Friday, 25 February 2011


Click for gif: Thanks to @orchidas

Not sure where this is from... anyone know?


ArtOfKevinLewis @laurielovesadam I talked to Tommy the other day, and we're setting up a time to meet up & discuss tattoos for both Him and Adam. =)

(This man works in the tattoo shop where they film LA INK!)



He’s great,” Munich says. “He’s so lovely and sweet and he really took care of us. After the AMA performance, he gave all of us and the band $100 gift certificates for (spa) Burke Williams. He’s so talented and so fun to be around. Some of my good friends were friends of his before he was famous.”


 And a couple “yes” votes left me scratching my head like a git whose headband constricts his overinflated noggin as he’s fantasizing about being the poorly dressed reincarnation of Adam Lambert. (Spoiler Alert Dos: Adam is still alive and well, and doesn’t need any reincarnation. But thanks for playing.)



@UhHuhHerMusic: Good News, our EP is done! Can't wait for you to hear-We'll (cont)


Sleepwalker GN DVD version!  (for international fans)


  1. Where do you pick up this stuff on the run? Wild. Love the gif. Luv, Lee

  2. You are amazing...can't imagine finding the time and material to put this together every day...thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. love ya girl as alway you knock my socks off with your amazing work. Hugs

  4. Hey Gloria:

    Thanks for using Kevin's reply tweet to me in your blog. I freaked out when he tweeted me back!

    Laurie <3


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