Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happiness... Adam's Best Makeup!

   @mamadeb1963 "I think it's pretty clear that happiness is
                               Adam's best makeup."

CelebSightings: RIGHT NOW: AdamLambert +1 boytoy, 2 girls dinner @ Grand Havana Room (Bev Hills). Hugh Jackman nearby. (Tu 9:48pm)

Big Picture of Saubert!

Thanks to @adamgasmic for posting  Lots more here:

                        "Clearly Smitten!" with "S..OWL...iii (from Cam's tweet)
  (in Finnish)

Lots about Sauli here:


  AdamNews_de Re: German release of Sleepwalker: The musicvideo is gonna be the live performance featured on Adam's upcoming Tour-DVD. Cover TBA.

New Aftermath News Coming Soon!


Charity: Water.... so far we have raised  $265,600!


January was an Amazing Month!! Who was worried we wouldn't see enough of Adam? OK , never enough but lots!

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Dedicated to my friend Sharon and Adam!

The Power of Good

This is an incredible story and video of a good man helping others and keeping it to himself!


Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting the pictures today

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  1. well done Gloria and you are right Happiness is the best makeup

  2. How wonderful for Adam to find such a nice, sweet boy. They even dress alike! And love how Sauli is holding Adam's arm. Hope they find long-term happiness together. Two beautiful men.

  3. Yup, he is glowing from the inside ! New baby, new boyfriend, life is good and it shows.

    A bit of deja vu seeing the pictures of Sauli on his arm, reminds me of Drake without the deer-in-the-headlight look.

    Methinks Adam had a v e r y nice birthday, if you know what I mean ;-)

  4. Just Adam living the life. Good for him. He deserves lots of happiness in his life. He certainly has given a lot of happiness to his fans. Peace and love.

  5. I wish Adam and Sauli respect, honesty, and LOVE! The biggest keys for a successful relationship!

  6. Adam's face oozes pure joy! He and Sauli are a couple and I think that's so wonderful. He's been so lonely for a relationship and It looks like he's finally found his "Viking"!

  7. I am thrilled for Adam and Sauli. They seem like a great pair. Sauli seems like a happy, sweet, well liked guy. The Finnish fans have been telling me about him for a while and they adore him. I hope it works out well and they have a lot of fun together. I hope Adam falls in love forever!

  8. Thanks for the Power of Good story! Very inspiring! Sauli is adorable and I'm happy for him and Adam. Even if it's a temporary relationship at least they've had a great couple of weeks together. Pumpkit101

  9. Adam looks so happy with Sauli! I hope these two have a beautiful long lasting relationship.
    @katesistergood, I see you post everyday:) I just wanted to say I have to disagree with your comment about Sauli and Drake. Drake DID have the deer in the headlights look, AND he always seemed to walk by himself not wanting to be close to Adam. Sauli is used to the attention and appears to be very proud to be on Adams arm.

    To Adam and hopefully his "viking" Sauli, wishing them both health, happiness, love and longevity.

    LuvAdam476 aka @Gloria476

  10. Wonderful as usual....I am loving Sauli and Adam cause Adam looks so happy!!!


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