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And Then There Were Pictures! 08/09/2011

yes, he will.

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Boyfriends at Burning Man 2011 via @illuxxia
Who are the rest of these people?
Burning Man then and now!
Sauli's Blog (pictures come from this)


Burning Man
September 8th, 2011

Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu)
Pictures from the original blog by Sauli Koskinen

Hi and ohoy! Sorry you all wonderful that you’ve had to wait for a year…:DNow I’ve rested a couple of days after the burning man and my mind is getting refreshed. I’m already thinking about starting a new fast because the energy levels were so good after that, but the burning man took all my energy, heeelp! And yes, now it's probably a good idea to explain to you what the burning man really is. That didn’t really become clear in mine and Katri’s tutka… At least Katri was totally out of if… hahah!:DSo, it is a one week long festival held in the Nevada desert at the end of August and beginning of September. The festival culminates on the last night, when a wooden doll (burning man), the height of which is over 10 meters, is burnt. The size of it is insane! Also other really insanely large structures are burnt at the festival, for example a big temple that is rebuilt every year. The festival was born in 1986 in San Francisco and moved to Nevada in 1990. About 65 000 people participate in the event and the aim is to stay there without leaving traces to the nature, so everything you take there with you, you have to bring back, garbage included.


You go to Burning Man by car, and the trip from Los Angeles takes about 11 hours, but considering the heavy traffic and traffic jams, it can take 20 hours there and even more back. I, of course, flew right there and avoided that horrible drive. By air the trip takes about 2 - 3 hours, so that was nothing.;)We flew as group in a small plane that had four seats… It was smaller from the inside than a car and there was so little space on the backseat that you had to sit with your knees in your mouth. Sauli has never been so scared, especially as the flight was really bumpy, and it did already come to mind that this is the end. The best thing before the flight was that before we boarded the plane, on that same airfield a small plane had crashed into a house while landing and there was even a big story about it in the news. So you can think what it felt like to get on the way. But a smile on your face, God in mind and trousers on…:D


We got alive to the site and the view was awesome from the air. In this picture that round circle is the burning man event. The event is always built according to the same pattern and that circle represents a clock. People get maps in their hands when they arrive so that they know how to navigate in that labyrinthine circle. I, at least, got lost there about a hundred million times, but in the end it’s easy to move around there once you get that clock system. (For me it just took a while). I myself was camping at eight o’clock, but somehow I always found myself on a totally different timezone…:D


There at the event you move by bikes or with tuned cares. Everyone had such strange looking contraptions which they used while moving that I was totally flabbergasted… Also, you always have to protect your eyes and mouth well because there in a sandstorm you can’t move around without proper gear. Once I went riding on a bike to the other side of the clock without any protection and oh, how much I coughed… It didn’t work at all with my whole throat and eyes full of sand… I’m really making this sound like a totally awful happening, but this was really the best week of my life EVER! At nighttime this place looks so fabulous and totally different! Whoah! Lights are flashing here and there and tuned cars and bikes are full of lights, and music is blazing everywhere!! I’ve never danced as much as during this week…


The days are totally different from nights… Everybody is taking it easy and you can go to a massage, yoga, or even looking at the art… There are different stations where you can go and have a beer or a little stronger drink… Everything is free and included in the ticket price, but it’s also a good idea to buy something for the others. The place is full of friendly people and everybody’s happy. This community is called one big family, you see. It doesn’t matter how you dress up, you can even stay naked if you like. There are no rules!! You can express yourself as much as you like or do whatever you like. How cool is that??!! Wut?:DIn the evening you can go and watch the flame show or unbelievable circus numbers… You can dance everywhere and usually the best parties are on top of the cars!! Here’s our happy motley crew.


However, now I’m back in the city of angels and the dust and sand from the burning man has been shaken off. The whole week there in the desert was rough, for sure, but I wouldn’t change one day of it! I’ve slept now for three days in a row and I’m sure you know what’s waiting…? Healty life and maybe even that fast… maybe??:D


Read more:

Left this here for a laugh!
(Damn you google translate! With prayers that a real translation will show up very soon!!!!!!)

