Sunday, 3 April 2011

Master of Pleasure!

Yes Master!  We are Yours!!!!

The best fever ever! Except for all my other favorites!

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Anyone know these people? There is Bartholomew, Alisan, Adam on the right
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Adam Answers the Question about Gaga's Party
alreference Clips from Adam Lambert's interview with NZ radio station The Edge. Listen:  Download:
Full Interview Info
TALCvids Listen to @adamlambert's phone in interview to , airing on Monday April 4th, about 8 pm local, 4 am EDT / 1 am PDT .
Nothing New But Nice to see the Pictures again!

Old Interview! Love the last question!
How would you describe yourself to Lambert virgins?

"I'm a contemporary popstar who draws a lot from the past. I have a lot of '70s and '80s influences and I'm inspired by some of the philosophies of the late '60s as well. That hippy mentality and psychedelic open-mindedness is something that appeals to me. People like Bowie and Freddie Mercury are my major influences as a vocalist and as a frontman, in addition to people like Prince and Michael Jackson of course."

Do you think of your image as provocative or controversial?

"I don't think of myself as controversial - that's not what's going through my head when I'm getting ready. To me, it's like I get to play dress-up for a living! I like to wear crazy clothes and make-up and do the whole glam thing. I think a little androgyny is really interesting and it's a part of who I am. So I don't think of myself as controversial - that's everyone else's job!"

Why do you think you inspire such loyalty among your fans?

"I think they see that I'm completely dedicated to being different and to being something that we haven't had in a while. People get excited by that. I'm so excited to meet some of the Lambrits when I come over there actually."

What's the story behind 'For Your Entertainment', your first single?

"It's real sexy, very contemporary dance-pop. It has a dark, mysterious electro sound to it and lyrically there's definitely a double meaning. It's me saying, 'Here I am, I'm going to put on a show'. It also shows my musical theatre influences - it's almost like that song 'Wilkommen' from Cabaret - and I think in many ways it sums up my thing. That's why I wanted it as the first single, because it's a great introduction."

In the lyrics you claim to be the master of pleasure and pain. Is that true?

"Haha no! I'm not really into pain so much, but I'm a master of pleasure, sure! The pain comes when you have to say goodbye..."

THanks to @cecycat1

Such Sweet Memories!

If you missed the Sia tweet and videos, check yesterday's post!


His Mom is definitely a Glambert! (or maybe she's just beautiful!)


I Hope Adam gets to see this because even if she has never heard of Adam Lambert, his courage allows others to gain theirs!

Update:  According to @idolme922 who sent me this video, this girl does know of Adam and neither of us would be surprised if he inspired her!
What an incredible lady!

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Teaser for Monte's Show on April 4th!


Tommy Joe Ratiliff Corner

From Tommy's Tumbr

"how do you deal with people who won't believe that you're straight? does it ever bother you?"

Asked by coupde-foudre

Doesn’t bother me in the least! I’ve heard that my whole life. There are lots of boys I think are really good looking and I have no problem admitting it. I see why people would think that of me so it doesn’t bug me at all when they ask or think it.

Next three pictures thanks to @dougiesauris

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“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

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  1. In that vid - "that's Mommy" - so funny. Think Adam would love that. Glad he's at work and apparently enjoying it - plowing ahead despite the brouhaha. Guess the media will use this event in the future, but, like the AMA's, it'll eventually grow old. Maybe there's a bright side in that the "wild child" vibe has its own attraction - doesn't want to get too predictable. Another plus, sure Adam'll watch the drinking after this - never knowing how the media will present it. Hard to care so much about him, hoping that he isn't feeling too bad. (Funny no other tweets or pics from the party - does that say something?) But love the funny moments vid - wanna feel like that again - soon maybe. Love, Lee

  2. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the time and effort you put into keeping us fans informed! I don't know how you do it but thank you so much!
    hugs,Joyce ;)
    @callie17 on twitter

  3. Adamquotedaily3 April 2011 at 15:57

    Thank you Joyce for taking the time to let me know how you feel! I can tell how many people see my post each day but sometimes I wonder what some of you are thinking! That's why it's nice when people subscribe cause I know they want to see this blog daily and that keeps me going some days!



  4. Adamquotedaily3 April 2011 at 15:58

    Oh and Lee! (and all of my regular commenters) You are so sweet and you know I love you!

  5. Hi, Gloria!

    In that first pic, Alisan is in the pic with Adam. I'm not sure who the others are, though.

  6. I love children they are so precious i have a pic of my neice taking a nap curles up with Adam's cd right next to her like a teddy bear to cute. as always a great job and love the video of all the silly moments. also love Tommy's answer to the tumblr question he is amazing. any ways wonderful job hugs

  7. The weelassie photos that are enhanced look so plastic. Not good at all takes, all the life out of the picture and makes everyone look like a bad plastic doll.


  8. Great post as usual Gloria!! I espcially LOVE the Kradison video! Dear god, what a great weekend that was! Safe to say, that was one in a million!! Unless Adam shows up to one of Monte's living room shows, I don't think we'll get that intimate again!
    Lisa-on-the-ground Harrington!!

    *I have to agree with Dan about the enhanced photos~they look like wax figures...sorry.

  9. I love those enhanced photos cause they look surreal...

  10. I was subscribed for the emails and i havent recieved an email in 2 days with the new blog posts. What can i do to fix this?

  11. Adamquotedaily5 April 2011 at 18:43

    Please unsubscribe and subscribe again. Not sure why that happens sometimes!



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