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Up Where He Belongs!

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appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for your 

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Great Adam and Sauli wallpaper, thanks to @esselsari


theNicksterR "melodic, honest, and dreamy" sounds amazing but I'm also hoping 4 some nasty, real and dirrrrrrrty tracks on @adamlambert s next album! ;)

adamlambert@theNicksterR oh don't worry--- there's plenty of that. :)


Adam is #2 Up From #5 Last Year!

Closer to where he belongs!

Nice pictures of the top 100 to look at !


Adam to be interviewed on Radio Maximum 

(Russia) High Society Show, airing on May 26: 

Adam said he was going to be at the Idol finale, May 25th 

 Perhaps this interview will be prerecorded?

Win a personal meeting with Adam Lambert in Moscow

Rejoice and exult all Glamberty! Hooray! Our hero travels to Moscow for a festival Maxidrome!

Everything is already in anticipation of this event! But we have for you is the most important surprise exclusively for newsletter subscribers Adam! To some of you lucky enough to meet in person is unreal with Adam already this Saturday!

What should I do? It's simple! You need:

1. Adore Adam Lambert.

2. Be a subscriber to the official list of the artist. If you have not yet signed - forward!

3. Make your photo in an image of Adam Lambert. The image can be anything: a beard or without, more imagination - steeper shots!

4. Send one of the best photos to the address marked in the subject line "Contest - Adam Lambert in Moscow." The letter must write information about yourself: name, date of birth, mobile phone.

The winner will be announced on Friday, May 27. He or she will receive a ticket to the festival Maxidrome and meet with Adam Lambert on Saturday, May 28 and will show off pictures lucky on our site!

Complete rules and conditions of competition

1. Organizer of the competition: Sony Music Entertainment LLC.

2. By participating in the Contest, you agree to the User Agreement organizer, as well as these Terms and conditions of the competition.

3. Take part in the action can only Russian citizens aged 16 and older.
4. Period tender: May 23, 2011 to May 27, 2011
5. To participate in the contest must be at the Organizer ( send your photos, presented it in one of the images of the artist Adam Lambert, as well as the following information: surname, first name, full date of birth, phone number with the subject "Competition - Adam Lambert in Moscow."
6. Contestants understand and agree that the Organizer of the Contest all rights without limit and validity of pictures at competitive materials for use in any media and Internet blogs, as well as on Organizer and its authorized representatives have the right (but not the obligation) to use, publish, set to air TV and play competitive photo materials, in whole or in part, assembly or separately, in any format, any media, existing or emerging in the future.
7. Choosing the winner is exclusively a jury composed of representatives of the organizer. The jury's decision is not appealable.

8. All costs for road transport to the venue and accommodation in Moscow (if the winner lives in another city / region), the winner pays for itself. Winner of the warrants that will be in Moscow the day of the meeting with the artist (May 28, 2011).
9. Competition organizer reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.

Thanks to Google Translate!


Adam Behind the Music  August 10th

Behind The Music: Adam Lambert Premieres Wednesday, August 10 at 10 PM ET/PT

Glam-rock powerhouse, Adam Lambert has taken pop music by storm with his handsome looks, electrifying stage theatrics and jaw-dropping vocal acrobatics. In this episode of Behind the Music, Adam Lambert opens up to VH1 about the challenges he faced during his childhood including realizing he was gay in 6th grade. After finally coping with his identity, Adam freed himself at the age of 18, coming out to his family and moving to Hollywood, CA to pursue his dream of being an entertainer. Struggling to make ends meet, Lambert received his first big break when he landed a part in the European tour of Hair at age 19. The excitement of his first role brought out Adam’s wild side as he began to experiment with sex, drugs and rock n’roll. For the next eight years Adam was continually cast in various stage productions including Wicked. At age 27 and without a record deal, Adam had a realization during a psychedelic experience at the Burning Man festival that if he wanted fame he would have to take control and make it happen. In turn, Adam decided to audition for the iconic TV show, American Idol. Making the top 13, Adam was poised to go far in the competition until scandalous photos of him dressed in drag and kissing another man leaked on the Internet. Adam remained tight-lipped about the photos to the press, determined to keep the focus on his talent. As he advanced to the final round of the competition, the media began to debate whether America would elect a gay Idol. Placing second, Adam quickly landed a record deal with RCA and 19 Recordings, taking the opportunity to come out about his sexuality in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. However, Adam wasn’t done shocking the world, and during his debut television performance at the “American Music Awards” he stunned audiences by kissing his male bassist onstage. Following a huge backlash from viewers, Adam released his debut album For Your Entertainment, which skyrocketed to #3 on the Billboard chart in its first week. Viewers of this episode of Behind the Music will see never-before-seen home video footage, interviews with family, friends, industry experts and musical luminaries including Barry Weiss and American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen. With constant criticism about being too bold, too offensive and too gay, Adam Lambert comes clean to VH1 about who he really is and the obstacles he has overcome to get where he is today.