Hello and treatment! Sorry, all lovely when you are forced to wait for years .. Now is the Burning Man a couple of days after some rest and the mind begins virkistymään.Tässä already pretty fast start will think again, because it was such a good energy after Burning Man, but took the full force .. directly involved is necessary!      So, therefore, and there is now pretty good to you now to clarify what is oikeen Burning Man (burning man) event. It's my Tossa and Katrin radar oikeen become clear .. Justin was at least just as a snowman in the yard .. hahah! So it is a week-long festival, which will be held in the Nevada desert in August-September. Festival culminates wrong evening, when burned in a wooden puppet, (burning man), whose height is now more than 10 m. The size of a quite absurd! Festival also burn other insanely sized structures such as a big temple to be built every year again. The festival was born in 1986 in San Francisco and has moved to Nevada in 1990. The event was attended by some. 65 000 people and the festival aims to be the wild without leaving traces, that is all what you take with you so might also bring back to the trash along .. Burning maniin go by car and the trip to Los Angelis is approximately 11 hours, but the big traffic jams, including the journey can take up to 20 hours, and back even longer. After all, I, of course, I flew to the spot and vältyin terrible mileage. I travel by plane will take 2-3 hours, or Not felt any.Porukalla flown a light aircraft which was neljipaikkainen .. The plane was smaller than the inside autu and rear seat space was so small that she had to sit on your knees in your mouth .. Saul does not bother me ever so much, when air travel was really bumpy and it already had in mind that the spirit leaves. Mug was still before noustiin machine so in this same field, one light aircraft flight had landed at the house up and it was a big deal .. uutisissakin That you can think about what feeling was to leave the trip .. But with a smile, God in mind and pants on .. ) Survive survived on the spot and the sight was awesome seen from the air. This figure brings the circle-shaped pläntti is Burning Man event. The event is always built on the same formula, and that the circle represents the clock. People are given maps of the hand saavuttuesaan that they know how to navigate the labyrinthine ympyräsä. I for one eksyin there about a million a hundred times, but the end game there will be easy to move around when you realize that the system clock. (I took it a little) Self-camp at eight, but somehow I found myself always completely different time zone .. The event moves to the bike or car payments to tinker. Everyone had enough to what people are looking gadgets that I had just walked äimänkäkenä .. Always keep to protect your eyes and mouth as well in that sand storm can not move without the proper equipment. Once I started to ride a bicycle the other side of the clock, without shelter, and it may be the amount of cough .. Does it come to nothing when the whole throat and eyes were full of sand .. I Saanpa this sound like a pretty hirveeltä transaction basis, but seriously folks, this was the best week of my life EVER! At night, this place looks so nice and very erinlaiselta! huhuh! Lights flashing here and there and all the flashy bling-bling wheels and the cars are filled with lights, music and roaring everywhere! I've never danced so much in this week .. The days are quite different .. All take it easy and you can go for massage, yoga, or even look at art .. There are various points where you can go to one beer or a little stronger drinksun .. All is free and includes the ticket price, but it is also a good idea to offer something to himself. The place is full of friendly people and everyone is happy. This community is referred to as one big family. No matter how you dress, you can not even naked if you like. Rules are not! You can take yourself so much when you feel like, or do what you think of. How cool?! Hä? In the evening you can go and see the great flame of the show or the outrageous circus numbers .. Dancing with you in every place and on top of cars usually have the best party! This is where our happy ryhmärämä. Now I am anyway back to the city of angels and Burning Man, dust, and shake off the sand. Yes, took a hard throughout the week over there in the desert, but I would not change a day! Sleep is now the tube for three days and probably you know what to expect once again ...? Healthy Living and maybe it's Lent .. Maybe?

