Saturday, 28 May 2011

Moscow Concert Part 2

Professional Photos from Moscow Concert

Cristal Snow and Sauli Koskinen

cristal_snow @adamlambert sauli is home!!! We missed him - hurry to Finland bitch.!!

All the videos from Moscow can be found on this playlist:

@lambosessed choices for best videos here:


Look who is home!

We failed to declare a single banana,

 purchased at starbucks, to U.S. Customs. It somehow

 brought LAX to a screeching halt.

Signing Videos


Adam Lambert dancing on the stairs on stage in Moscow, Russia

Adam Lambert laughing during a performance in Moscow, Russia

Adam Lambert poses with a fan at Maxidrom, Moscow, Russia

Unusual view of Adam Lambert's hair, signing autographs at the Maxidrom Festival

Adam Lambert with a young Russian fan



More Pictures via AdamLambertRUUA
Fabulous concert photos of Adam Lambert at Maxidrom, Moscow, Russia

Monte Pittman, Adam Lambert, and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform at Maxidrom, Moscow, Russia

Tommy Joe Ratliff

Cute picture of Adam Lambert tousling the hair of Tommy Joe Ratliff at Maxidrom in Moscow, Russia

Pink-haired Tommy Joe Ratliff in concert in Moscow

Isaac Carpenter, Tommy Joe Ratliff, and Adam Lambert perform in Moscow, Russia

Tommy Joe Ratliff signs autographs in Moscow


Tommy Joe Ratliff at Maxidrom, Moscow, Russia 


Moscow Concert Post Part 1 here:


  1. Having a feast (and overload) after 5 months of concert abstinence!! Thanks so much for compiling everything, luv! @cycl5168

  2. Ahhh, got me a good Adam fix thanks to you. Appeciative as always.

  3. My God! I have looked these over at least 100x!
    Thank you!! Can he be more GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Love you thanks so much for breaking a drought... lol @lisai59


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