WWFM used on Dutch Dance Show


Macy Grey, Adam Lambert, and Riff Cherry, thanks to @leecherry

Adam Lambert and Carmit via @Scorpios4Adam

Adam Lambert at Carmit's Baby Shower


Adam Lambert with Lacy Soto at High Voltage Tattoo. She's a professional model in LA who works for Kat Von D
Thanks to @AdamLambertHelp

Adam Glams it up with Sexy Boyfriend

Sauli Koskinen, Adam Lambert, and Markus Molinari 
MDMolinari @adamlambert u're giving sexy face on @justjared


Adam Lambert giving a sexy face at Markus Molinari's party 
Taken by Tim Williamson, Enhanced by Aquariussue7

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen take joy in each other's company at Markus Molinari's party 
Taken by Tim Williamson, Enhanced by Aquariussue7

 Album Info Gathered from Twitter Party

My Prediction is that we won't be hearing any Duets!

So cute!


Milestone Celebration Contest  ( Only about 1000 more hits to go!)

In celebration of the 1,000,000th visit to my blog site, I am giving away three gifts.

Leave a comment on my blog and you will be entered in a random draw for a special Adam related gift from me. Contest ends once I hit a million (probably Monday)

So, leave me a comment, message or just say hi!

Thanks so much. I'm very honored to spread a little bit extra Adam love all around the world.

Please make sure to include your name or twitter name so I can contact you when you win!

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Black and white enhanced pics of Adam Lambert 
Enhanced by Aquariussue7, unknown Photographer
Enhanced by Aquariussue7, unknown Photographer
Enhanced by Aquariussue7, unknown Photographer
Taken by Tim Williamson, Enhanced by Aquariussue7


Anonymous comment left on my blog yesterday

Gloria, as a long-time subscriber to your blog (from the beginning) and a dedicated Adam fan I must say I'm finding it less and less enjoyable to receive your e-mails every day. The disproportionate focus on Sauli and his relationship with Adam is distressing to me.

 Today's post for example should have been entitled 'twitter party' not 'boyfriend'. You put the pics of Adam and Sauli 1st and info about Adam's upcoming show in Moscow down at the bottom. Even so it would have been more appropriate to put the photos that Adam himself posted ABOVE the other ones, even if Moscow didn't get top billing on your blog since it is a week away.

 Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Adam, I'm glad he's enjoying his relationship with Sauli, I'm glad he's happy and in love but his relationship doesn't define him as an individual and has little if nothing to do with his career accomplishments and endeavors. 

The post entitled 'holding hands' was the same day that Adam's GN Live DVD debuted at #1 on the music video chart and you didn't even mention it but instead chose to post a bunch of pap pics of Adam and Sauli walking down the street. The photo of Adam announcing Robin at the NNN awards you didn't even mention that it was an honor for Adam to get to do that or anything about how good his presentation was...your only caption was "see Sauli looking up at Adam?" The 'key to my heart' it turned out Adam's tat was a deeper personal thing for Adam and had nothing to do with his relationship. Nor did they get 'matching tats' as many fans assumed. 