Sauli Koskinen flying in to Burning Man

Twenty one Amazing pictures from Burning Man (Not of Adam)

Adam Lambert’s ‘Spirit’ Gets Revitalized at ‘Burning Man’

Adam Lambert performs during GlamNation 2010

TODAY!  By popular demand 

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Hard to keep it to myself with all of you!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
Thanks to @Merrie_LINY for this beautiful birthday picture of  Adam and thanks to @saulikoskinen1 for the Burning Man pics
which made getting up this morning even more joyful!!!!

WWFM was sang by three contestants on X Factor Australia tonite!!
It was audition to determine final 6 contestants from group over 25's in boot camp and Natalie Bassingthwaighte, one of the judges picked 10 songs which she said will challenge the vocal and originality of each contestant.
The first contestant to sing in her group was a lady (I don't remember her name), and when she started singing...I was like... ohh... she picked WWFM,.
Then I think there are two other guys who sang it, one I think is Paige Phoenix and I couldn't remember another one...
I don't think any videos up yet of their performances and pardon my slow memories... but I just couldn't hold to share my excitement Smiling
Especially when one of them (Paige I think) was going to take on the stage, the comment was ".....he chooses the song from a glam rock star Adam Lambert".
And the fact that WWFM was chosen by Natalie with the reason to challenge contestant vocal and originality... I couldn't stop to think... yeah, that's what Adam is about!!

Translation of yesterday's IS_Tutka

Transcript from Finnish by Zinnia (@tiiqqu), translation by Miachihu (@miachihu)

