Monday, 7 February 2011

Adam UNF! and Sauli Moving to LA for a while!

Adam with His  Godson Riff and the Girls!  Pictures via @leecherry

Adam's New Avi thanks to @NikoleFaizieva


Adam at the Grammy's Pre Show!!!


New Finnish Videoäräyttää%20jymy-yllätyksen!/vid-1288367568960.html

Tranlation of video please... from what I can put together there was no talk of Adam.. but the show is going to shoot in  LA and NY ?  Road show!

Translation here:

finnisheyes LOL Sauli says if you go to the States you don't need to take a camera with you. They'll take care of taking pics :D

According to Katri they'll start filming in early April. However, they'll travel to States a bit earlier to spend vacation.

Oh and Katri kind of promised they'll film in Disneyland too :D OF COURSE

They are going to the States on next April and stay there for about two months.

insomniac19 If they're going early that means Sauli will be in LA with Adam for HIS bday. <333

Sauli says that he might be staying in North America for a while after the show is done.

Okay, so this is a good thing. The adventures of Sauli and Adam coming soon. :D (Thanks PrairieDog)


Adam's Ramparts!

Another view of the same one


Adam is #3


@Sroczka79: According to @SonyMusicPL next @adamlambert 's radio single in Poland is #sleepwalker! Hell yeah!

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Memories from Rock My Town 12/2/2010

Idol's Top Ten Scandals

Adamgate  is #1 of course!


Finnish Corner

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  1. Very interesting about Adam's participation in the Grammy panel. Would not be surprised if his intelligence and industry smarts would translate into positions in the business side of music. Additionally, his personality and charisma appear to draw people to him in a very strong way. (Nice, too, for Adam if Sauli visits for a while - they seem to be very simpatico.) Also - that "prince of the castle" photo has always been one of my favorites - could certainly see Adam in a "period" movie. So beautifully romantic looking.

  2. released it's 100 Best Workout Songs and two of Adam's songs are on the list: WWFM (Best Songs for Strength Training playlist) and SFW (Motivating Workout playlist). They're on my playlist. How about yours?

  3. whos baby is that?

  4. Love,love,love Adam's new look. Hope he keeps it. Wonderful pics of him and Alison and baby Riff. Thanks for your hard work. Jennifer

  5. okay, not to sound stupid, but what does UNF mean?
    please tweet me...murmaids113 Thanks!

  6. Very much love Adam's new clean look. So handsome!

    Don't understand why videos and comments are being made of him and Sauli. I thought this blog was factual and not based on assumption. We get enough false information elsewhere.

  7. This blog is factual ...according to what I believe.. and it's for fun so if occasionally some assumptions based on facts are made, forgive me. I believe Adam and Sauli are an item..I really hope they are!

    I guess it will take a little more time to prove me right! Haha!


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