Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Seriously- We Adore U Too! 26/10/2011

Adam/Stacy/Perez Story


Adam on TMZ

These guys don't know that Adam won the car... better than the Fusion! LOL!

Thanks to @GaleChester for the link!


New Avi Design By Hossein Javidan! for 

AdamLambertFan site New Single Coming!!!


negativeneil Neil Lambert
More exciting things.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@negativeneil: Youtube show: Occupy LA… Doesn't necessarily reflect my views (cuz most is over my head) but PROUD of u!


Adam talking to Stacy Francis from X Factor

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@stacyfrancis yes but he would have said the same about Adele if rolling in the deep hadn't blown up. She changed the game b/c of talent.

adamlambert Adam Lambert
@stacyfrancis and opinions are like assholes.
adamlambert Adam Lambert
One queen's bread is another queen's butter

Guess it's about something Perez said:

 Perez Hilton 


  Uhm, no I wouldn't have. 

This is what I said about Adele back in December of 2007! 



Just did two phone interviews today and spent a significant amount of time chatting bout YOU Glamberts! Seriously- I adore u!

(10PM PST)

Thanks Adam! Another thing we have in common!

 We spend a significant amount of time talking about you too!

Remember Adam's Message from April 2010 thanks to MTVWTFvideo

and never forget this one!

Click for "I Love You" Gif!

Romantic Dinner Last Night!
 Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen via    Leaving "The Little Door" advertised to be the most 

romantic restaurant in LA  25/10/2011



Who would you like to see nominated for a #GRAMMY at the 54th Awards? #GRAMMYnoms

GlamNation Live was submitted in these three categories!

Album of the Year

 Best Pop Vocal Album

Best Long Form Video

I believe Adam has a chance of being nominated for Best Long Form Video.  Cross your fingers!








Has this been seen yet? New photo of Adam & Sauli at Supperclub LA for Club MSA:-) PIC!


Please sign this petition for all us poor fans who didn't win a copy of The Advocate!  Let's get 1000 signatures! Use all your twitter accounts!

: 2nd Printing of The Advocate Magazine Adam Lambert featured Nov 2011  by

Vote for Adam

 Fan Army voting continues until Monday!

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People's Choice Nominations
Write Adam Lambert in the "Other Box" for Favorite Male Artist, 
Favortie Pop Artist, 
FavoriteTour Headliner

Adam vs DA... He is way behind!


Unauthorized Albums

Gone from Amazon again!

Check out the updates at the bottom of the page at this link:

(More articles added at the bottom of the UA page)

Misinformation about BFM thread at AO


Adam's Invited- check out Heidi's costumes

She seems to love this as much as Adam does!



Dear @sonymusicmy , when is the exactly date will @adamlambert release his new album? I'm craving for the album!:D

@SonyMusicMY Sony Music Malaysia @emilykwan87 Will update @adamlambert fans soon!:)


Adam Lambert Graces Cover of November Advocate

"American Idol" runner-up and formerWicked star Adam Lambert graces the cover of the November issue of The Advocate.


nicolinaroyale Nicolina Royale

did you see the pic of me and @adamlambert on the #projectaccessory page?… so cool

Pink and Adam Lambert thanks to Just Jared

 Adam Lambert 

 Sleep No More blew my brain! I want to see it again!

RCAPromo RCA Records Promo

by PattiHum

Watch as @Pink surprises the audience @sleepnomorenyc & jumps on stage to perform! RT!



Please include #PR9anthonyryan in all of you tweets until Wednesday at midnight! Voting counts every 5 minutes. @ryanauld

francegf france or rachiel

.@adamlambert @ryanauld #PR9anthonyryan i love that ryan's doing this to win $10k to help other cancer patients. You rock!!!

ryanauld Anthony Ryan Auld

@fromthegreyfort The money is going to the @RockOneMovement to help other cancer patients like myself in times of need or for a special day!

ryanauld Anthony Ryan Auld

Let's get this train out of the station! #PR9anthonyryan Big shout out and LOTS of LOVE to one amazing artist @adamlambert !


 Adam Lambert 

   congrats on the new  album cuts!!

BonnieMcKeee: @adamlambert @oligee1 @josh_abraham @kelly_clarkson thanks! Now we're excited for our collabos on your album next!:D

Josh_Abraham Josh Abraham

Thanks man...Your next!RT: @adamlambert @BonnieMcKeee @OLIGEE1 @Josh_Abraham congrats on the new @kelly_clarkson album cuts!!

Anetteswe Anette ^V^

Another short video of Adam and Nile in the studio, via Jean

Jean Morisson w Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert at Avatar Studios NYC


JeanMorissonOfficial, 25.10.2011

Sitting in for a session with Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert for his upcoming album. The music was sounding sick, and we were having a blast. 


Interesting Article with Great Pictures thanks to juniemoon!

The Shaman

10.26.11 By juniemoon

Many of my favorite shamans are rock stars. They probably don’t even know they’re shamans, but they know how to get to ecstasy and back and how to take others with them. They may not have a license, but they know how to drive. – Gabrielle Roth, author of Maps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

TommyJoe Ratliff
Two of my favorite ladies :)
@LizAnneHill and Bridget

Tommy Joe Ratliff and @TaylorG90


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!


  1. I was so surprised to receive an @ reply from Anthony Ryan yesterday, but now I'm really floored to see it here on my favorite Adam news blog. Thanks for making me feel important guys. But most of all thanks to Adam for creating this amazing fan community I am so proud to be a part of.

  2. Aren't the boys looking good these days??? Loved all the articles, especially the Shaman by juniemoon. And, yes, I think Adam's GNT video just might win a Grammy. I sure hope so. He certainly deserves it.

  3. thank you Gloria for another wonderful day of posting and love the pic tommy tweeted out of Bridet and Liz they are to cute together. hugs

  4. Thanks for linking to my article sweetie! I loved your blog -- today's news was excellent! Wonder when we'll get the release date!

  5. I want Adam to win everything (I'm not prejudiced - lol).

  6. If Adam loves his fans as much as he says he does, he'll let his mane grow back to a more reasonable length. This latest "do" is more than even I can deal with. It was OK a day or so ago (with the gray suit), but now it looks like he's inflicted more damage than is beneficial to his looks. Hope this isn't the album cover. lol
    Luvya,Gloria - Lee


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