S: Hey!
K: Heey!
S: You woke me up again calling like this at 12 o’clock at night but cheers!
K: Cheers!
S: I just made some tea for myself.
K: Hey, this is great! I just noticed that Sauli’s having coffee there as well, and I was about to brag that ‘hahaha’…
S: Tea.
K: … ‘You don’t have Wayne’s coffee here… there at all’
S: I have this Ellen mug here...
K: Ooh!
S: …where I made my tea.
K: Yeah, right! That’s rude! You’re immediately on those lines!
S: I was there at the show as a guest that one time…
K: Yeah... right... sure…
S: (laughs) No I wasn’t!
K: Hey, really, hey, really, I meant to say this already last time. Take a look at me now. I really look like Mauno Ahonen, really… with this Skype headset.
S: You do look a bit like Mauno… Mauno Ahonen.
K: (laughs)
S: Why don’t I have that thing? I don’t need that.
K: Yes! And I was totally… I was here… I complained about it last week, saying that Sauli can look good and I can’t. Why’s that?...
S: Why do you, Katri, have to have that thing?
K: … Where’s the fairness in all this? I don’t know, because also, if you try to drink coffee, this thing is totally insane. I mean, look at this now (takes a sip from her cup after pushing the mike aside). You can’t drink coffee at the same time.
S: Get a straw to the other side.
K: (about to spread coffee out of her mouth) Coffee with a straw… Well, I guess it would work that way, too.
S: I have to ask - what time is it there?
K: It’s quarter past ten in the morning.
S: Okay.
K: I’m having my morning coffee. How are you drinking coffee at this time of the night? How do you get to sleep?
S: I said… This is already the third time I’m telling you I’m drinking tea. Caffeine-free tea.
K: I’m listening to you so well… that’s nothing new. So, that’s not a shot of any kind now, one of those awful green…
S: No, just plain tea, with nothing mixed in it.
K: That’s real positive already.
S: (laughing)
K: So, really, where have you been?
S: (starts in the middle of Katri’s sentence) You said to me when we started this that I’m swinging here. Did I swing that much last time?
K: Hey, really, you’ve gotten so much feedback about that you shouldn’t swing on that damn chair!
S: How am I gonna stay put here?
K: I don’t know what kind of a chair you have there but you were like this all the time (imitates Sauli’s movements)
S: But this thing doesn’t have any kind of rests… but you’re leaning on the table there, aren’t you?
K: No, I’m not leaning, my table is right here, but I’m sitting, that’s exceptional.
S: Okay, I’ll try to swing right now so much that I don’t need to swing any more. (swings back and forth)
K: (giggles) Hey really, be careful, Skype’s going to…
S: No, I swung all the swingings now so I don’t need to swing any more.
K: Yes, true.
S: Okay.
K: Skype can’t keep up with you, you see, you looked just like kind of a stream of fog moving back and forth. This Skype is a bit slower system, you see. Hey, umm… Oh dear, there are so many things going on at once... I should again look at you and at the camera, and then here’s this clock showing how long we have talked, and…
S: You’re swinging now there, yourself.
K: I am?
S: Yes.
K: Well, dammit! (laugh)
S: Is this coming… seems this comes with a minute’s delay. (laugh)
K: Hey, where have you been because I haven’t been able to… or, I mean, I have reached you, in a way, I guess, but a bit poorly, and then on Monday when we were supposed to make Tutka, the guy is AWOL somewhere…
S: AWOL, yeah… Well, I spent a week at the Burning Man.
K: Yes, you said you were going there. But…
S: We were there in the festival in the Nevada desert. There, in a sandstorm, for a week.
K: No… no…
S: Yes! The phone had no signal whatsoever, I didn’t get into a shower for a week…
K: Help!
S: … or during the week…
K: Heeelp!
S: No proper food… or, I mean, sure, we had food, but…
K: But nothing like supershots?
S: Let’s say, I don’t feel quite the same as I did after that fasting. BUT…
K: (giggles)
S: …we’re back and alive, and I apologize for all those who have been waiting for a new blog… I will write it this week and tell more about the Burning Man in it.
K: Yes.
S: Yes.
K: Hey, tell us just quickly what it was like? First of all, who was performing there?
S: (Laughs – he was surprised. Katri obviously had no idea what Burning Man is about.) There are like many performers… (starts guffawing)
K: Yeah, but I mean who… who was a top one?
S: Katri, you must first read about Burning Man and what’s going on there, and ask again then.
K: (giggles) But surely there were some good ones… good ones that you could mention a couple. Tell us one of your favorites.
S: There were these circus performances that I went to see.
K: Okay…
S: (guffaws)
K: Now… now you’re cheating me.
S: There’s nobody singing there, Katri!
K: There isn’t?
S: No!
K: I thought it was like a festival… What happens there?
S: (hides his eyes while laughing) Help…
K: What’s going on in there, then? Oh, help! Now I have to disconnect this for a second.
(S + K having a laughing fit)
K: Okay, now it’s again recording.
S: Help! Well, yeah, I’ll write… I’ll write about this in the blog and I’ll tell about what happened there in it.
K: Noo… well, okay, I’ll read it from there.
S: Yes, read it… oops… help…
K: Once again we came across a thing that I have no idea about what it mea… what it is.
S: So it seems.
K: But you said you were going to a Burning Man and I thought like, oh, it’s some sort of festival and then I sort of…
S: Well, there were… there were all kinds of performances, flames, and in the end the whole place is set up on fire and…
K: Oh dear! Oh my God!
S: The car queues were five hours long and the whole place is totally insane.
K: Oh, wow.
S: You have to ride on bike to every place because it’s so big and you have to have a mask on your face all the time because of the sand that’s flying there. I came back after a week and I’ve got my hair and scalp and these nostrils and ears and mouth full of that fine sand. There are these sand tornados going around… It’s totally not a place for you! (laughs)
K: (laughs) Help! I’ve been somewhere like Canary Islands at some time when there was a sand storm, about fifteen years ago…
S: It’s not quite the same! (laugh)
K: Even that was too much for me because it lasted for a day. I was like, yuck, yuck, yuck… Hey, shall we talk quickly about the news of the week. Now that you’ve been away for a week, I’m not sure how much we can talk about them, but first, look at this. A big headline. Have you heard?

From around 6:18 to 20:40 (10:51 in the second part of the two-part version) they have a discussion about several TV shows in Finland and the people in them, like Dances With The Stars, Big Brother, Voice, Idols etc.