 It annoys me that some fans (yourself included) are so obsessed with his relationship that you make everything he says or does about Sauli. He gave a ton of interesting information in that twitter party but a bunch of people only focused on two words "in love". That's sad and it's an insult to Adam in my opinion.

 I think Adam and Sauli are adorable together and I hope this relationship never ends because I know Adam will be devastated but it most likely will someday and Adam will still be the Adam that we love and support and should focus on. I only hope that once Adam's career amps back up that the focus of your blog remains on Adam at least on the main page.

 Maybe creating another page for the relationship stuff would be more appropriate. Don't get me wrong...I completely appreciate all the hard work you do it's just that in recent months I've seen you put way too much focus on Adam's relationship and less on him.

 I'm not going to unsubscribe and I don't expect you to post this comment. I'm writing this just to you, food for thought you know? Thanks for listening to my concerns and have a great day.
By Anonymous on Boyfriend! on 5/22/11

Dear Anonymous, 

I hear what you are saying and appreciate your comment.  I can imagine how annoying it must be for someone who does not want to focus on Adam's relationship to constantly be seeing so many references to Sauli on my blog.  

I know that most of my readers are happy with all the Sauli information and pictures.  The posts that have been the most widely viewed this year are the one's about Adam's boyfriend and anytime I tweet about Sauli, the number of visits to my site skyrockets.  

(As a side note, it makes absolutely no difference how many hits I have.  There is no advertising, no money, nothing to gain except a knowledge that perhaps a few more Adam fans are being created!)

But, as you point out, of course, for me too, it is all about Adam.  

 Here's  my situation.  There is not a lot of news  right now, especially when I look to post the best and most positive about Adam.  As soon as Adam starts interviews, promoting his album and touring,  etc. I will post it.  Hopefully you will be happier with me then! 

 My top story is  usually the one that I feel most people want to see.  However, I do not give it that much thought.  This blog has evolved through my heart.  I am an extremely left brain,  "think everything out" kind of person and the reason I love putting this together every day is that I do it totally by my feelings.  I often update with new information during the day and so what you think should be tomorrow's top story may be at the top of yesterday's post.  

Anonymous, I do appreciate you pointing this out because  I do agree with some or the thing you have said and I probably will think about things a bit more in the future. I also appreciate the adult way you have communicated your feelings and shared.  I am always open to suggestions for improvement.  I have learned so much about Adam, myself and others through this labour of love and the greatest gift to me is my personal growth. If you would like, please email me cause I would love to continue this discussion.  


To everyone who loves the Sauli info, don't worry... if I know it, I will post it!

(Interesting that I can't think of a title today... darn left brain thinking again!)

Update:  Thanks to everyone for your comments about this.  I will continue to report on Adam and all the people in his life in whatever way feels right to me day by day.  I will always do that but I appreciate being forced to give more thought to what I do on a day to day basis.  That's all!


This picture is a new/old one from Mexican Vacation late 2009

Adam Lambert looking beautiful by the sea in Mexico, 2009

                                                   Remember these?  Thanks to @_bani



Voting Links

Thanks to all who voted for Adam on the Billboard Fan's Choice Award!  The award went to Justin Bieber (I love my little Canadian star so leave him alone please!)
Thanks so much to @rabbittopia for putting this together a second time for me! XO

On Sunday 22nd May 2011,  said:
 Here are the links: Q102 has been good to Adam, they played the Aftermath Remix many times during the top 10 at 10 after fans voted it up each day:

(this lost steam once everyone's attention turned to the idol poll, and I don't think Aftermath has gotten played in a week or so now).

Also, fans have added and voted IIHY and WWFM up to get played on the takeover.

any fan can add an Adam song by typing in "lambert" in the search and then hitting the left pointing arrow next to the song name. Then hit the green arrow to vote the song up (red arrows bring other songs on the list down). Being signed into facebook and posting on facebook helps give your pick more weight. You can add a song but it will disappear off the list quickly unless others vote it up too. This works best during the takeover hour 8-9 pm eastern time, or 10 minutes or so before 8.

