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Outlaws of Lambert! 26/08/2011

Adam talking to Dad

(this is a tweet that adam deleted)

 I've been thinking about it. Lol. You inspired this whole writing thing ya know... :)

Pennyroyal Incentive Contest

_Pennyroyal: Updated total raised for TrevorProject is $16,141 in just over one week! Keep spreading the word! adamlambert 

: Beyonce's new 1+1 video is SO hypnotic!! So gorgeous and next level.

Video Here:

Welcome to your new name??!!

(I'm sticking with Glamberts Adam.  Longineu's fans are Outlaws, right?)


The Good News and the not so good news!

Good:  Adam sings to Sauli ( for those who were wondering)

Not so good:  Eight more weeks before the SINGLE!!

Twitter Party!

Ladies and Gentlemen:The new album is sounding amaaaazing! I promise it's worth the wait!!

@adamlambert does it sound like jewel or more like Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat?
Adam:haha neither, dork

@adamlambert When is the first single out boo? I thought you said end of summer? Can we expect it soon? I CAN'T WAIT.
Adam: not yet... Prob about 8 weeks

@adamlambert So how many songs are you going to have on there?
Adam:12 songs, and a deluxe version w more.

@adamlambert Can't wait to hear it, I'm sure it will be fantastic! You must be having an amazing time making it!!
Adam: I have had the most amazing time working on it! I've learned so much about writing and about myself! Been obsessing for 5 mo.

@adamlambert Can we have a hint as to the release date???
Adam:release date is not yet set... It has to be perfect for all of you, so I'm taking my time. Smiling

@adamlambert are you only tweeting now cuz you're finally back to real food? Worried your crankiness might've shown on twitter? Lol
Adam:haha the cleanse was not so bad after the first day. Smiling I want to try it longer next time.

@adamlambert adam adam adam adaaam!!is it true the album is coming out on 4th of november or just a rumour??
but I hope to have a single out by then. Smiling

@adamlambert Can you share another lyric with us? Please? Laughing out loud
Adam: "one day I was trippin, that's when I could see, that the ether that I tapped into could be reality"

@adamlambert is there a song about Tommy? Sorry had to ask Eye-wink
Adam:haha omg let it go already!! Always been FRIENDS.

Adam:no rapping. Not one o my skills.

@adamlambert What's one word to describe the last song you worked on? Smiling

@adamlambert title for the second album, by chance? or a hint? so we can call it by it's name rather than 2nd album or sophomore album?
Adam:patience my friend!

@adamlambert U're Master Lurkbert rn, aren't u? Hey, if we're only getting a new single in 8 wks, then don't be a stranger on twitter, k? Smiling
Adam:I'm working hard!! Hah

wanna b rapper RT @peacefrogdesign: @adamlambert Lies, if you don't rap then what are the hammer pants for hmmmm?

@adamlambert What's one word to describe the last song you worked on? Smiling
Adam:not yet...


Adam:mmmnmm OUTLAWS OF LAMBERT has a a nice ring to it. Lol

@adamlambert If you could describe the new album in 3 words, what would they be? Smiling
Adam:personal, modern, next.

@adamlambertWhatever happened to those hold YSL boots you wanted?
Adam:hHa oh I got a few pair!! Smiling

@adamlambert what are the themes of the album?
Adam:the album deals with the highs and the lows and the ins and the outs of my real life.

@adamlambert so would you say this album is overall more personal to you ?

@adamlambert you have a fake life Eye-wink ?
Adam:haha that not what I meant... The album will let you all in further than ever. Real s***. Real life. Not all the glossy facade...
But part of my life is crazy, insane fun. Part of it can get dark. There are songs about both. Smiling

@adamlambert Do you like the True Blood theme song ?
haha yes! I always song along real silly for Sauli and he thinks it's funny.

Twitter party via Lamberlust with names:

Seiska Story about Adam Singing to Sauli

(Thanks? to Google translate)

Adam Lambert speaks again, Sauli, their loved one in their own Twitter page.
Adam Lambert said partner Sauli Koskinen, two hours ago, the Twitter profile.

Adam's fan wanted to know whether a man True Blood series on the music, which is JaceEverett's Bad Things song. Adam intoutui suddenly speak to Saul.

- Haha, yes! I sing always recognize music from a very fun way to Saul in style, and he thinksit's really fun, Adam said.

Sauli said True Blood series a few days ago, his own Twitter homepage for, so obviously, Adam and Sauli following a series together.

