Monday, 21 February 2011

Spectacular! Bora Bora, Adam and Sauli!

Photoshop by @maritaperunka

adamlambert  Bora Bora was paradise! The St Regis was top notch! I've never seen water sooo blue. A great escape. :)

Finnish Tabloid:  Adam and Sauli Ratio Deepening!

Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert on beach holiday in Bora Bora

Translation thanks to:

Published: 21.02.2011 09:34

Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert are spending a holiday in a dream island Bora Bora.
The twosome have been photographed in joyful mood. They are riding jet skis, laughing and joking together.

Bora Bora is located in the Pacific Ocean. The island belong to French Polynesia.

A couple of readers of Adam Lambert's blog are wondering, if Sauli Koskinen is wearing Adam Lambert's shorts.

Adam Lambert recently admitted that he is dating, but he didn't mention his partner's name. Sauli and Adam have been photographed together many times in a couple of months time.

Sauli has his own pair of aqua shorts.  Picture taken in 2007 and posted by @illuxia


Paparrazi Pictures of Adam and Sauli in Bora Bora thanks to adam_pictures


An Old Picture I havent seen posted by @emili0603

HQ Scans of Movie Star Magazine:



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TheRaviDhar Love u all!Yes Im playing w @IsaacTheCarp @TommyJoeRatlff !Who can tell me what is dif about Tommy in this pic ;)


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  1. OMG!! Pick me up off the floor! Just when I think he cannot get any more beautiful there he is standing tall on a jet ski, looking like a Greek god, with wind swept hair, freckled arms and the most beautiful face in the world. Are you trying to kill us? By the way, thank you. Love, love Adam! Jennifer

  2. Becca. Could you please email me Thanks!

  3. I'll just say - boy, do I agree with Jennifer's post - unbelievably beautiful. Still hard to wrap my head around the fact that someone who looks like that also has one of the finest voices in the music biz today. And when you consider his other gifts - intelligence, wit, charisma, (must not forget great dancer!) - wow - truly, he has no equal. Thanks so much, Gloria - Love, Lee

  4. I see you finally dropped the Adommy stuff. Glad you did. I always skipped it. I wish you would keep the focus on his music and leave off his personal life. With that said, you are doing a wonderful service to us fans keeping up with daily pictures and info, so thank you.

  5. BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! After my heart stops racing I have to say ditto to Jennifer and Lees' post. Adam literally takes my breath away. I have never seen so much beauty in one person in my life! What a special and unique gift we have in Adam!!
    Gloria thank you soooo much for the gorgeous pics! Love and light to all...@Gloria476 aka LuvAdam476

  6. they are to cute together and what fun to be out jet skiing. good to see Adam relaxing and having fun after all his hard work. thanks Gloria for another job well done. hugs

  7. are a marvel...thank you so much........xx,f


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