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Ultimate Idol at Idol

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen laugh and hold hands at the finale of American Idol 

Solidarity: Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen hold hands on the red carpet at the finale of American Idol

Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert make a fashionable pair at the American Idol finale 

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OK, we were seated about 25 rows back from Adam, in the 

same aisle. He had an aisle seat so we could observe him, a 

lot! ;D He came in at the very last minute. We had to be

 seated by 4:30 so we did not see him on the red carpet. He 

came in during the 20 second countdown before the show 

goes live. Debbie the stage manage was trying to get 

everyone in the theater quiet and in walks Adam down the 

cenetr aisle! Well, he ruined the quiet. There was a 'buzz"

 and people were calling his name. He got to his seat quickly

and the show started.

He stood up during every commercial break because there 

was a constant flow of people to him. I mean, with all the

 celebrities in the audience, everyone wanted to go down and

 talk to Adam. Past idols, Idol crew, and fans. He was 

gracious and talked, shook hands, posed for pictures, signed

 things. He literally was a magnet.There wasn't one single

 commercial that this did not happen. Although, towards the

 end, they put 2 ushers next to him and they slowed the flow.

Adam left before the announcing of the winner.

More great views of Adam Lambert on the red carpet at the American Idol season finale, 2011

                                  THanks to @pinkforgirls for these two!

adamlambert Some amaaaazing performances at Idol tonight

Beyonce and Gaga's performances were awesome!!! Oh and Steven Tyler!!! Hot!

I met Jack Black!!! Such a fan!

Hey Adam!  Have a wonderful, safe trip to Moscow!!  XO

dannygokey  Omg why is Danny Gokey tending?? Did I die and I don't know it?? :)

Adam and Sauli five rows back to the right thanks to @GeralynK
Kris and Katy right behind them!

Adam Lambert being interviewed on the red carpet at the American Idol season finale 

Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert: Two great American Idols 

Jester_music: adamlambert those vocals u put down last

 night sound amazing man!! Gonna work on trk and make it 

sound so EPIC!

Michael Yo's photo: @adamlambert thanks for the great interview @ENews
Adam Lambert gives a red carpet interview at the finale of American Idol while Sauli Koskinen looks on
Michael Yo on WhoSay

itsMichaelYo: @adamlambert thanks for the great interview @

Thanks to @ItsJoooory

  1. She's a rock photographer & artist based 
    in Moscow, Russia.. Can't wait for YUMMY 
    pictures \o/
  2. RT aliisamouganova: This Saturday I'm

     shooting guess who. ADAM LAMBERT :-) 
    He's gonna be my one & the only pop 
    artist in the portfolio! :-D


Biggest screams so far go to 

@adamlambert !#IdolFinale red carpet.

Thanks to @Adamlamberthelp

Kristeeliu Another great day working with @adamlambert ! He gave me a sneak peek of songs in his upcoming album!! Pretty f** amazing!!! Can't wait!

@Trishnz I can only say you will be very pleasantly amazed!! Just wait a bit longer!

Gotta love @jambajim!

  1. Adam fans, rejoice! Talked to Adam very briefly on the red carpet and he told me how many songs he's written, a few collaborators, etc.
  2. @adamlambert

     Dude. You rule. Thanks so much for 
    stopping for our cameras. Good luck with all 
    the writing. Dying to hear it. Have fun tonite!

     ARRIVED! #Idolfinale

2011-05-25 American Idol Red Carpet from madamimadam on Vimeo.

Thanks to @madamimadam

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen in the audience at American Idol, 2011. Thanks to @GeralynK

                                                       Two pics thanks to Shirley Halpern
Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood at the finale of American Idol, 2011

                     Thanks to Lyndsey Parker


Adam Lambert performing Strut from the Glam Nation tour 

                                           Enhanced by @weelassie11


Adam and Sauli will be at Idol Tonight!

adamlambert @lucia_glambert yup!! I will be there for the 

results show! So excited!!


AhhhAdam: From AI: The red carpet event will be live on starting at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT.

Some shining moments from Adam's finale  Beth and Kiss performance  We are the champions with Queen



If you missed the updates yesterday, including Adam's Idol finale videos, check it out here:


Thanks to everyone who loved the quotes posted  yesteday.  

Here's another epic one I came across in my Adam travels


"Of course, we all know that Adam can sing, but he REALLY sings. By that I mean he doesn’t fool around with falsetto trickery, sloppy diction and lazy breathing, which so many pop singers do. He sings with a full head voice into his falsetto range and he never lets go of a seamless legato line.

 Like many great opera singers, he not only sings a musical legato line, but also a lyrical one and extends the line beyond the phrasing. This is particularly obvious in a song like ‘Soaked’ which is technically difficult because it ranges through his passaggio (register break), but you’d never know, because his voice is incredibly well-trained and he negotiates his passaggios so well. And like all the great tenors of the opera world, he knows how to milk every phrase for emotional content.

And talking of phrases; not only does he keep his phrasing interesting and fresh, he is clearly hiding a third lung in there somewhere, because he sings some marathon phrases, along with those mad coloratura type passages, which he always infuses with meaning and purpose, whilst gyrating, strutting and jumping his way through the concert, all with perfect support and breath control - I defy any opera singer to do that!

