Saturday, 13 August 2011


Adam and Kathy sing Mad World!

Adam Receives Equality Award!

Thanks to @suz256

Getty Images has pictures

Thanks to Getty Images and @Scorpios4Adam for posting these three beauties

(upside down image)

Screen Cap By AQS7
Screen Cap By AQS7
Screen Cap By AQS7
Screen Cap By AQS7
Screen Cap By AQS7

"I think everything that we're dreaming of is gonna come true"

Screencaps thanks to @lilybop2010

thanks to @AZGlamfan enhanced by @lilybop2010
Screencap thanks to @lilybop2010



Adam tonight enhanced by @aquariussue7

Sauli you are beautiful too!

Fingerless gloves and which boots?

Is this the suit on the subscriber email? I think so!

Here's the picture from today's subscriber email.. I was feeling it today! Love that he's wearing this suit!

Look who Adam's sitting near!

(and leave him alone cause he's a nice, young Canadian boy! LOL)

inside the ballroom. Guests have begun arriving! #EQCAawards

Tip sheet for Adam Lambert event

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  1. So very happy for Adam and the people who love him. (Weepy) Lee

  2. wow ^_^

    arabic lady

  3. OMG, Loved the videos and the pictures! He is such a beautiful person inside & out, how can you not LOVE this guy! Thanks for the wonderful posts. You're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gloria,

    Thanks for all the photos and videos from last night. This man is so exceptioanal. I am honored to be called a fan. I can't wait to see where this journey will go. So far it has been great. Vickie Jones

  5. I sometimes wonder if Adam really does realize the power he has over people all over the world. I hope he's aware of this, and of all the love people of all ages, colors, nationalities, religious beliefs, straight, gay, bi, and those who are afraid, alone and looking for someone to believe and believe in who is always honest and true both to himself and to others. I hope he knows how loved he is and the power this love holds!!

  6. Gloria--LOVED IT!!!! I cried listening to Sam Spaarro, the video they showed of Adam and of course Adam's speech!!! The photos are GORGEGOUS and SOOO glad Adam had Sauli and his mom there with him!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!!


  7. To quote Adam, "I think everything that we're dreaming of is gonna come true"
    With that kind of outlook, he can do no wrong. I'm so proud of him and all that he has accomplished personally and professionally. It was also nice seeing his mom and Sauli at his side for this special occasion. In closing, all I can say...IS HE HOT OR WHAT????????????? Thanks for the "hot off the press" action Gloria. You're something else yourself. XXX

  8. Suz your amazing!!! Thanks so much for all you do for us in getting these pictures and videos on here. If I were gay I would give you a big wet kiss!!! Merrilee


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