Saturday, 1 October 2011

Here At Last! 01/10/2011

Just a short look at Adam at 1:20 thanks to @mmyy9

X-Factor US PROMO from Japan


I Am Your Man. Adam and Sauli thanks to y0116jp


Mr. October!  

An entire month to enjoy this picture daily and the month when Adam's single is supposed to arrive!

Countdown to single:  2 Weeks 6 Days

Special thanks to my dear friend SP for this incredible gift! I will cherish it and you always!

Yesterday, I got my Adam signed picture from 19 Entertainment from the Charity Water birthday donation campaign!  

Thanks Adam!  XO
Adam Lambert! 

Now you look like a million, have sold more than a million, have earned millions and have raised over a million for charity!

Congratulations to you and all your amazing fans!

_Pennyroyal Tim Foster #adamsfansraise$1,000,000 Watch the announcement from @_pennyroyal!

_Pennyroyal Tim Foster: btw... the purchase that officially made you reach $1Million total donated was an anonymous gift from one fan to another.:)#givepeace

Adam Lambert – The Million Dollar Man


@followfridaytop Thanks to his fans, @adamlambert is the #1 in the world wide ranking, by now!


09-30-11 MTV News About Upcoming Fall Albums


jim cantiello

@AdamLambertVids Thanx for sharing w/ your followers! Altho I don't say much other than I'm excited about it. Wish I had scoop to share!;)


Update re: blank emails:  We know that AOL is an issue with the wordpress emails.  If you are on another browser and are getting blank emails, please let me know which one.  

(So far, the issue seems to be with AOL, gmail and comcast)

Send me your email address and I will add you to my personal list until Wordpress works out this issue.  Sorry!

Adam Lambert’s goal for ‘Majors and Minors’ revealed

“[Adam] specifically wanted to work with the kids on stage presence and delivering the right performance. ” 


Vote for Adam

We can vote for ourselves for FAN ARMY (Glamberts)!

(make sure to use up your daily limit of voting every day)

More information here:

REQUEST/CONTACT INFO for Hot Adult Contemporary 

stations w/Adam’s WWFM/ IIHY on request 


TONS of stations are playing the 





Last Day to Order!


Adam Lambert Heidi Klum:: Laura Corn only saw the beauty in 

Adam Lambert Talks Fashion With 

Heidi Klum: “These two interviews 

were so much fun to watch. Adam, in 

my opinion, doesn’t give a bad 

interview, but the chemistry between 

Adam and Heidi was very cute, almost flirty. 

She calls him beautiful as do his fans, thank you very 


Sauli Koskinen , Bff Leena, Danielle and friends thanks to @illuxxia


Adam Lambert Wonders When We All Can Forgive John Galliano And 'Move On'

adamlambert Adam Lambert

luv the art hate the artist? “@MTV: .@AdamLambert wants to know when we can all forgive John Galliano and move on. What do you think?"


Sunfest Announces 2012 Potential Performers

Who Do You Want To See?

Adam Mentioned!




More Funny Moments


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Tommy Joe Ratliff, Adam Lambert and Monte Pittman perform in Singapore one year ago
Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff perform one year ago

Adam's First Celebrity (and mine) Crush to FYE

Love Leonardo!

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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. It's so fitting that the over-the-top peace pendant purchase was an an anonymous donation. I'm proud to be part of this fan group. Crazy fans we may be, but there's a heart of gold in there.

  2. such wonderful news about the peace pendant as always Adam's fan have proven they are the most giving and loving fans ever. So proud to be one...hugs

  3. Love that GNT pic of a year ago of Adam and TJ laughing - brings back such good memories. Can understand why Terrance said he misses the Tour so much.
    Adam at Majors and Minors looks about 21 in that shot. And the pic with the pink dress! Gawd - he's even beautiful as a woman.
    Enjoyed "I Am Your Man" vid very much. (Seal - Heidi's husband - nice touch.)
    Think Sauli is an even bigger screwball than Adam when it comes to having fun. Crazy picture.
    And looking at Mr. October over my computer desk as I type - glorious - no one like him.
    Thanks for all the great stuff, Gloria - Luv, Lee


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