Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Something Cool!

adamlambert: @GQfashion fangs? Haha. I find most of the fashion in your pages quite boring and pedestrian. I stepped out of that closet long ago.

adamlambert @GQfashion so button your chinos up and quit pissing on me. ;)

adamlambert #realness

adamlambert (free press for GQ- y'all owe me) hahah

Adam Lambert takes on GQ magazine over his "vampire" outfit at the ASCAP awards 

Dont bother looking at the article... GQ put Adam as one of the five worst dressed men  with the picture above from the ASCAP Awards... which was stunning of course!


SonyGlobalMusic Retweet Contest



Colour version of Rolling Stone classic thanks to @fireypisces

Everyone can just chose their own favorite cause the votes were all over the board for the best enhanced version of Adam and Sauli!

Here's one more:
Rakastan! Adam loves Sauli! 
Thanks to @FoxVegas

If you missed the new pictures of Sauli and the different versions of the Rakastan Photo, check out yesterday's post:


Adam Lambert and Ke$ha ham it up at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards (People mag April 29 2011)

Adam Lambert and Ke$ha looking fierce at the ASCAP awards 
                                                  Thanks to @spreckles for posting!


IS_Tutka Roadshow

Translation:  http://rinnuninnu.livejournal.com/1195996.html


Ultimate Idol Contest:  Adam vs Clay


Please refresh and vote as many times as you can!

Thanks to everyone for making sure Adam comes #1 in this contest!!!!

This one is only one vote per person:

Just Type Adam's Name in the #1 space



College soccer player tells his coach: I am writing a coming out story

Includes Aftermath by Adam!



Raja, Stacy Matthews, and Adam Lambert at the RuPaul's Drag Race Party
                               Raja and @StacyLMatthews and Adam at RuPaul's Drag Race

Raja's Single available on Itunes now: 


adamlambert @sutanamrull your single is so nasty!!! Loving it! Ha. Congrats!!

One Year Ago... Totally fell in love with Finnish fans!

Adam Greets His Fans at Signing in Finland.... Finberts Rock! We love you!


Crowd at Signing and Singing WWFM



From Adam's Egyptian Fans Please follow them @AdamLambertEGY

and coincidentally Adam just tweeted this!

adamlambert @AdamLambertEGY thank you Lola! :) I'm proud of you :) 
(12PM PST)


Adam Blogs About Teacher Appreciation Day


Only Fan Club members can access this!


RockStar Weekly Magazine Contest!

Contest Ends on Sunday so get those stories to me now!


Five Prizes! Go write something now!

Scroll down to the bottom to read today's story by . Thanks to all who have already submitted!

All fans who send me a story of how Adam Lambert has affected their life will be entered in the contest which will be a random draw.

Draw will be made on Sunday May 8, (end of my day) so you have two weeks to email me your story. All entries will be included and can be a few sentences or an entire book. With your permission, I would like to post some of the stories on my daily blog so please let me know if that is OK!

Send all entries to adamquotedaily@hotmail.com

Please put ADAM in the Subject Line and include your twitter name.

I will confirm with you when I receive so if you haven't heard within a day, please send it again! (I have confirmed all stories I have received so far BTW)


Not Sure if I've Seen this one before!

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen pose with circus performers 
                                                                   Thanks to ?



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

TommyJoeRatliff "gonna lick on your trigga, every inch will make you quiva" haha @sutanamrull you're amazing!

Outing with Isaac and Sophie Carpenter (photo by @IsaacTheCarp) via @tjrpics

Thanks to @LetmeseeyaSTRUT via @tjrpics


Thanks to @JessaRitter via @tjrpics


Information/Resource Pages

New Page- Check it out! Adam's Pre-Idol Music


Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Sauli Koskinen...Everything you want to know! (new updates regularly)

Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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  1. Hi Gloria!
    I'll try to send you my story - actually it's not my story, it is my BFF's story. she passed away in December.
    Have you thought of putting the collection of stories in a book form & sending it to Adam or to Leila? just a thought.
    Thank you for including the link to the Q102 Philly Idol poll - we need all the help that we can get!
    It also helps to tweet, face book & email the link & all voting links.
    Thank you Gloria - love the photo of Adam from the Rs shoot - freckles!!!


  3. It warms my heart no end to know that someone I adore is happy and in love ! They are so adorable together and Adam's proclamation is just the sweetest thing ever. Makes my day !!!!!

    Oh, and I've been waiting for someone to do a Brooke/Adam dance video, YEAH !!! Downloading as I write.

    Thank you Gloria for everything you do to make my life a happy and satisfied one by giving me a little Adam daily. MUAH !

  4. So happy for Adam....nice to see him in love and living his life to the fullest. Thanks for always posting the best Adam tidbits, makes my day complete. Liz

  5. i love watching adam and brooke together they have way too much fun dancing would love to see a video montage of all their dancing put together that would be too cute. great job sweetie and hope you get your gift soon. hugs

  6. Who the hell reads GQ anymore? Surprised it's still in business. What a bunch of old farts. Glambert was outrageous and beautiful. As usual, the sexiest guy there - loved it. Lee

  7. Hi Gloria...I've never told you this before. Every night, I get on the computer, read my e mails and answer what needs it, check Adam's Twitter, then mine. BUT!!! The ice cream on my cake, the chocolate on my s'mores and the whipped cream on my pudding...your blog!! The perfect ending to my nightly indulgence in my all-consuming obsession, which I know I share w/so many others. We all like to think he's our alone...FANTASY!!! Thanx...Cybergranny


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