Two excerpts from the middle:

Around 16:39 (6:50 in in the second part of the two-part version)
S: I would tell… I would like to tell you some news from Hollywood, but I was just out there in the desert for a week without a phone or internet connection, so I really know nothing about anything… and let’s say that I’m so sleep-deprived that maybe I just have to go to bed after this.
K: Yes, that’s what I think, that’s what I think too.

Around 19:13 (9:23 in the second part of the two-part version)
S: Oh, you don’t even know what kind of duds I was wearing last week there in the desert, whoah!
K: No! You have to send me some pics.

From 20:40 (10:51 in the second part of the two-part version)
K: But now I’ll let you go to bed since you’re all exhausted.
S: Let’s do that.
K: Yes, you’re all worn out and tired.
S: I’m already all worn out here and you’ve been totally frozen for a for a couple of minutes already.
K: (laugh) I have?
S: Yes.
K: Can’t you see me there?
S: No. You look amazingly calm, I can hear your voice, though.
S: When we started this Tutka, all I could see was Katri swinging but no voice. I just said that Katri has never… I’ve never seen Katri so quiet.
K: Help, I’m already hearing my own voice – my own laughter echoing back so now we have to stop, it sounds so terrible.
S: You just sent me a text message: “Is Skype on I can’t see you here?” It just came!
K: That’s not true! Really, I sent it to you half an hour ago… Heelp! Hey, now we really have to stop, now really, this is just plain fooling around.
S: You’ve frozen with such a strange expression that it’s really good to stop here, otherwise I’ll soon lose my sleep.
K: Okay. Hey, good night to you, Sauli, there! And to you all others – we’ll see you next week, we’ll try on Monday. I will wake Sauli up even in the middle of da… middle of his afternoon nap… what did I say? Okay, see you!
S: Bye!
K: See you!
S: Bye!

Read more:

Adam Lambert sings during GlamNation2010 thanks to @melluvslambert

Adam Lambert signing after Idol performance Sept 8/2009 thanks to @virg1877


S Vica 

: Sales of the  Peace Pendant by  has raised nearly $25K for Trevor! Buy at:


3 of Adam's songs are on the top rated 100 songs on Amazon
#14 Time for Miracles
#48 FYE
#75 WWFM
Also, Accoustic Live #42 on the album list.


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Tommy Joe Ratliff one year ago thanks to Billy Smith II

Words for Women to Live By-Perfect except #12... he's living in LA!
1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.

2. If the shoe fits - buy them in every color.

3. Take life with a pinch of salt... A wedge of lime, and a shot of

4. In need of a support group? - Cocktail hour with the girls!

5. Go on the 30 day diet. (I'm on it and so far I've lost 15 days).

6. When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal
with it.

7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your

8. I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok. They know me here.

9. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.

10. Don't get your knickers in a knot; it solves nothing and makes you
walk funny.

11. When life gives you lemons - buy some Coronas.

12. Forget about the perfect man - he's living in San Fran with his

13. Keep your chin up, only the first 40 years of parenthood are the

14. If it has tires or testicles it's gonna give you trouble.

15. By the time a women realizes her mother was right, she has a
daughter who thinks she's wrong.

16. I've learned pleasing everyone is impossible but pissing everyone
off is a piece of cake...

Good friends are like stars.  You don't always see them, but you know
they are always there.


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Finally, a real live photo of them at Burning Man! It is so cool that Sauli got to experience it for the first time.

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    So enjoying the pics and blog from Sauli. Those BB's are SOOOOOOOO inspirational!! I love the way they love and live life! They inspire me soooooo much!!

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    Love, DeeDee

  20. Re: Tutka

    It looks like Adam is in the same room teasing Sauli and trying to make him laugh. You can see in this clip how Sauli turns his head and shows with his hand saying something like "stop it". And then he laughs:

  21. Happy Birthday Gloria, hope your day was special. You make everyday special for me with all Adam, family and friends info, thank you so much for all you do.

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