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Adam Got a Haircut!

Adam Got a Haircut!

Last Night!

Thanks to @glam_alidol

Thanks to @glam_alidol for posting!

Part of Interview with Access Hollywood


Special thanks to my sweet sister @virg1877 for sharing this with me!!


(One of the ladies on The Talk who sang to Adam!}

On Thursday 10th February 2011, @missnisha6849 said:

BEST. DAY. OF. MY. MOTHERFUCKING. LIFE!! All thanks to @swan20, my gurl, for inviting me!! <333 (I SO owe you!) Anyway, here's what went down:

I won't bore you with the details about my worrying about what I was going to wear. Just know that thrift shops rule, and a $3 top was bright enough to help land me my chance with Adam!

At the CBS Television Studios, we were shepherded into the holding area, given the standard "You're on TV, so we own your ass" release waiver, and some index cards to write questions on and brief descriptions of ourselves on for the PA's and other assistants to collect later. In the middle of the preparations, one assistant walked in and asked the gathering "Who in here likes to sing?" My hand shot up SO FREAKIN' FAST!! I had LITERALLY been doing my vocal exercises on the way down to Studio City!! I KNEW I was ready for whatever. Surprisingly, not a lot of other hands went up.

The assistant called us outside, and started sorting through the volunteers for bright colors (MY LUCKY RED SHIRT! AND @JAZZYTAG'S LUCKY PURPLE SHIRT!!) and "High Energy" people, and weeding out those with logos or inappropriate-for-the-camera outfits. (Specific studio instructions: No white, no stripes, no logos [no free advertising], no sequins!) That left only a few people.

That's when they told us the news: "You're going to meet Adam Lambert in person, and sing for him."



Jazzy and I SCREAMED and went nuts!! (methinks we passed the "High Energy" test.) I was all O.O x a million!! Lightning would have had to strike me three times in order to match how much I was ELECTRIFIED in that moment!! They wanted high energy?! THEY GOT THE FUCKING HYPER-POWERED ENERGIZER BUNNY!! XD

The rest of the waiting period was a blur. One of the PA's had us "practice" meeting Adam and how we would react. I didn't have to pretend much; since they told me what was up, I envisioned all 6'1" of his awesomeness and promptly dissolved into a puddle of "uapotiya odih zdsfkj adiury aiu dhfklajdha" in front of the assistant, which apparently pleased them. They even asked us if any of us were criers. I was like "Not so much, but you'll get a LOT of screaming from me!"

One girl was briefly brought out to join us because she was from New York, but when she found out what she was going to be required to do, she was all "EEP!!" and ran back into the holding area. (Stage fright is nothing to play with.) (In other news, YOU'RE GOING TO MEET ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT!! WHERE ARE YOU RUNNING OFF TO?! But no shame, and all love to that girl! <333)

Fast forward to the studio, where they herded us audience members to the filming stage. We were next to the filming stage for "Outsourced", and I had a chance to talk with some of the background extras there. One of them was a sound person for American Idol, and I heard some minor scuttlebutt about AI Season One (nothing that we haven't heard before, tho). In the meantime, they handed out some "handmade" Adam signs to our group. I had to roll my eyes at some of them: "Adam, I want to be your Eve" "Glam Squad" "Adam is the best" "Adam - my Idol". I was all "PLEASE, next time hire some REAL Glamberts to make your signs for you; we could come up with some BETTER slogans, I assure you! XD" They filmed some audience reaction shots with the signs and stuff, then they all went inside while the assistants kept the "Contestants" (which we were now called) separate.

It was so exciting!! Jazzy and I kept jumping and screaming, "shaking & crying" all the while, and the third lady was excited but nervous and kind of shy. I felt for her, because we were so cray cray in comparison, but I couldn't help myself. They also explained to us at that point that we would be playing a singing "Karaoke-like" game with Adam, and that there would be prizes involved. We were warned again about giving "High Energy" on stage: "If you're low energy, we'll pull you." I was all "You'll pull me off that stage kicking & screaming, then!" The game was going to be similar to "Don't Forget The Lyrics" in that we had to fill in the lyrics to Adam's songs. I assumed that that meant they would show either his current videos or clips from his upcoming concert DVD (which had yet to be announced until today).

After that, they finally let US in and kept shuffling us around to find a good "spot" for us during filming. We finally ended up in the balcony after a bit. At one point, we were told that make-up wanted to see us, so we were brought backstage. (NO, we didn't see Adam at that point, darnit!) Then, we were told that make-up said we were "perfect", so they had to find seats for us again, because they had shifted some people around for filming purposes. We ended up back in the balcony again, just in time for the show to start!

They told us there would be an A, B, and C segment, and that when the show got to "our" segment, we would be fitted with mics and escorted down to the stage next to Adam. (SHAKING & CRYING HAPPENED AGAIN!!) FINALLY, the show started!