Thirdly, fans from all over (since it is a streaming radio station) can request songs on Q102 using this form once daily:

for another perspective-- on Adamtopia, Q3 is listing polls/voting ops, and giving her take on the importance and usefulness of voting on each one under "Voting Opportunities":
Most important now! Listen to IIHY on Much Music whenever you are online!

The Canadian "Much Music" Award is probably the most important one right now according to her (I'd agree personally):

This is a good oldie!


Happy 1st Birthday to Beatrix & Atticus Pittman!

It's already been 1 year... I love my little babies!

Monte Pittman with his twins Beatrix and Atticus

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Sexy view of Tommy Joe Ratliff in performance 
                              Lots more here:

Tommy Joe Ratliff at the bass performs with Adam Lambert in Boston, 2010
                         One year ago at the KISS concert thanks to @LightloveAdam

Thanks to @nataliag24 for sharing this with me!


Information/Resource Pages and some comments!

Rakastan said: OMG -love it-my favorite website…and all about my favorite…thank you!

Interesting Articles and Pictures

Adam's Pre-Idol Music

Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Alice said: Gloria, thanks for creating this Sauli site. Adam’s heart eyes with Sauli tell the whole story. I love them together. They seem so right for each other, far beyond the fascinating fashion coincidences. Adam said this time he’s looking for someone who could take care of him this time, with so much going on in his life. Enter Sauli. Delightfully calm and unphased by all the madness that surrounds Adam, he seems to offer Adam peace, trust, support, and a refreshing love that comes from a good, unneedy place. Aside from an obvious attraction, they are good together because both are artists with strong support from family and friends, wry sense of humor, gift of gab, sunshiny personality, love of dance, compassion, kindness, humility, et al. Sauli and Adam are kindred spirits. Thank you Universe for bringing them together. I hope they always want each other as much as they do now. Adam, we know why your heart is full and we are overjoyed by your bliss.

Sauli Koskinen...Everything you want to know! (new updates regularly)


Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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  1. your blog is my daily -go-to. Thanks for all your passion. dchprimped

  2. Thank You for this awesome blog! I don't comment enough, but I just want to say thank you! this blog makes it super easy to keep up with Adam news and the amazing pics you find are always a treat! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

  3. I agree with the comment you received from Anonymous regarding all the Sauli/boyfriend info that has consumed this blog lately but I also agree with you that Sauli and Adam are the news right now. Adam's happy, working on his new album, he has a boyfriend. That said, I do hope that once Adam becomes Adam The Entertainer again that we'll see the focus shift from his personal life to his professional achievements. I love this blog. It's my "go to" source for all things Adam and the first email I read everyday. My comments are not meant as a criticism but simply a loyal reader's personal opinions. But I'm just one of thousands and I believe you have a better perspective on what your readers want to see than I do. I just want you to keep posting so we can stay cnnected to Adam whatever the topic of the day might be. You do an awesome job and I relate to the "left brain" thing (me too) but when it comes to Adam I am so "right brain" and filled with emotion. It feels so good and brings such much needed balance to my life. Thank you again. Peace, love and NOH8.

  4. I have to respectfully disagree with the criticism from anonymous. Sauli is a big part of what is going on with Adam right now, and it is entirely appropriate for you to devote time and space to the relationship when pics and/or other details surface. I love your site and come back to it several times a day because it is about Adams career, but also about so much more. You also highlight who he is and what he does in his life with respect to him as well as your followers. Please continue to call it as you see it.
    You have my love and respect

  5. Gloria, great post again today. I appreciated the comment you posted about the Sauli information and the mature way you responded. For most of us, this kind of internet fandom is so new. In the old days, the person just dropped out of sight between tours/albums, and you never knew what was happening with them. Your efforts to give us a daily update are herculean and greatly appreciated. We are all feeling our way as to what is appropriate and what we want to leave alone.

    P.S. I am a left-brain too and this Adam fandom has been so liberating, going with the emotions/heart instead of always the mind. I love and appreciate everything you do.

