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NYC Bound! 16/11/2011

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Adam to be Honored in New York

Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:00 AM by User

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Adam made the Out 100 list, Out Magazine's list of the year's most influential gay, lesbian and transgender men and women. Adam was selected for serving as a positive role model in the music industry.

Yesterday it was announced that Adam, along with the other 99 honorees will be celebrated at a special event in New York this Thursday, November 17.

sutanamrull: getting my shit together for NYC

 adamlambert see you at OUT100 yipeeeee! 


 Adam Lambert 

Wild West Realness. Happy bday ! We had a blast!


bani_: Katy just tweeted a link to a party pics page. ICU Adam.:P☞

Indians and Fast Action!
November 16th, 2011

Translation by Miachihu, posted on November 16th, 2011
Pictures from the original blog by Sauli Koskinen

Howdy! Once again a week has passed quite nicely here under the LA sun in Indian costumes, hah! I guess it’s not unclear to anyone that that costume party was Katy Perry’s birthday party. It was insanely fun! The theme was Wild West and I dressed up as an Indian. There were a lot of all kinds of westerners and tribesmen there. It was like if we had been transferred with a time machine tens of years back, whoa!! In the past couple of weeks I’ve first been a vampire and now an Indian… I’m starting to get scared about what’s still coming up on the costume front! Santa Claus is probably next… It would be nice to be just myself for a while.:D
Anyway, now the Indian dust has settled and the new week has started quite normally. This week I took my phone to a repair shop and also took one suit jacket in for altering. The phone was fixed and the jacked altered, both during that same day. I think this is absolutely great because in Finland you have to reserve at least a couple of weeks for this kind of stuff. No? I was absolutely amazed how quickly things get taken care of here. Also, another good example are restaurant visits. No matter which restaurant you go to, you never have to wait for more than 15 minutes for your food. Many times the restaurants are even full of people, but you still don’t need to reserve more time than that for it. Amazing!:D

I haven’t mentioned the animals for a long time now. Raccoons have stayed out of sight for months, but the number of skunks has increased. They are not as destructive as raccoons, but just try to go and get them out of the yard! I can say that the smell isn’t all that wonderful… I finally also managed to get a picture of one of those heroes. Sweetness is far away from these stink bombs!!
Christmas is getting closer all the time and here we are starting to have quite a lot of glimmer on the palm trees. The malls are full of Christmas atmosphere and you can hear Christmas carols everywhere. I’m about to get a migraine soon since the sun is shining during the day and millions of Christmas lights are blinking in the city in the night.:DToday I’m heading to New York and also the weekend is full of all kinds of action. Hmmm… You’ll hear more about all of that next week… It’s bye for now!:D


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Adam Lambert 1,250,000 followers 11-15-11 


RCARecords RCA Records
.@adamlambert was the special guest mentor on Sunday's episode of Majors & Minors. More details on the episode here


Behind the Scenes Video of Out100: Icons & Iconoclasts

Adam Lambert, Dustin Lance Black, Sandra Bernhard, Stephin Merritt, Ken Mehlman and more.

In the first behind the scenes video from this year's Out100 photo shoots has jut been released. It includes outtakes and interviews with Adam Lambert, Sandra Bernhard, Justin Vivian Bond, JD Samson, Stephin Merritt, and Dustin Lance Black


Adam Lambert, Pop Icon

Though Adam Lambert admits he felt "a little uncomfortable” with his role model status early on, the flamboyant singer has since taken a major stand for gay rights, lending star power to causes like Equality California, PFLAG, and The Trevor Project. Lambert's second album, which he is executive producing, is due out next year, and he promises it will be "even more personal than the last." See the influence for this photo here.



Virgin Radio Calgary
Adam Lambert's Pre Idol Demo got DUMPED! Check out the blog for all the details! - DK... 

Wow stirring up some controversy tonight with this Adam Lambert song! Turns out this is Adam's demo from WAY BEFORE American Idol that he doesn't support but is now just being released...we got tweets from all over the globe sharing their thoughts and letting me know about the situation! So in the end Beg for Mercy is being DUMPED by 76%!! Thanks for the votes and of course comment below!! - Danny Kid


adamlambert Adam Lambert@SabiSoundz loving 'Wild Heart' !!!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @Slave_To_Life

Looky and see who was featured on MySpaces's AMA's TOP 5 Performances!


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  1. I'm so pleased that Adam is being honored in NYC for being on Out Magazine's list of the year's most influential gay,lesbian and transgender men and women. He certainly deserves it for all the good work he's done in the music industry. So proud!!!

  2. YAY!!!!!"BEG FOR MONEY" GOT DUMPED - this makes me happy, I'm glad that the troupes are dealing with the radio stations in a polite and informative manner- it's all about education for them!! GOOD JOB !! ALSO, congrats to our beautiful Adam for being honoured at the Out 100!!!
    Andrea @Powderpuffnails


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