Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Favorite Pictures... Send more!

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Some favorite pictures sent to me... send me a link and I will post yours too!

Favorite of  @gLaM4LiFe122


Interview from one year ago which is new to me

Bit of News



(Current total is $69,457)




Favorite of @spindlespindle1


Favorite of @atsirkseyer (it has potential for sure!)

Favorite of @luv_n_n

Adam in the front row as a porter in On the 20th Century... thanks to @mindchnger for finding this one

Adam's Bio here: http://www.reprise.org/our-past/on-the-twentieth-century/cast

Two Pictures from the Wrap Party following this play

Thanks to lambert-pics.com via @mindchnger


Posted by @jojowright

Information about Adam's Youtube Contest and how to help him


Hours of amazing photos here... check all the different galleries!


Thanks to @dannielm

Parts of this interview sounds like sour grapes but she is a fan!




I took this picture with my cellphone in Toronto

Couple of Older Fan Videos... thanks to @EKW98 for sharing them with me


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

I took this picture (I think) of TJR in Wilkes-Barre

Posted by Tommy

How did I miss this one posted by TJR a while back?

Favorite of @Lambert_o_Manka

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I chose this  favorite for a request from @poet1313 for a natural Adam

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Favorite taken by @merrie_liny at CBS studios

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  1. once again you nailed it a great post Gloria and thank you for keeping our addiction fed. hugs

  2. Thanks Becca and you know it's a challenge some days! Gloria

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  4. My favorite picture is #8. What a beautiful face without makeup. I love every look of his, but the au natural I could stare at all day. Love the piercing blue eyes, and the freckles on the lips. Oh what I would love to do to that boy. Thank you for all you do. Jennifer

  5. More great pics and vids! Am really a fan of the less-airbrushed pics of Adam. Hard to beat #8 - what a beauty. #6 in Toronto - here's the REAL guy - yum. #9 - great candid shot. #7 and top photo are also great - with Lee Cherry the real Adam gets through without all the plastic overlay. A photographer's dream subject - not only beautiful - but interesting. Thanks, Lee

  6. Adam is gorgeous with his natural red/blonde hair and in all his glam make-up, but when I got to photo #8, I just went "Wow." This photo seems to show the beautiful person he is inside, glowing under the glitter. Great shot!

  7. Sooooo much Adam, but NEVER enough!! Adam is so beautiful in every way! Never a bad picture, but #8 is absolutely mesmerizing!! When I see a picture w/Adam in it even if there are other people (no matter who it is!) All I see is precious, beautiful Adam!!!! Thank you for your wonderful site!! LOVE ME SOME ADAM LAMBERT!!!!


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