Friday, 23 September 2011

Mr. Executive Producer! 23/09/2011

  Possible stream to watch Adam on M&M in 10 minutes thanks  I'M not sure yet



Adam Lambert Working On New Music With Pharrell Williams
Adam Lambert out and about in men’s department

 This old Indian woman's phone just rang. Her ringtone was Adam Lambert's "If I Had You." What is this.

Ј. Christian

Executive Producer is the business and strategy role. So, Adam is taking care of the business end of the second album.  Could include making deals, monetary decisions, budgeting, as well as creative control. 

 In other words, Adam is in charge of his album in almost every way imaginable!  That's one of the reasons that this album is his dream baby!

In the music industry, the executive producer of an album is often in control of the business side of production, distribution, and promotion, but more often than not, is in charge of the entire project as is a director. They decide what the albums themes will be, create the image for the artist, decide which songs will be singles, and have the final say on every single song's completion. It is the executive producer who makes the decision as to when the song is finished and ready to be shown to the public.


Whole Episode of Project Runway (boring warning!)

Adam's Parts and extended judging thanks the the incredible @devenlane  

Adam is judged as a judge.... thanks to Devenlane

I told you: @adamlambert was a GREAT guest judge! LOVED him! #ProjectRunway 

ryanauld  You look great @adamlambert ! So funny seeing you sitting in front of me!!! 

adamlambert  @ryanauld:)what a great surprise!!

adamlambert  Woops - forgot to tweet about being a judge on @projectrunway tonight at 9! I was busy recording smash's w @Pharrell! West C: #projectrunway


Three Ustream Screencaps thanks to @adamgasmic


Make My Day Corner!

 You're incredible!!! For three weeks I had to close my account on twitter ( I was invited to a scientific session at Brno in the Czech Republic and then, in Romania, I was one of the organizers of the scientific session at the Technical University of Iasi "Cucuteni 5000 Redivivus") but, in all this time, I entered on your site to find news about Adam. 

Again, you're so incredible!!! I wonder when you sleep!!! Your devotion overwhelms me. Very rarely I saw devoted and loyal people like you. 

From all my heart I tell you: THANK YOU because you give me - a person who is so far away from Adam Lambert, and who rarely come on Twitter - the chance to keep up with the news about the artist and the man that I admire and I love so much: ADAM MITCHELL LAMBERT! THANK YOU!!!


Majors and Minors Begins Tonight!  (Not sure if Adam will appear)

9.23.11 Premiere of Majors & Minors on the Hub Network..


More ways to support the Trevor Project

Peace Pendant EXTENDED Now Available Through Oct 1st Adam fans continue to amaze me and other people…. 

All Pennyroyal Sales to benefit Trevor Project Through Oct 1st: We think Trevor Project is a really important cause and we've decided to donate 30% of all non-Signature Collection sales from the entire Pennyroyal line to Trevor Project from now until October 1st. 

Get some holiday shopping done early and raise money for Trevor Project! 

I am looking to arrange the gift of two more pendants to deserving fans!

Please, Email or DM me if you can help

Very special thanks to three generous donors who contacted me over the last few days!


One more week! Then it's OCTOBER! (the prettiest month of the year)

Request and Vote

Adam Still getting Spins!  Keep requesting!

 Request Adam Lambert


 Liam McEwan 

I'm gonna be pre-recording an interview with Monte Pittman () this weekend! Tweet me with any questions you have for him! :)


Vote Adam and Sauli (once daily I think?)

Little bit about Sauli thanks to Bobo on Adamtopia

"Sauli has always been very quiet about his relationships. Although he is a well know celebrity in Finland, nobody knows who he has been dating before Adam."


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy!  Have you seen this?

The Best of Tommy Joe Ratliff Fan Tribute Videos (and some great pictures too!)

TommyJoeRatliff - Tommy with Kate M. Thompson

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Adam Lambert hall of fame pictures because there is no point in having empty space when we can have Adam!
A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. Adam was just delicious on Project Runway ! Only not enough of him :-(

    These extended takes were wonderful, and I agree, Adam was the best judge ever. But isn't he always ??? The BEST at anything he does ... tell us something we don't know !!

  2. Here comes The Judge....Adam was his usual on point, funny, dazzling, and charming self... and he know's what he's talking about. You can sense the flair for fashion in his critiques. Plus he looked so hot!

  3. Man, he's a knockout. Lee

  4. thank you thank you thank you my tv went out due to the storm so i missed project runway so thank you so much. big hugs


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