Friday, 28 October 2011

Appropriate Typo! 28/10/2011

This is hot  (appropriate typo)  ......

(start again)

This is how you do Vampire!

Thanks to @glaMisa_l7


Thanks to @essellsari

 Adam Lambert 

Imma share my fav costume pics u send me! ;)

Warning !!!!


Retweeted by Adam last night!

lmb61 Linda Marie RT by adamlambert

@adamlambert Happy Halloween!

Courtney Love Cobain 
 Deal, you got as me, and Ill go as you. ok, no, we better not

@Cecycat1: LOOK! Halloween chibi art @Adamlambert @SauliKoskinen1 by @gamlien 

Thanks to @vic_lefthand

More Halloween Glambert fun here:


Did you see all of yesterday's updates?  Including JB with Adam's hairdo!


Adam Lambert and Mike Furey October 20/11... correct me if I'm wrong @merrie_liny!!!


She Loves Adam like we do!  Her favorite moment of Project Runway was sitting next to HIM! LOL!

@ninagarcia: LOVED seating next to@adamlambert @ninagarcia #projectrunway: what was your most favorite moment from this season (good or bad)?


SammieMa Annette Taylor by citygirl36
Mortal Combert Adam I had a great time working on this cartoon. At least my students enjoyed watching me show the


It could well be that Adam will grow into a revolutionary figure for equal rights but for now, the revolution is closer to home. How many of us have changed, feel braver, stronger, happier within ourselves? In how many of us has Adam effected a personal revolution? I hope these are designs you'd be proud to wear in support of Adam, whether for counter-protests or as a constant reminder from him that the power for change is in each and every one of us.


Adam Lambert's Glambert Fan Army Team donation page

Go Team Glambert!

Funds raised will be credited to Adam Lambert.  Tax receipts go to each individual donor.  Let's raise some money & awareness for this cause  & let's win this for Adam!  Thank you.

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen holding hands on the AI red carpet via @auntie_hanna


This Never Gets Old! Perfection!


Queen announce plans for new album of lost demos featuring Freddie Mercury


Adam Lambert  Click on pic for Gif thanks to  


 Me (@Glamnbert) and Nessi (@MrsRKO4life) are back with a New Twitterparty for all of you!
Maybe you can remember our #EuropeanGlambertParty in September or maybe you're New and join The Next One...and this Time we go international!!!! 

 The #GlambertGlitterParty will take Place on Twitter on FRIDAY / 28.10.2011 at  

- 8pm M.E.T (middle-Europe) 
- 7pm : UK Time 
- 2pm : New York 
- 11am : LA 
- 11:30pm : Delhi 
- 10pm : Moscow
 - 3am : Tokyo) 

 Come and join!
Many people still Ask me how it Works:
It's like a normal Twitterparty (such As Adams) but you Talk to Other Glamberts and ask or answer Questions.
It's for Meeting New people and just have Fun with Other Glamberts from your Glamily! 

If you want to join, contact me and tweet me Yes.
You don't have to, but it'd Be nice and if i don't Follow you, just Ask! :)
I won't bite :D 

For questions etc contact me on Twitter, Too (@Glamnbert)

Thankyou for your attention and we Hope, that we'll have Fun again As last Time at The #EuropeanGlambertParty. 

We Even trended for a Minute or something, but we did! :)

Hope to See/tweet you Then!

Look it's Adam Lambert and Stacey Francis on the same billboard!
Please sign this petition for all us poor fans who didn't win a copy of The Advocate!  Let's get 1000 signatures! Use all your twitter accounts!
: 2nd Printing of The Advocate Magazine Adam Lambert  featured Nov 2011   by
Vote for Adam
 Fan Army voting continues until Monday!
Easiest way to do this is to write a tweet... copy it... then  continue to Vote and Share and just paste your tweet... it will  only be sent to your followers once... DOUBLE CLICK on Vote  and Share and you will get two votes each time! (I'm told you can click multiple times to make it even faster.. try it out!)
People's Choice Nominations
Write Adam Lambert in the "Other Box" for Favorite Male Artist, 
Favorite Pop Artist, 
FavoriteTour Headliner
Adam vs DA... He is way behind!
Unauthorized Albums
Gone from Amazon again!
Check out the updates at the bottom of the page at this link:
(More articles added at the bottom of the UA page)
Misinformation about BFM thread at AO

Thanks to nitenursestat


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Mortal Combat (bert) Partners Sauli & Tommy cartoon by me Sammie-Ma :P

Please note Adam only dates Sauli not Tommy! Tommy is into girls period!!!! In this 

cartoon Tommy and Sauli are combat partners who team up against a common enemy. 

Not each other.

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

Playing guitar can be exhausting haha photo by 


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. I'll preface these comments by saying again - it's Gloria's call and I'm fine with whatever she decides.

    Re: Neil
    This blog, except for gay rights, is apolitical. Neil (and Eber) are both VERY political and represent the very liberal LA consensus. I follow their tweets and they are strongly opinionated. It's possible disagreements may arise about their actions and find their way into this comment section.

    This blog is about Adam and his music and his career. Adding other people's activities IMO would divert from that goal. And Neil and Eber have their own lives. Simply because they're family is not sufficient reason, I believe, to include them. They support Adam but are not active in his career.

    These are thoughts I've had subsequent to my original post and have had more time to think about these inclusions.

    And, once again, I'm fine with whatever Gloria decides.

    Love to all the posters here - Lee

  2. After reading the comments and emails: I will post the links to Neil's stuff when I see it. I'm not very political and not even American so it mostly goes right over my head. If you enjoy it, you probably already follow Neil so I'm not going to actively search out his information.



  3. Gloria, it is my opinion that your blog is Adam and his career. If someone wants to follow politics, there are many other sources for that.

    Now, a shout out to @glaMisa_17 and @essellsari for their lovely depictions of our one and only Glampire. I'm a big fan of both.

    All of today's art work shows great expression and talent.

    And, I love the "Adam is Glamorizied" video. Lots of pics I have not seen before. TY "nitenursestat"...nice job capturing our MFB on film.

    Happy Halloween to Glamberts everywhere.

  4. hey lee, if that's the case, then why is sauli featured on here, or tommy? it should be all baout adam then, not sauli or tommy as well. neil should be included if tommy & sauli are.

  5. Anonymous at 10:36 - I'm not the one to answer that. These are Gloria's choices, which she has every right to do. Lee

  6. Love that black and white pic on the cover page - VERY nice. Lee


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