Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mystery Solved?!

Thanks to @ivonglam for sharing this with me!


MTV from Today!

Screencap thanks to @scorpios4adam


Should Adam Tone it Down?  Interesting Article;_ylt=AlHTBOV69Gf7dBPlmwCKgckppxx.;_ylv=3


I think I know where Adam and Sauli are vacationing!!

Listen to what he says after the question at 5:00 in this Finnish Interview!

I think Adam is getting exactly what he asked for!   And this makes me sooo happy!

In The News today


Born This Way!




Ad from ArgentinaTV


Tommy Joe Ratliff

OMG... this is Amazing...Watch it!

I'm off to enjoy my vacation too!  Talk to you later with more updates!

Monterrific New show - March 17th (St.Patrick's Day) The Palms Lounge - Las Vegas, Nevada -FREE SHOW! NO COVER! We go on at Midnight.

Monterrific New updated incentives: Kickstarter - Monte Pittman's upcoming album "Pain, Love, & Destiny":  #MonteMonday MonteMonday



Updated Voting Links  Adam needs help!

Who is your favorite celebrity? (Adam leads)

Must join Adam's Youtube !
Have you done this yet? Do it right now!

Watch IIHY and FYE videos

Sleepwalker links:

(Sleepwalker Canada spins information:


Quotable Adam! Thanks to @ellenkateCT

Thanks to @aquariussue7 for posting some pictures today

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  1. You guys are so quiet today... It's freaking me out! Leave a comment pretty please!


  2. what a wonderful job thank you for these videos i've not seen most of them. I can always count on you for the best information. big glittery hug

  3. Interesting article about Adam. Kelly C did not hit it huge until her second album. Kelly is country and that is a different animal altogether. Adam is going to be Adam and we love him for it. Happy he has a new guy, and one that is kind, sweet and generous. Sounds like someone we know and love! Hope he comes home rested and ready to create the awesome cd that we know is coming. Can't wait! Love, love Adam!! Jennifer

  4. Thank You!!! This was exacty what I needed today! You must be having some of the same feelings. Torn between wanting Adam to be HAPPY and wanting ADAM!!
    I hope you enjoy your vacation! And you still don't leave us w/nothing while you're gone...amazing!!
    Have fun!! Cybergranny

  5. I meant to say CARRIE is country!! Jennifer

  6. Thank you so much....come here every day for my 'Adam treat' and so much appreciate your hard work and the time it must all and light...from a fan of the man who makes such a positive contribution to the world

  7. Was gone all day - checking everything out now! Luv, Lee

  8. Thank you for your amazing website. I look here every day for the latest news on Adam, and you never disappoint! I truly appreciate all the time and energy you put into this!!! xoxoxox

  9. She got a diff quote than mine :) This is what I got
    And the vid


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