Classic by JamieGlambert to BAD THINGS


Adam Lambert, Terrance Spencer and Sauli Koskinen at Brooke and Peter's wedding August 2011

Thanks to @Mr_Spencer_T

Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and ? at Brooke Wendle's Wedding


Trending Last night during the twitter party

Sauli's Blog

Translation thanks to  Shandora

The fast is over, onto the eating!! original.gif

Yay! I've finally finished the fast, drank so much juice and green tea it's coming out of my ears.. last night I couldn't even sleep because I was thinking of all the things I would get to eat when I get up and I felt like a ittle kid waiting for Christmas morning. Not that there's been much eating, since I got full from half an omelette and a banana. On the other hand, you need to start eating little by little after a fast, and not hog down big portions. I feel different though and my mind is more refreshed, even though I only fasted for four days. 

It's interesting that the first two days were terrible and I was "slightly" grumpy, but on the third and fourth day the feeling was perfect. I would have liked to continue this for a couple more days, but there is so much coming up right now, I need the energy (food I mean) ((I'm so good at phrasing things in a way that my mind immediately goes to the gutter grin.gif )) It'll take a few days to get back into rhythm with eating. I can happily recommend this fast thing for everyone! 

Remember that the first two days are downright torment, but you get through them with some swearing.. hahah!! Also, you shouldn't plan any active exercise while you're fasting since your body can't take it and you may end up feeling really weak. This wasn't meant to be a diet, but a cleansing of the body, although the kilos will come off quite eaily if you go on fasting longer. So, if you've gorged on that low-fat ((sarcasm, icu)) Finnish grill food for a couple months, this will definitely work!! And Brad Pitt didn't quite look back in the mirror yet, but I wouldn't want to look that old anyway! yay!

I forgot to mention that last week I was exploring Long Beach, which is about a 45 minute drive away from LA. What a great place! My Finnish friend lives there with her husband and I was visiting them. Long Beach is a beach town and a whole different world compared to the busy Hollywood. We went kayaking, it only cost 8 dollars an hour. Cheap!! It was my first time kayaking and it took a while to get it, but after the shaky beginning I got into it.

[Awesome pics of Sauli and friend in kayaks]

I can tell you I really felt it in my hands after an hour of paddling against mild headwind. It was still worth it for the scenery was amazing and the route went along canals that had expensive beach houses on either side. After the tough hour of exercise we went to eat at a restaurant called Gyu-Kaku that lets you prepare your own food. The menu has a big selection of meats and vegetable you can choose from. In the middle of the table is a small grill you use to cook the meat and the side dishes. The food was so good it was sick and my definite favourite was asparagus wrapped in bacon.. ah!!

[Pic of the grill and food]

This restaurant can also be found in Beverly Hills, but if you're coming over here, definitely go see Long Beach! (and I've already promised earlier to be a travel guide for Finns) hah!! Experience LA with Sauli and I can promise you once you get home you'll need another week of vacation!!

Last night there was once again a meeting held by raccoons on the yard and the noise was shocking.. weird that the raccoons are so common it's as if seeing a squirrel in Finland.. But now Sauli wishes good morning and weekend to all!! To my self I say good night and go to sleep wearing ear plugs... original.gif

Another Look!


Adam Lambert holding his Equality Award August 2011


Adam Fan Tribute thanks to Chelenator

FYE on the Finnish Charts Again!

Vote for Adam

He is approaching second place behind Joe J and David A

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Lady Gaga Lives To Give And Other Artists Should Be Very Thankful


Gifted to: Adam Lambert

Backstory: Mother Monster had written and recorded a tune called "Fever," but never felt like she could deliver the song to its full potential. While Lambert's team was scouting talent to assist the "American Idol" alum on his debut album, they called up the then-on-the-rise singer for some help. "They asked me to write for him. I was actually like, 'Geez, I got this record that I wrote a while ago.' It's, like, a total hit, smash record, but for some reason, like, I couldn't get it right with me doing it, and I said, 'Gosh, it would be perfect for him,'" she explained

Adam Lambert wallpaper thanks to @essellsari

Adam is #1


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Beautiful Drawing of Adam Lambert thanks to @santabillie


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Why I Love Adam Lambert

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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. I agree with you Gloria, I'll still be a Glambert! ;) and wow that picture of Adam and Sauli is breathtaking. KarenPendragon

  2. you are so good at this and they are getting longer all the time. I bet they will be huge once his new album starts to hum, please keep going, I look at this at least twice per day and am upset if I can't find it. Thank you so much

  3. Morning, noon, and night...I check in to see what you've posted. It's always a feast for my eyes and a reminder to vote or watch a video. Mostly, it makes me smile! Thanks and hugs.

  4. Cathey/Ana Glam/ Karen Thank you so much for your comments. I know it can be a pain to do but it does really make me happy to hear and feel your love!



  5. good to be home and able to read your blog again missed you while i was gone thanks for keeping me up to date on everything Adam/Sauli and Tommy




    arabic lady

  7. I'm sure Adam sings to Sauli the TB theme song for the lyric: "I wanna do bad things with you" :)


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