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He Has a Presence 14/11/2011



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Chaz and Adam Lead

Another Roger Taylor interview... he talks about Adam around 34

Queen is going to play at the Olympics

Adam part Starts around 34 minutes

(One of those days... finished the blog and suddenly, most of it disappeared! 

That was me earlier: Now it's all fixed up

Adam Lambert on Majors and Minors  Gif thanks to @mindchnger (click on picture)

Roger Taylor talks about Adam in phone in interview

mindchnger mindchnger
direct link/DL to the mp3 of Roger Taylor talking about Adam on 95.5 KLOS

"It was great fun, he was magnificent actually..."

"I guess we'll probably do that again"

"Round peg in a round hole"

"His vocal range is unparalleled"

"It was effortless actually"

"Adam fits more into our sort of  theatrical histrionic mode"


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JohnKearns 13 mins 6 secs ago Twitter

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If anyone was in any doubt that Adam Lambert was a superstar-in-waiting, his performance with Queen at the MTV EMA 2011 will dispel any question of whether or not this singer is the real deal. Lambert’s adoring fans have known for a couple of years that their hero has everything it takes to be a total musical icon. 

His introduction to the limelight was of course on American Idol and his amazing vocal range, total charisma and androgynous beauty made the United States sit up and take notice.

This artist is brimming with star quality and has all the credentials to be the biggest pop/rock phenomenon on the planet for the next five years. If the work ethic muscle continues to be flexed and lady luck smiles Adam could seriously be on the way to another stratosphere.

It’s like a powerful machine with all the necessary components firmly in position and the engine is ready to roar. The mechanical side of things is in perfect working order – great albums already recorded with another even better one ready to drop and that undeniably killer voice ready to be unleashed. The sleek chrome-plated design is also prepared and polished – Adam’s sartorial sparkle and image so elegantly complete the picture.

Some artists are all about the music and others have an image bigger than their actual talent, whereas this singer shines like a diamond in both departments. Gifted and glamorous in equal measure Lambert is set to blow through the industry like a stylish swaggering superstar storm and claim his place as the new king of the download charts.

Speaking of royalty, the manner in which he tackled those throat-bursting Queen anthems was an astounding spectacle to behold. There is no hiding place when it comes to taking on a Freddie Mercury vocal and the medley of musical monuments were expertly executed by Lambert with room to spare. May, Taylor (and Deacon) were genuinely thrilled to have him on board and I’m sure Freddie would most definitely have approved of the band’s choice for microphone duties on the night.

Credit where it is due – Adam Lambert is an awesome performer and a megastar in the making.

The fact is that he always has been; it’s just been kept a bit of a secret until now.



Screencaps thanks to @GeralynK



Sunday: coffee, truck repair and browsing keyboard toys at Guitar center before brunch with 

Adam on Majors and Minors

Majors & Minors full episode streamed live by @CoralMermaid is available for download as MP4 251MB at


Right Now...Adam has all the top 10 "Highest Rated" on MTV

Most Viewed, Most Shared, Most Commented , Highest Rated:  Adam Lambert

Thanks to @idolme22

Look at these pictures!

A fan sent them to me (Thanks Lil) and at first we thought it could be Adam.

They are actually Freddie Mercury!  Amazing similarity, right?

And add a little of this too

Adam Lambert and Elvis Presley

New/Old Pictures thanks to ?   (ALFC fb)


Unauthorized Albums

Time to Watch These Again!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


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  1. Sorry your day got off to a bad start...and on a Monday. Hate that. Well, for me, all you need to do is post that pic of Adam in those sexy zebra print pants and I'm happy. UNF! I'll be back later to check in. Hope your day improves.
    Just breathe.

  2. I had goosebumps listening to those kids sing!!! They really listened to Adam's advice. They sounded phenomenal! Adam is a great mentor!

  3. Hi Gloria, I appreciated the Adam/Queen video u gave us to keep butttttttt I don't know how to do that...Please give me a hint of what I need to do. Thanks, Chris

  4. The glitter on Tommy's head makes me SQUEEEEEEEEEE this morning! He's such a doll!!! Hope your day continues to get better Gloria - Light & Love xoxo Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  5. Computers can be such a pain. But thank you for sticking it out because we appreciate everything you do to keep us up to date with all things Adam. (And you post the BEST pictures...)

  6. Thanks for all the support! It does happen once in awhile (haven't figured out why yet) All is well now especially after that beautiful article full of Adam Lambert superlatives!

    Shimmerdream: are you talking about downloading? Send me an email and I can explain how to do it or connect you with someone who can.

    Adam is such a sweetheart. He is so sensitive to everyone's needs and yet very effective sharing information. Mentoring is natural to him too.

    So many talents!



  7. hope your day is much better and Adam was so good with the kids on majors and minors. thank you for all you do



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