  6. I Kind of agree w/the Boyfriend letter written by Annom. Sorry I feel the same way,the post should just be about Adam & His Music, I'm also happy Adams happy but that should be the end of it. I Love your blog & have followed u since ur quotes so keep Adam as ur #1 source on his Blog! Love you & ur Post! Merrie

  7. AQD,

    I kinda like the way you do the blog, and especially like that you do it by "feel". It's always enjoyable. I think the comment made a perfectly reasonable point, but I don't share her opinion on this. Lambkin is just too much fun! And you don't make speculations about their truly private moments.
    Love you gurl,

  8. I am so glad that I found this blog. Thank you for keeping me up to date on the fabulous and always amazing Adam Lambert! Thanks, also, to Perkikat for bringing me to this site.

    Peace and love,


  9. Good discussion, and yes it will be great when Adam's music and performances are front and center. I love tuning in to your site every day regardless, and am so grateful you continue to shine light and love on Adam and share whatever you find with us.

  10. We all appreciate your dilemma, especially during this lull in performances while he is recording. And since he lives in LA the paps are there to photograph his comings and goings ..I don't think Kris Allen has to deal with this ;) I understand Anonymous' issue with posting on Adam's private life but Adam seems to have come to terms with the paparazzi and we all love to see the photos of him around town with Sauli.
    And since I am old enough to be his mother I am so happy to see him "in love", every picture with that big smile and his arm around his boyfriend warms my heart. I say keep posting them ... along with any professional information you can find - no one does it better !

  11. Hi, Gloria!
    As I have told you before, I not only like receiving this "Daily" report but I appreciate all the effort you make to have the reports interestingly presented. This takes so much time and believe me I am happy you provide this for us. You are doing a great job. Thanks!

  12. LuLu aka AuntieQuaint23 May 2011 at 12:48

    Hey there! Thanks for posting everything every day... I appreciate you acknowledging feedback (i.e. Anonymous)and commenting on everything with respect. You have such a great blog with few haters at crays... :) I like the news presented as you see it without being sensationalist!
    Can't wait to actually meet you in June at the Cleveland House Party for @monterrific...@finewinebaby told me :-D

  13. I'm with those who love hearing about what's important to Adam - both in his public life and that area of the personal he's willing to share. And since he obviously wants to put it out there for his fans to know how much he loves Sauli, I want to know about it, too, and celebrate with him. It's an integral part of his life and affects not only the personal, but, as he's said, the working one as well. IMO you can't separate the two. (With the caveat, of course, that we take only what's offered - never demanding more.) Thanks, Gloria, you're doing an amazing job. Lee

  14. Dear Gloria. Thanks for the great news about the VH1 special and there are some great photos, some of which I haven't seen before.

    With regards to anonymous' comments about Adam and Sauli etc; I don't share her opinion but more importantly, this is YOUR blog and I hope you continue to post anything you want. I know that you value your readers' comments and opinions but I hope that those given in the future are more form of comments and suggestions rather than complaints or 'you should'.

    To Anonymous, I don't feel the need to explore all the points I disagree with except for the one where you say (approximately) 'that Adam and Sauli's relationship will probably end eventually'. Why should it and why would you say that?

    Gloria I love your blog just the way it is and if there are parts I don't like, I just skip over them.

    Love as always.

  15. Hi Gloria, I have to respectfully DISagree with annonymous. Sauli is an integral part of Adams' life and at this stage, with the lack of interviews etc with Adam, it is a source of happiness for Adam which he himself said shows through his music because of being "In Love".
    Gloria keep doing what you are doing. You have been great about what to write about and what not. You draw the line where it should be and we love you for that. It's all about Adam and in Adam's words......"It's all good"! Just keep on keepin on.
    Love this site and all that it pertains to. So glad you mentioned the b-day of Beatrix and Atticus. They are a part of the Glamily and are therefore important.
    Love and light to you always.

