Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Big Shoes to Fill! 14/09/2011

Adam Lambert in Ste. Agathe thanks to @merrycello

 Lots more pictures below and from here:

Letter from Kim (@motheranimal)... thanks so much! <3

Dear Gloria...

Since you are in the beautiful vineyards of California, YAY for you.... I chose the color of red wine! LOL This morning I used up all my "Adam Time" preparing a special thank you note and post for your "comment" section that I wanted to post on your September 9th adamquotedaily titled... My Boy!

 I will attempt to attach that comment to this email in hope that you might be able to insert it somewhere for me. I have no idea how to actually make my comment/post apply and stay on your page! (?) Somewhat computer illiterate, I guess! When I attempted to comment I was given many choices to create a profile and then I noticed that I must "subscribe to comment". I attempted to do this, but had no idea what any of it meant! 
 I appreciate any help you can give me. I must get ready for work now.  Boo :(   
I hope that my message to you comes through and I really would LOVE to share it with other Gloria and Adam fans! Thanks so much!

Below please find the comment that I was trying to post on the above named adamquotedaily post dated September 9th, My Boy! 

We will both wear our Peace Pendants and be "CONNECTED WITH LOVE" along with Adam and all our Glamily! 

Thank you,Gloria, for your fabulous daily posts!This mom/grandma appreciates and enjoys them more than words can say!I set my alarm early every morning (and/or stay up late lol) so that I have my "Adam Time". Each morning I view your website as I wait for the coffee to finish brewing!I pour it into my Meet & Greet Adam photo mug and savory every drop while Adam and his glitter,glam,leather,lace and LOVE fill my heart and soul!(Always present... by the way!)

My first morning peeks are by way of Droid phone, which I carry around with my eyes fixed on the screen while attempting to put away last night's dishes. What? Wine glasses in the cereal cabinet? It doesn't take long before the news, photos and videos you send lure me to my special "retreat" which is an Adam Lambert themed home office to be enjoyed full computer screen and volume! Here I escape as I am surrounded by stunning, fabulous and edgy framed photos of our talented and beautiful Rock God, Adam! I call this my "Glam Rock Wall of Fame!" 

Everyday I think to myself, "I should send Gloria a personal message of appreciation for all she shares with us!" here I am:) I send you LOVE and lots of good ENERGY and feel yours in return <3. I am thrilled that you are relaxing and enjoying a beautiful birthday celebration! You deserve it...STRUT! Kim on Twitter-(motheranimal) 

(Kim... thank you so much!  I'm am so happy to be able to bring more joy and fun into your day!  Adam Lambert awesomeness!)

More About Majors and Minors

For more about Majors & Minors, which premieres Sept. 23 onThe Hub TV Network, visit the show's website.


Sundance Channel Orders Second Season of Fashion Rehab Show 'All on the Line'

Sundance Channel has announced a second season of fashion rehab show All on the Line. And this time Nicole Miller is among the designers who submit to the top-to-bottom audit from Elle creative director and series star Joe Zee.
The second season also will feature even more boldface names and friends of Zee who help judge the designers’ progress. They include American designer Rachel Roy, American Idolfinalist Adam Lambert, Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mishcka and model Veronica Webb.


(LOL at the picture they chose!  Adam looks impatient!)


Adam Peace Pendant is available for two more days!

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One of so many amazing memories!  Starlight at Good Morning America thanks to @devenlane


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Beautiful Drawing of Adam Lambert thanks to @santabillie

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Adam Lambert stamp from picture by @tuke18

 Misaki Lambert 


OMG!!! RT : New  shirt made using 's lovely picture. ;) 

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff in Ste Agathe thanks to @merrycello

Residential Design inspired by Adam


but it's qt one of the judges was like "Adam Lambert? Wow, those are some big shoes to fill!"

Swedish Idol Audition singing Aftermath

Yesterday's IS_Tutka with Translation

(Scroll down to September 13 post)


 Monte Pittman 

The winner of the “Pain, Love, & Destiny” giveaway is Christina Aubin! Email for more info. Congrats Christina!


Cheeks premieres Husbands Live

streamingarage Husbands - World premiere and Q&A with Jane Espenson, Cheeks and cast and crew!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @gladamfan

Tommy Joe Ratliff  Click on picture for gif thanks to @Rude_Bunny

@TommyJoeRatliff Are you planing on staying with Adam's band? I know you've answered this before but wondered if things had changed.....

@InLove4Eternity You better believe it! I'm not goin' anywhere!

Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @Tirz97 enhanced by @weelassie11


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Some of my favorites because there is no point in having empty space when we can have pictures of Adam!

A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Cheeks looks different - the hair? Was he always blonde? Vids look a little amateurish - but what do I know, I never watch TV.
    TJ looks like he's in his element and having a great time. Nice, noisy, full of youthful exuberance performance. One view was enough.
    The best is just Adam 24/7 - lol. luv, Lee

  2. Adam´s gonna be next Thursday in Project Runnaway. Yeahhhh!!!


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