A Segment: the actual "Talk". Sharon Osborne is GORGEOUS in person!! I wish I could've said "Hi" to her and Holly Robinson. <333 The rest of the ladies I didn't recognize offhand, but I liked their beginning banter about "Real Men" and how they linked that discussion to Adam! :DDD

B Segment: ADAM!! The crew worked at lightning speed to move the couches into position & put blank-out curtains in the entrance door. The sound person came up to us then & started fitting us three Contestants with hip receivers & lapel mics. He had to thread mine under my shirt, and he was very courteous about it all. I was all "As long as you get me to Adam, it's all good! ;D"

ADAM. FUCKING. LAMBERT. Was beyond gorgeous, presh, and just UNF!! (From my tweets, I apparently missed Sharon pinching Adam's highney on the way out to the couches! XD) I laughed when he did the "Fireman's Carry" on the little lady! XD And he had wonderful answers for them all.

C Segment: HERE WE GO!!! The PA's and other assistants instructed the entire sound stage that they were going to do mass moving of people REAL FAST during the next break. That's when an assistant came to get us. Jazzy and I started shaking like leaves at that point. THIS IS IT!! THIS IS WHERE WE DIE AND GO TO PLANET FIERCE!! NICE KNOWING EVERYONE!!

I only had eyes for Adam as we were escorted in front of the crowd to our "marks" next to the game show screen. Adam was so friendly, and his smile just made me melt, and (oddly enough) made me calm down a little bit. He was having a blast up there, and so was I, just being near him.

Then, coming back from commercial, the game was ON!! Jazzy was chosen to go first, and she got IIHY as her song. I was all "Dangit!" in good fun, and she worked it out. (SO PROUD OF @JAZZYTAG, MY PERVY GIRL PARTNER!! <333)

Then, it was MY turn. OH. SHIT.

Just to let you know, I'M STILL NOT IN MY BODY!! ADAM HAS MY SOUL!! It happened when I looked into his eyes. Seriously, people, I was DONE FOR!!

He asked me about the picture on the screen as his next album cover, and all I saw was that damned fly on his mouth!! I was all "NOOOOOOO!!! DON'T COVER UP THE PRETTEH!!" in my head. Out loud, I do remember saying something about "Nope, naw naw naw; we can't cover up the lip freckles." And I was looking at the screen going "GO AWAY UGLY PICTURE COVERING UP ADAM'S BEAUTIFUL FACE, YOU HOR!!" so I didn't get to see Adam's laugh take at my precociousness! XD

Then they started playing FYE! INSTANT THOUGHT: "I'D BETTER REPRESENT THIS SONG, OR SOMEONE BETTER SHOOT ME!!" I thought about how much energy Adam gave us in performances, and I loved that song for so many reasons, so it was natural for me to bop along to the video. When it got to the stopping point, I gave as much as I could give to Adam in my singing.

My reward?! The biggest smile I've ever seen from him, and his arms around me.


He's SO tall!! And his hands in the middle of my back felt SOOOOOO GOOD!! He didn't have cologne on today, so he didn't have a specific "scent." He smelled "fluffy". I think I was smelling his face powder, and it had a light airy scent to it, but nothing specific to make it an "Adam" scent. I was more FEELING him than smelling him. and HE FELT LIKE HEAVEN, OMGGGG!!!

Then the third lady went, and I felt her freeze. We all tried to help her, and it turned into the most presh Adam "moment" I had the pleasure to witness up close. He "rescued" her like a knight in shining armor, and gave her one of those soul-melting hugs of his.

And then it was over! (NOOOOOO!!) We were all escorted back to our seats, and I gave Adam one last "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!" shoutout and wave, and blew a million kisses at him. His smile (and his hugs) was the best souvenir of my life!!

I'm STILL on a high from today!! Nothing could get me down. I still have some challenges to face, but now I just close my eyes and FEEL Adam's arms around me, above me, surrounding me, with that "fluffy" scent. And all is right with my world again!! <333333333

Little present I found for Tanisia!


Thanks to @GeralynK

Adam, you are truly our "Love Drug".

"Your good looks caught our eye but your great personality has captured our heart - you are blessed with both and much more. Your emotional intelligence, honesty, fearlessness, creativity, sexuality, charisma, penchant for charitable causes, comedic possession of humor, brilliant leadership, and once in a generation vocal talent qualify you to be considered a transformative figure who will teach us to be a more compassionate and loving world.

Your life energy turns on our planet - be it Earth or Planet Fierce.

You are destined for grandeur, and it's a privilege to be one of your loyal fans who will support your vision. "

( Charity:Water comment)

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Tweet yesterday from MAC people!  Adam doing a photo shoot?

MAC_John_SReal proud of my honey- @juddminter He hooked up @MissKellyO s hair. @ fashion po then ran off n busted out a smoky eye on an Idol fav A.L.!