    @Gloria476 on twitter, Glambert#476


  16. Being a Gemini, I can see both sides of this debate, but I know that I relish any and all Adam news! We all know what a great performer,singer, and human being he is and now want to know his personal life is as fulfilling as his public life. We've all nurtured and hand-held with Adam for over 2 years now and have prayed for a heart filled relationship to satisfy his private life.I'm glad Sauli is providing that for him and welcome any and all news. Keep up the good work, Gloria! You're doing it perfectly... @glamgran58

  17. Hi Gloria,

    One of the things I love best about Adam, besides his ability to find the soul in whatever song he sings, is his genuinely inclusive nature. Of course he’s performer, of course he has an agenda, but generally, I believe he really does try to share who he truly is with his fans (more than other celebrities do, anyway), and is grateful for our support.

    I sometimes feel like I’m watching The Adam Lambert Reality Show because I get to view his life from so many angles and learn not just about him—his comings and goings and quirks and foibles—but about those who orbit around him: his pals, family, loves (past and present), band mates (and their mates), collaborators, etc. And with every one of these new people I’m introduced to, I get the opportunity to learn more about who they are, too.

    The thing that makes The Adam Lambert Reality Show different is that it isn’t scripted. It’s REAL life and not nasty. Oh, and as viewers, we get to participate in it too through social media.

    Which is where you come in, Gloria. Thank you for posting all things heartfelt about Adam, not just music info, because while the music is how we happened to discover him and part of what draws us like a magnet, it’s the other beautiful things about his nature that bind us to him, too.

    For me it’s the way Adam Lambert is in the world (and what I can selfishly take away from it) that keeps me coming back.

    Thanks so much for doing this for all of us daily. I know how hard it is.

  18. i love your site, gloria. you are doing it just right. after all, this is about adam, not about the fans reading the blog. i come to your site to see, hear,share and read about adam and his life, his friends, his music, anything and everything about adam that you can find. adam is multifaceted and multidimensional and besides being a performer he is also a private person. any thing that he is able and willing to share with us is gratefully accepted. the firm embrace he and sauli are sharing at marcus' party was so lovely to see. they are very careful about pda and i appreciate that, and am so thrilled to see this solid relationship taking hold. thanks for your dedication and love on this site. it really shows how much you care about adam and about us. @2t2tag on twitter, glambert#449

  19. Dee Wallace, Canada23 May 2011 at 15:39

    Gloria - I was away for a few days, and the first thing I did when I got back to my computer was open your blog. You always give me everything I could want to know about Adam, and you always try to keep it respectful of his privacy.

    Thank-you so much for all your endless hours on our behalf and congratulations on hitting that milestone of 1 million hits. You really are the best :).

  20. While I can see your point of view, news is slow right now, I do agree with anonymous.

  21. Gloria,
    My favorite thing about your blog is how it makes me FEEL!! Your positive headings always grab my attention and make me soar. You have a gift for sharing everything Adam from a powerful and positive perspective, and that, of course, includes Sauli! He is a positive force, just like Adam. So the two of them together make my heart soar. I adore Adam's music, but there is so much more to him that keeps us continually coming back for more--even when the music isn't there. That fills my heart! Keep it up---PUH-LEASE!!!!!

  22. Gloria,
    I feel that the person who wrote that anonymous blog to you sounds like someone I know. That person does NOT want to hear anything about anything other than Adam and THEN not that much. I HOPE that what that person said does NOT change how you write your articles. YESSSS we DO want to hear about what Adam is up to in EVERYTHING he does and that includes Sauli. Adam has always wanted to be IN LOVE and he has made it known to his fans publicly. We WANT to hear how happy he is and what he is doing. You have a WONDERFUL, AMAZING site dedicated to Adam AND Sauli--there ARE fans of your out there that WANT to hear and see what is going on with them. PLEASE don't let these negative people encourage you to change the way you do your site-there are MORE of us out here who WANT to know things than there are of people who have to find something to bitch about. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!
    Robin ( or on twitter: skipdo2010

  23. Gloria.......cannot thank you enough for this superb blog on the totality of Adam; his life, his music career, his example and his INFLUENCE........
    world-wide and media now is a truly global experience and Adam is aware of this and shares what he wants us to know as he, and we, (and you!!) spread the messages of inclusivity....light....and LOVE

