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That Boy has Wheww!

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Adam's Second Album will be more serious

Hmm.. Why am I having doubts about this?



MTVBuzzworthy: Congrats to @ADAMLAMBERT whose crazy-in-the-good-way fans got them @MTVOMA nominations! http://at.mtv.com/plK

My evening with Adam Lambert, and Monday with Raja!!

by @idolme922

(Just to make this clear, its @idolme922 s story cause my story would involve emergency personnel, mouth to mouth resuscitation and a glambulance! AQD)

Okay, that title is a big stretch. I was at Lee and Scarlet Cherry's listening party for her Labor of Love Album (which is amazing by the way and everyone should buy it!). People drifted in... Lee, then a little later Scarlet and Riff, Monte and Lisa Pittman with their twins, Alisan Porter, Carmit, Ty Taylor ... many others. It was the family from the Zodiac show and some blood family. Eber tweeted that he was on his way which meant to me that Adam would be there as well. He is Riff's godfather as you all know, so he wouldn't miss this.

Adam and Sauli lit up the room. It was very crowded but no one could miss Adam. He and Sauli were sweet, a little affectionate, not over the top. I saw them share a brief kiss which was too cute. They shared sweet looks, but they also seemed very secure with each other.  It takes a very secure person to be with Adam and Sauli, having been in the public eye a lot, seems to be that kind of person.
 Adam was attentive and they literally put their heads together when ordering from the menu. I was one table away so I could see them very clearly. Adam's parents had their backs to me. I could have reached and touched them easily.

The songs on the album were each announced and played and Adam listened and smiled and cheered for his dear friends. After the album played, everyone sort of milled around. I'm not sure how Riff ended up in Adam's arms but it was too precious to pass up the moment.

Enhanced by @aquariussue7 (who got RT from Adam today! Yay!)

I really didn't want to be out of line and Adam knows he is a public figure and he knew there would be those of us there who were not family, but contributors to the album. (That got us a ticket to this exclusive party. ) Shoot, I drove all the way from Las Vegas to be there, but I really didn't want to invade his family time.

I did have a couple of brief moments with Adam. How nice would it be to just sit down and chat with him? That wasn't meant to be. This was not the time or place, but I got a couple of smiles and a few words. He remained very focused on his parents and his adorable BF. I did talk to Eber for several minutes. Get him going on politics or the environment and he will talk! Our talk was about geography, but whatever. It was a great evening filled with love. It's clear that all the Zodiac 'family' really is a family and they really do love each other, a lot.

After the private party, the public was permitted in to hear Vintage Trouble play. Adam stayed for a while to support his friends. Ty Taylor is amazing. Vintage Trouble is another group worthy of an album purchase. Their music is awesome. Eber stood and blocked Adam, which let me know Adam was going to leave. Eber is even taller than Adam so he is imposing. He acted as body guard and led the way out. Good night Adam and Sauli.

The next day I had made arrangments to meet with Sutan, Raja of Ru Paul's Drag Race fame, and Adam's make up artist during the GNT. I am an old theater slut from way back so I had offered to give him a huge red feather headdress and a lot of fabric and things a hot drag queen might be able to use. I thought we'd spend five minutes taking stuff out of my car, but he bought coffee for us and we sat at a little coffee shop near his house and we just talked and talked. We shared our love of theater/theatrics and costumes and all things sparkly!! He is awesome and I had so much fun just chatting with him. He is so delightful. So, we looked at the big feather headdress and he gasped with delight. We talked about Adam just a little but mostly we found that we really had things to share that mattered to us. He asked me to stay over and go to the Drag Race party that night, but I just had to go home, darn it. He is coming to Vegas in a few weeks and we vowed to get together.

So, that's the very short version of my Sunday and Monday in Hollywood. I would live there in a heartbeat if I could. ♥♥♥

                                  Pictures thanks to  @idolme922

You can download Scarlett's first single today right here: 

Such an incredible voice... I have chills!



Full Sized Perfection Plus!
                               Picture thanks to @idolme922.... Beautiful! Check out Sauli on the far right!

Link to Adam's  Complete Introduction to Robyn... Perfect! (but we know that!)


Another screencap of Sauli looking up at Adam !


I have not seen the picture at 1:13 before!


From Yesterday!

                         Very special thanks to @idolme922  Taken at the   
                                      listening party with Sauli at the far right!

Screencap thanks to @GeralynK

Screencaps thanks to @GeralynK

Sauli looking up at Adam screencap thanks to @virg1877
Thanks to ?

This is Really the Full Michelle Collins Interview

So both the Lambert boys are attached!  How wonderful!


About A Year Ago in the Life of Adam Lambert!

"That boy has some whewwwwww!"

Predictable interviewer response!


New Is_Tutka in Anaheim

In an interview, all Anaheim Finnish players, Saku Koivu , Jarkko Ruutu , and Toni Lydman .


Translation:  http://rinnuninnu.livejournal.com/1186069.html


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

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Flaminga Lady said:  Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

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“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

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  1. Thanks for this awsome blog :D
    The pic of Adam holding Riff is so adorable, and I think I see Sauli in the right side corner of the picture, looking at them... So cute :)

    Monica @monflaa

  2. Early morning for me today... thanks for waking me up beautifully. Love the pic with Adam holding Riff wearing his cute little jeans.

    Adam's introduction of Robyn last night on Now Next New impressed like years of experience - loved the inflections in his voice.

  3. Thanks for a great post. I especially love the pics of Adam holding Baby Riff.....OMG sooo adorable :))))

  4. Can he get more adorable? Thanks for all the great stuff here.

  5. Damn Adam just keeps getting more and more adorable...he looks like a complete natural holding little Riff. Thanks for the blog, Gloria and for making each of my days a little brighter. You are a Rak Star...LOL


  6. Why don't you have the pics of Adam at Las Palmas wearing the plaid overshirt? He looked gorgeous and had his hair down.

  7. Plaid shirt pictures were two days ago... you gotta check every single day hun!



  8. That Nikka Costa vid is a hoot - loved hearing Adam riff - whatta voice - and Nikka is no slouch either. He looked great at NNN, and his inner confidence just shone through during his introduction of Robyn - such a pro. And the Glamfather pic is adorable - Adam's mentioned more than once how much he likes children. Great blog today, Gloria (well, everyday really). Luv, Lee

  9. great post love the fan story of seeing Adam and Raja amazing memories right there. also love the pic of Adam holding Riff to cute. thank you for all of this. hugs

  10. Gloria, this post made me so happy!! Thanks so much to @Idolme922 for such a beautiful and classy retelling of her magical night! and the Baby Riff pic stirs up all kinds of emotions in me!! All great stuff!!!
    (i am still recouperating from my all-niter w/Virg!!)

  11. That pic of Adam with Riff has made my day. Could he be any more adorably gorgeous? And thanks for the report about Sauli and Adam. Wonderful to see him looking so happy. Just one question. Are we allowed to post pics from this site elsewhere?

  12. Bigj52

    Feel free to post pictures from this site anywhere. I do not own them. Please give credit to the person who took the picture . Thanks.


  13. This BLOG ROCKS !!! Whooo Hooo... I just love coming here and getting all my info and gorgeous pics of Adam- Today was a VERY special treat- THANK YOU SO MUCH to @idolme922 for sharing your WONDERFUL story...What a thrill to be there amongst Adam and his family and friends- a RARE glimpse into the "real life" of Adam. Also, your meeting with Raja was so special- and so nice of him to meet with you and spend quality time..Thank you again Gloria for all your hard work- Much Appreciated ~ xoxo Andrea Powderpuffnails


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