Monday, 29 August 2011

All You Need is Adam! 29/08/2011

 Adam Lambert performs in Ste. Agathe thanks to @suenomma
 Adam Lambert performs in Ste. Agathe thanks to @suenomma
Adam Lambert performs in Ste. Agathe thanks to @suenomma

Phone background of Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen thanks to @essellsari

New IS_Tutka idea what they are saying but...


Sauli recommended United States of Tara (which begins in Finland today.) He said he watched the first season and he liked it.
Juice fasting (It works!)
VMAs.How Beyonce is pregnant and how everyone was surprised.Sauli said he liked Beyonce, she is lovely.Katri didn't like her that much and Sauli said it was Katri's own fault because she asked the questio(s) she was adviced NOT to ask when interviewing Beyonce.(Katri said "true" and they laughed) and Katri said that maybe maternity makes Beyonce "softer."
Katy Perry had a weird thing at her head at the VMAs, like some box.Sauli didn't care for that kind of attention seeking.
Lady Gaga dressed as a man the whole time.It was little weird ~like what hasn't she done yet.
Sauli said he watched VMAs on TV.Said he didn't feel like going.There is so much everything happening all the time.
Finnish BB candidates/what kinds of candidates are there going to be.
Finnish Idols and Voice which are starting.They felt bored with a finnish Idol.
Speculated about finnish DWTS candidates.
Sauli had a blue streak on his hair at the back.
It was 1am for Sauli
They missed each other.


Adam Lambert on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's 2011 Fall Music Preview


Video Music Awards 2011

Adam did not attend and I  wish I had taped it and fast forwarded through most of it.

It was fun watching Jim at the pre show

Remember this one? So adorable!

Love, love, love!  All u need is Adam (Love)!

Special thanks to @mindchngr and @devenlane for ripping this



Adam Still getting Spins!  Keep requesting!

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Vote for Adam

He is approaching second place behind Joe J and David A


You Compare

Lindseyparker Lyndsey Parker

So Britney Spears just won the Best Pop #VMA for "Till The World Ends" -a ripoff of an Adam Lambert video from 2009 -LP #justsayin

This Video by Britney Spears won Best Video Pop VMA of the Year

(The biggest difference is that unfortunately, Adam doesn't have red pants on during FYE Music Video)

Lyndsey Interviews Adam before the Grammy's. Adam talks about the new album

Lyndsey loves Adam too and she said.. 

"He might be in my twitter picture.  I'm smiling so hard that my face might separate from my skull.... It's my twitter picture, it's my facebook picture, it's my idol picture and if I could have it on my driver's license, I would."

Lindsey talks about Adam

This was refreshingly beautiful and simple. Just singing!

Adele sings Someone Like You

Not trying to outdo all the craziness!


Great Question and Answer Interview from a year ago


UhHuhHerMusic Concert July 27/2011 thanks to @xGlitterbabyx

Camilla Grey performs during UhHuhHerMusic tour thanks to @xGlitterbabyx
More here:


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Beautiful Drawing of Adam Lambert thanks to @santabillie

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Happy Birthday Isaac!

Lots of love from the Glamberts! When's the next tour starting?

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to Karlina84

Click on picture for GIF.
Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform GlamNation 2010
More from Why I Love Adam Lambert 

I love @adamlambert because he is kind,sensitive, gentle, fierce, talented beyond talent, funny, goofy, honest, a good friend to his friends, loyal, intelligent, interesting, has a nice laugh, looks gorgeous, has a great sense of style, is quirky, manly, and beautiful.....amongst many other things. I love him cos he is ADam. AND he has a voice of an angel and performs like a Rock God. One helleva guy! I am a fan for life! idelia x

Because his voice is just incredible, from the most tender heartfelt ballads to belting out superfun partytime dancepop to wailing his head off like he took a time machine here from being a 70's classic rock frontman, the dude can sing it all. I would be his fan just because of that. But wait, there's more! He's a legit nice guy, not just a show for the cameras, but someone who focuses on you and only you even during a short meet and greet because that's just his way. While he's confident in his own abilities, he's got zero ego, constantly recommending other artists that he loves to his legions of twitter followers and wholeheartedly supporting the tribe of artists in his circle of friends that are also trying to make a name for themselves. He gives fantastic and often hilarious interviews, willing to open and talk about pretty much anything at length making a reporter's job enjoyable, which has been reiterated by countless journalists in amazement after they interview him the first time. Plus, he's srsly gorgeous. Srsly.


You said it all Melissa. But you forgot SEXY!

Adam Lambert opened my eyes.He made me think about issues that I never gave a second thought. He gave me the gift of empathy and he gave me the gift of insight. He did this without even knowing he did it.

There are points in everyone's life that serve to define or shape the way they think.
A person may spend their life surrounded by people who think alike, behave alike (family perhaps) and never venture outside that group think, never question if the whole premise behind their thinking is right or wrong or who it hurts. There are those who regurgitate the thoughts of others simply because it's easier that way and they won't have to really think for themselves. They Toe The Party Line, blend in and above all never rock that boat.

But every once in awhile someone or perhaps an event acts as a catalyst that actually makes you stop and question why. Adam was my catalyst. He'll never know that and it doesn't matter whether he does or not. It was nothing profound that he said or any special appearance that he made or any song that he sung.  I'm not even sure myself at what point I stopped and really started deeply questioning the way I felt about the issues he faces everyday. But I did and I feel like I have grown as a human being because of it.


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Was out of power for 30 hours - back now! Gonna check all the goodness here and yesterday - rah! Luv, Lee

  2. Gloria,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful post, as always. Thank you to all the Glamberts who shared why they love Adam. I am espacially grateful to Kevin Leiber. What you said is so profound and so true.


  3. things i understood that Sauli said:
    katy perry, lady gaga, music awards, microphone, face to face (?) and a few random other words.
    what i got out of this video:
    SAULI IS SEXY. and he and adam are lucky boys.

  4. Just another day in paradise...with Adam and friends. Thanks for the photos of Cam...she's another shining star from GNT. Here's something funny that just crossed my mind...for all you "back in the day" folks...remember when GNT was a Gin and Tonic??? My how things have changed. I'll take a GNT with a twist of Adam, please. LOL.


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