  24. Brilliant as always my friend. hugs

  25. Hi!
    Been reading your blog for a while, never commented before though. I love your blog, you share so much information and news about Adam, it's a great source of Adam-related stuff! It did look a bit confusing at first though. :3

    Anywayyy, I must say that I wanna hear about Sauli too because he's just so important part of Adam's life now. And I hope, from all my heart, that they will be happy together forever. Both of them deserve it. Yeah, you said that you will post it, thanks. :) The people who don't like it, can skip those news.

    Keep true to yourself and your heart, it's your blog, keep doing it your way, not anyone else's way. :)

  26. I agree with anonymous. It should be about Adam & his music, right? Why the focus on his personal life?

  27. Who has the greatest blog on the net?? GLO-RI-A!!! Who brings us news that we otherwise wouldn't get?? GLO-RI-A!!! Paps took pix, she's got 'em! Contests need votes, "Let's show
    'em!!!" Adam, the BEAUTIFUL in face, form and talent...we need our daily fix... we need it for balance! And who on this world wide web can
    be there to give it...G L O - R I - AHHHHHH!!!!!

    THANX!!! Cybergranny7

  28. always look forward to waking up every morning and checking out your blog. and waiting for updates thru out the day. thank you for the awsome updates gloria. :)


  29. Hmmm - Anonymous agreeing with Anonymous? WTH? Well, the two (maybe) Anonymouses can start his/her/its/their own blog and do it the way he/she/it/they like. Meanwhile, Gloria, continue doing what you're doing - it's spectacular. (Have a theory about a poster's not wanting to know about Sauli - not necessarily this one - but certain others I've observed - and that is that he/she doesn't like the fact that Adam has found someone. He/she prefers an unattached Adam about whom she/he can fantasize - not one who is no longer available - thus, interfering with her/his fantasies. The real life Adam, who needs love like any other human being, is not what is of concern. Fantasies rule. Lee

  30. P.S. I love all the positive posters on this blog. We're ONE (as Adam so beautifully sang it on AI) and know each other in spirit if not in flesh. Lee

  31. I would like to respond to the person who doesn't like the relationship info on this blog. While you did express your opinion in a polite way, I just have to point out that this is a personal blog. It is a place for one person to write about and share whatever information she sees fit. We, the viewers, are just peeking in to her daily thoughts and insights because we also love Adam as much as she does. She is always on top of the latest information which saves me hours of searching the internet. I come here because I know if it happened in Adam's world it will be on this blog and I am happy she shares whatever info she finds. This is not a paid site, she owes us no obligation, so I don't feel it is our place to criticize her even in a polite way. If there is info on this blog that doesn't interest you it is ever so easy to just scroll right by it. Take what your interested in and leave the rest. There is no need to ask someone to change their personal blog to appease you. I personally think the blogger does an excellent job and should continue to do what makes her happy. I am very appreciative that she allows us to share in her discoveries everyday. Just my two cents. -Cathy

  32. Having read the comments again, I feel the need to add another one. Any picture of Adam looking happy is wonderful. Also, I don't recall anyone saying that the 'walking to the car' photos shouldn't be there. Regarding the blog being about Adam and his music (which is always included) I wonder why anonymous does not comment about the TJR corner? Perhaps there is still some feeling / hope that Adam should be with someone else .....

    I have just seen Lee's post aswell, and I think it is beautiful.

    Congratulations Gloria on reaching the million hits. Love and appreciation as always bb.

  33. Gloria,
    I appreciate all the work you do and have no trouble sorting through your daily email to the stuff that I like best.

    Right now, the news is largely personal so what's a girl to do?

    IT'S YOUR PARTY! I'm so happy to be invited that I'll just help myself to those parts of the buffet that I like and not worry about the arrangements or the centre-pieces or the stuff that's not to my taste.

  34. Let me quote Pink. "You're f**king perfect"!

    RandomMedley (can't figure how to put name in)


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