Juddminter: I'm not allowed to say what the shoot is for but all you Adam Lambert friends/fans will love it !!

Thanks to @mindchnger


GlamNation Preview from AO!

Longer Version of Extra



Adam is on Access Hollywood!

mindchnger: Access Hollywood Live w/ Adam segment will be on at 11am EST tomorrow on this FOX stream:

Social Media Summit 

 2-4PM PST


Jay Leno Skit

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I am So Proud of All of Us! 

milestougeaux: Bravo to all the denizens & friends of Glamtopia for surpassing the $290K goal for Charity:Water. Unbelievable!

charitywater: In awe of @adamlambert fans for giving him a $290,000 29th birthday present. Thank you all so much.

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Pink ME TOO!! RT @TheEllenShow Loved the acoustic version. RT @adamlambert: Tune in today on NBC!Performing Acoustic version of Whataya Want...

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Preview of GlamNation DVD

WWFM on Vevo:


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SarahMOnline: It was awesome hanging w Joe Jonas, Usher, Adam Lambert & Paris Hilton at Avalon. Went to music box event first..

Don't think Adam remembers too much about the end of this night either!

(Tweeted Friday morning)


Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7

Grammy Prediction

I Have this strong feeling that Adam is going to win the Grammy!   It's not like me to go out on a limb but here I am!

He is Genius!

Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
Unknown Photographer, enhanced by Aquariussue7
New York Times Article includes Adam's Picture


Look Who!  Interview coming?

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Screen Caps enhanced by AQS7
Screen Caps enhanced by AQS7

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @tuke18

Only 5 days left to enter this contest!  Would you like to interview Tommy?  10 questions answered


Gaga Born This Way Debuts Today!

GoCheeksGoJust heard Born This Way all up in the clurb...all I can hear is @adamlambert's Fever.


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  1. adam has the sweetest most gorgeous smile i have ever seen he derserves all the wonderful things life has to offer. great job Gloria hugs


  3. If Adam does not win the Grammy, then the Grammys are phony.

  4. After hearing him again on Ellen - YES! - he deserves that Grammy - what a beautiful performance. And those closeups without makeup - looks SO young. Couldn't be more adorable. Luv, Lee.

  5. OMG - just saw the new haircut - now he looks about ten years old. Thank god he didn't shave it again. His fans are so frightened he might do something drastic for the Grammys. Big sigh of relief. Thanks, Lee

  6. On Tanisia's writeup:

    "Just to let you know, I'M STILL NOT IN MY BODY!! ADAM HAS MY SOUL!! It happened when I looked into his eyes. Seriously, people, I was DONE FOR!!"

    I wonder how many of us know that feeling? I have only been as close as about 5 feet, but he looked in my eyes. Even my poor husband said he knew I was totally gone at that point. It's no wonder he can perform as well as he does, he takes part of each of us to keep him going. Well, I've got more to give!! :) People, we are all done for! :) So awesome to read her recount!!

    As for the Grammy, the nod is good. He doesn't need it, he has us!

  7. So much Adam !!! Wonderful post today, LOVE Tanisia's writeup !!

    Can't wait to watch the grammys with my sista's ❤❤❤

  8. WOW ~ I read the story about meeting Adam on TheTalk and just about cried here at work-I am so very happy for you -to see Adam up close and get a hug (the ultimate) and smiles from him - My heart is full of love today - Congratulations Glamberts !~ Much Love- Powderpuffnails xo

  9. Yes Gloria, Adam has our soul for sure, I don't know what I did before Adam but sure is thrilling to have Adam in my life everyday. Best recout of your experience, Lucky to have experienced Adam hug, He was adorable on access Hollywood, love his new haircut, Kat was so under his spell and she ask for the hug saying I need to find out how tall you are, ya right! more like , "PUT YOUR ARMS ARROUND ME HANDSOME".........indigo

  10. Thanks for Tanisia's blow by blow description of her wonderful meeting with Adam. She actually made me feel like I was there with her. I have to say she was my favorite, loved her energy and excitement, I would have been like the third lady, I felt so sorry for her, but Adam did rescue her in such a beautiful way.

  11. thanks for the amazing post and Adam is gorgeous his smile is just heavenly and something tells me he will win that Grammy on sunday *fingers crossed* and Tanisia's write up was amazing today is a happy day and Adam made it brighter and he owned my heart since the first time i layed my eyes on him and heard his gorgeous voice bless him and ALL of our Glamily <33333333333333333 @GlitterryFire

  12. So great to have everything here in one place - helped me to see if I had missed anything. Great recap about The Talk!! Thanks so much for posting that and everything else!!! So much fun to see what went on behind the scenes. I can't help but think of those who got cut simply because of the color of outfit they had one. I feel for them!! But at least they were at the show. That's more than some of us! :) Can't wait for Sunday. I sure hope that "openly Grammy-nominated" Adam Lambert wins!!!!!!!!!!


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