 Another hallmark of a great singer is the fact that his diction is so perfectly clear and seemingly effortless in every song. And his pitching is another amazing feat of genius, because even great opera singers sometimes hit a bum note, but I had to wait for a fraction of a note in TCB for that to happen and he corrected it instantly, which shows not only impeccable professionalism, but also how aware and how in touch with his instrument he is. 

On top of all that, Adam performs with incredible sophistication and finesse, something which is not always immediately obvious when watching the videos on You Tube. Yup, he wasn’t kidding when in his audition he said “I can seng”!"

By @Starlight8AL  Opera Singer

For More Quotes check out my post "Diamonds of the Rock God"


Part 2

Great emotional images of Adam Lambert in a montage by @Dibaby1 enhanced by @weelassie11

So Beautiful!


Posted by Jadelle on AO who will be filming the Moscow Concert

A little bit of information concerning the festival:

today in the morning on the radio there was an interview with the organizer of the fest. He was asked why they had decided to invite Adam to a festival of that kind. He answered that nowadays Adam is one of the foremost artists of the US. And that in the near future he will be a mega star! He also added that Adam has a huge fanbase all over the world, including Russia. Well, the festival will be attended by at least 50 000 people and maybe there will be TV broadcasting going on but no one knows for sure yet.



Adam Lambert as a small boy 

Adam Lambert in high school 

Adam Lambert gives a kissy mouth at the Jingle Ball in Philadelphia, 2010

More great views of Adam Lambert's kissing mouth 

                   Thanks to @kuhns_  for sharing some of her favorite pictures!


Where are they now?


Funny Old Interview from Much Music


Adam Lambert's boyfriend, and Sauli Koskinen, finally the pictures - look!

Thanks to @purple_skin

adamlambert @ToxicLED Jenny Woo ain't shady!!

The Not so Shady Jenny Woo...Sauli at 2:04


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Adam singing Satisfaction on AI


The Voice

Posted by Shelnik on AO

(I'm not sure whether this twitter account is official or not?)

Which guest performers would you want to see perform on the live shows of @NBCTheVoice?
Response to Adam Lambert suggestion:
"We think that Adam Lambert is an excellent choice. He's possibly the best male vocalist of our generation. Agree?"
This is what she suggests:
Suggest your favourite guest performers for the Live Shows to @NBCTheVoice and @alisonhaislip. They're the one in charge!
Another tweet from Christina
Totally overwhelmed with the MASSIVE amount of replies from the Adam Lambert's fans! We would love to see Adam perform too! @NBCTheVoice


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Beautiful montage of views of Tommy Joe Ratliff

Tommy Joe Ratliff is magical in blue in this photo enhancement 
                                  Pics enhanced by @weelassie11

Most Memorable Music Star Kisses


Information/Resource Pages and some comments!

Rakastan said: OMG -love it-my favorite website…and all about my favorite…thank you!

Interesting Articles and Pictures


Adam's Pre-Idol Music

Flaminga Lady said: Thank you, Gloria, for this wonderful primer on amazing Adam! I love introducing new people to his work, and this is a wonderful way to do that! The “Brigadoon” recording just knocks me out every time I listen to it…WOW, can that man sing!!

Adam Lambert 101: An introduction

Alice said: Gloria, thanks for creating this Sauli site. Adam’s heart eyes with Sauli tell the whole story. I love them together. They seem so right for each other, far beyond the fascinating fashion coincidences. Adam said this time he’s looking for someone who could take care of him this time, with so much going on in his life. Enter Sauli. Delightfully calm and unphased by all the madness that surrounds Adam, he seems to offer Adam peace, trust, support, and a refreshing love that comes from a good, unneedy place. Aside from an obvious attraction, they are good together because both are artists with strong support from family and friends, wry sense of humor, gift of gab, sunshiny personality, love of dance, compassion, kindness, humility, et al. Sauli and Adam are kindred spirits. Thank you Universe for bringing them together. I hope they always want each other as much as they do now. Adam, we know why your heart is full and we are overjoyed by your bliss.

Sauli Koskinen...Everything you want to know! (new updates regularly)


Tommy Joe Ratliff … Just the Facts!

“Uncle Soy Sauce” – Monte Pittman Rocks! All about Monte!

Diamonds of the Rock God Part 1 and Part 2- Quotations from and About Adam Lambert

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

And Part 2 is here:


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  1. Adam AND Sauli will be at Idol?? Awesome!!!!

  2. Hummm enjouable reading I stopped watching AI after Adam so its good to know he is attending tonight with his friend.

  3. My favorite interview of Adam was by JESSI CRUICKSHANK - and splitting her pleather pants! So funny, thanks!!! 2nd favorite was Byron Cook's interview.

    Thanks as always for making my day, Gloria!

  4. Saw him in very first, opening audience sweep.

  5. THANK YOU for getting us pictures so quickly from the AI Red Carpet!!! You're the BEST!!! My new and forever 'go-to' website for all things ADAM!

  6. Thank you! You had put my "breakfast" so beautifully out :) It was all waiting here when I woke up! :) Thank you! I think it is HUGE that Adam took Sauli with him to the red carpet :-O


  7. OMG - "Release the doves!" - cracked me up. The boy has balls of steel. Lee

  8. I love Jesse Cruikshank. Sometime before or after that interview she told Adam that two friends and I had been waiting for him in the freezing cold for 7 hours so he stopped and talked to us for a few minutes before he left.

    She told us she would make sure he knew and she kept her word.


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