was going to get the song title tattooed on my back along with the goddess Kali that helped me fulfill my dream of meeting him.

(Charmed459 @Adamquotedaily the tattoo is a symbol of the goddess Kali. She fulfilled my dream of thanking Adam in person. )

On November 9, 2010 I got up at 5 am to start my journey from Northern Norway to Stockholm, Sweden to meet Adam and see him live.

When I met him, he found out we had a lot in common and the conversation was happy and light.

When I thanked him for saving my life with Aftermath and his personality, he got very touched and said he was happy I was alive.

We talked for a while before I had to go, but before I left he said I had to enjoy myself a lot at the concert.

And I sure did.

Had the best time of my life. I was front row. Right in front of Adam.

Monte pointed at my camera and Isaac gave me his last drumstick.

I was in heaven and so thankful for being alive that when I got home to Norway, I immediately got an appointment for the tribute tattoo.

The tattoo took 2 days. But the first time it had to heal for 14 days before the colors could be filled in.

This tuesday on December 14, 2010 the tribute tattoo was finally finished and I love it!

It took 7 hours to get it done, but it was worth it considering the meaning of it.

From now on, whenever I'm feeling down, I just have to look at my back and remember the day Adam Lambert came into my life and saved it.

If it weren't for Adam and Aftermath, I would not sit here, writing down my story.

So I want to say to everyone that are different.

Be proud of who you are because that is what makes you special and not like the rest.

You have a meaning in life. You just have to find it.

My talent is writing and I hope to one day become a writer.

I have also developed a passion for making fanvids of Adam and I made one from my Stockholm vids that is on my YouTube channel.

That is also a tribute to him and the Glam Nation Tour.

My YT channel is:

So, never let anyone tell you what to do because the life belongs to you.

Adam Lambert will always be in my heart because I owe him my life....

(Picture of Beautiful tattoo will be posted soon!)

zambiaglambert Congrats @adamlambert! You just won the New International Artist of the Year Web award on "The Voice", Denmark's #1 hit station!

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Calender of Future Events

Dec 22/10 Acoustic EP released in Japan

Dec 24/10 Adam on MSNBC... 25 most influential people of 2010 (show 6-9AM I think and will confirm)

January/ 11 Concert DVD to be released.

Feb 13/2011 Grammy Award Presentation ( possible performance!!)

Spring/Summer 2011 Adam's second album released


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  1. Glorious,
    Thank you for posting the fan's story about how Adam and "Aftermath" saved her life. It's a beautiful story, and I'm glad that fan is alive to tell it.
    Light and love,

  2. hey..i read your story just now, and i'm not lying that i'm crying, i'm touched.. its true , Lambert's voice gives hope to everybody and makes us really desires to know more bout him, who's the great man behind the lovely voice...

    and for you, who made me cry with your story, live your dream ! and please, no suicide okay? ILoveYou <3

  3. Thanks for the story about Aftermath....I really thought RCA blew it when they didn't release Aftermath during the It Get's Better campaign...oh well, guess no one asked my opinion....LOL It is wonderful to know that Adam's music touched someone in such a meaningful way....beautiful.

  4. This is Charmed459, the person who's written the story...
    I promise that I will not do anything stupid no matter what happens and that's all because of Adam.
    I owe him everything and I cannot let him down.

  5. Thank-you for posting your story :) its beautiful & im glad your back on track now <3 btw this is @Chriistiinaa23

  6. GREAT POST TODAY, really Loved it!!! xoxoxoxoxo Merrie

  7. Thank u for posting your story, Charmed459.. it's so beautiful and im happy that u still alive now..
    Please never do anything stupid no matter what happen.. :D

    God will never give you a trial if he knows u can't survive..
    Just remember that your not alone, and you still have someone who love you..

  8. To Vira

    No, I will never do anything stupid again. Not after meeting Adam and knowing he's happy I'm alive...
    And my tattoo will always remind me to stay strong and remember that I'm not alone.
    Today I am thankful for being alive.

  9. I just want to say that I'm very glad that you've been touched by Adam's voice and personality and I'm even more glad that u are here with us. You are special, and u know it <333


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