Friday, 14 January 2011

Practising Positive Projection

You Guys are awesome... already $11,000  12,500 $16,900 $17,500 $21,500 raised....goal is $29,000 by January 29th!

Adam's New Charity

Adam's comments about his new charity:

"I am so excited to be a part of charity: water and able to give back to those in need. Join me in helping with donations for such a great cause.

My ‘golden birthday’ is on Jan 29th where I will be turning 29!!!! I would LOVE if you would help me donate to this cause as it would be the best birthday gift I could ask for."

follow them on @water, come on lets help Adam meet his goal!

So Cute... Adam's Dad tweeted him this video in response to Adam's tweet about moving into his new home!

Let's All Stare at this one for a minute and help project it into reality!
(or, say a prayer)

Thanks to @SharNhugs for this beauty!


More Pictures from Yesterday

Look at what VH1 tweeted!

VH1Top20 This made our day...thanks @adamlambert . We heart ya so.

Adam's New Year's cards are touching lots of spots
Thanks to @Jesha84 for this gem!

Exerpt from Article

Adam Lambert and the Basics of a Singer’s Voice : Breathing and Support

By Angelina Kalahari

"According to the neuroscientist and former rock music producer, Prof. Daniel Levitin, music activates the brain area responsible for feeling pleasure, excitement and satisfaction. “Music has been shown to cause activity in brain circuits associated with physical reactions, such as sweating, sexual arousal, and ‘shivers down the spine.‘”

From the website, Darwin vs. the Machine, NY, an article had been posted called The Rockstar Effect - Singing Produces the Same Chemicals as Sex (June 2010). Quoted from Integrative physiological and behavioral science : the official journal of the Pavlovian Society 2003 vol. 38 (1)

pp. 65-74 - Does singing promote well-being?: An empirical study of professional and amateur singers during a singing lesson, by Christina Grape, Maria Sandgren, Lars-Olof Hansson, Mats Ericson, Töres Theorell, National Institute for Psychosocial Factors and Health, Stockholm, Sweden. “Further studies have revealed a statistically significant link between singing, and the release of the neurotransmitter, Oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is called the “trust hormone” and when released, the user experiences a feeling of well-being and trust. The same chemical is produced during sex, and has to do with establishing an emotional link between the individuals…We love the feeling this chemical produces, which is why American Idol is one of the most popular shows of all time…” "

Read more here including lots about Adam:

(lots of good stuff on this Masterclass thread!)


Crawl thru Fire.... thanks to Yummy on AO

Today's News (if you can't find the translate button, the magazine is excited to receive NY card from Adam!)


Taken By Qoatg, enhanced by Aquariussue7


Do You Live in the Greater Toronto Area?


Saturday, January 29, 2011 from 7pm to 1am

Celebrate Adam's Birthday with other Fans

Dinner and dancing

Monarchs Pub inside the Delta Chelsea hotel

33 Gerrard St. West, Toronto

For more information:

Thanks to @avtrav for this informatoin

If you are organizing parties and want me to help advertise, please send the details to Subject line: Adam


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

To all the Tommy/Adommy lovers:

I added a whole bunch of Tommy pictures on his biography. Thanks for not getting involved in the not enough Adam/too much Tommy discussion.

This post has received three times the views of any of my blog posts so I'm glad you are enjoying it. And almost every day, it is the most searched for and visited post other than the newest ones!

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Still My favorite Adam Picture of all time!


  1. Adam's new look is kinda nice. He MUST win a Grammy...sending those thoughts out there into the music universe. Also, enjoyed the feature you did on Tommy. Doesn't Adam also call him "Pretty Kitty"? I <3 both of them.

  2. Thank you so very much for quoting here from my blog - I really appreciate it! My aim is to help people understand even more why Adam is so unbelievably amazing doing what he does!
    Thanks for all the fab piccies - I'm crossing everything, including my eyes, that the first one comes true!
    Angelina x

  3. thank you another awesome job Gloria. glittery hugs

  4. The title of today's blog is appropriate because for a couple of weeks now I have been visualizing Adam winning and giving his acceptance speech. I don't know why. Maybe it's a good omen?

  5. "Welcome to the Jungle" - wow! - what a great vid. It's great to come here because, no matter how many pics of Adam I've seen - and I've seen plenty - you always come up with a surprise. Love it - Lee

  6. Thanks, AB, for posting the Toronto party! All fans in the GTA come on out. We're going to have a blast.



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