Sunday, 27 November 2011

You Kidding?! 27/11/2011

SashaMallory Sasha Mallory
Can't believe what just happened... Happy to be alive right now.. Taking this as a blessing


NataliaNicole92 Natalia mallory
Can't believe we all survived that :,( Blessed and someone's looking out for my fam!!!!!!


Goodness! My feed was filled with crazy stuff... Don't worry, guys! I'm not leavin' or going anywhere! Im so stoked with what's to come:)👯

UPDATED: FULL TRANSCRIPT by Adam Lambert Fan Club on Facebook! ADAM LAMBERT TWITTER PARTY! Last to First! 11-27-11.

Tweet by @adamlambert: Twitter party!!

1. Q: @NoAngelPF: @adamlambert Hiiiii!!!!! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Polish off all the leftovers yet? :)

A: @NoAngelPF had a great thanksgiving w my extended family on my moms side!! Great food and wine!

2. Q: @DearJonasBrosx3: @adamlambert If there is any celeb,dead or alive, you could have dinner with,who would it be?
A: @DearJonasBrosx3 Freddie. Def Freddie.
3. Q: @GlitterLiz: @adamlambert You are pleased at the new album?
A: @GlitterLiz pleased?! I'm thrilled!!

4. Q: @ShockUhDeliCA: @adamlambert Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato?
A: @ShockUhDeliCA apple pie.

5. Q: @danzr4ever: @adamlambert what's your new style direction for album 2?
A: @danzr4ever you'll have to just wait and see

6. Q: @Glammy_nka: @adamlambert What´s your fav song from Velvet Goldmine? Mine is "Baby´s on fire" Do u like this song?
A: @Glammy_nka that's a great scene!

7. Q: @scorptwitr: @adamlambert did you go Black 
Friday shopping? ;)
A: @scorptwitr nope too much of a shit show...

8. Q: @Barbara_DJaxn: @adamlambert RT If you love your Chile Fans ♥
A: RT @Barbara_DJaxn: @adamlambert RT If you love your Chile Fans ♥

9. Q: @elisa_w elisa: @adamlambert RT if you love your Nebraska Fans! :D
A: RT @elisa_w elisa :@adamlambert RT if you love your Nebraska Fans! :D

10. Q: @TRONCHE_DE_BN: @adamlambert #Rt if you love ur french fans
A: RT @TRONCHE_DE_BN: @adamlambert #Rt if you love ur french fans

11. Q: “@xglitterandglam: @adamlambert Any books you're reading right now that you love?”
A: @xglitterandglam no ! I need to get something new on my iPad

12. Q: @Audsidol: @adamlambert Are you still recording or are the tracks basically at the mixing stage?
A: @Audsidol still actually recording a bit this week!

13. Q: No Question
A: Saw Hugo in 3d... Great film. beautifully art directed, great cast.

14. Q: @ninagarcia: @adamlambert What about some 
A: @ninagarcia huh?

15. Q: @ninagarcia: @adamlambert What about some 

A: @ninagarcia reading material?

16.Q: @ninagarcia: @adamlambert You were asking for some books for your iPad? I think you might like Murakami :-)
A: @ninagarcia ok I will research! :) thanks darling! How was your thanksgiving ?

17. Q: @FWPACdancer5: @adamlambert Me and my best friend, we're your biggest fans!! #glamberts and/or @adamlambert Please follow me and@mollyo2015 ! It would make our lifes! #texaslovesyou
A: @FWPACdancer5 nice pic!! :)

18. Q: @PastaBaby: @adamlambert Adam, my sweet, you said you are changing your fashion perspective? Will there still be leather?
A: @PastaBaby but of course!!

19. Q: @GlaMb3rt16: @adamlambert What's your opinion on Demi Lovato? :)
A: @GlaMb3rt16 great singer! Pretty girl!

20. Q: @ElifVabay: @adamlambert Do you miss True Blood?
A: @ElifVabay yes I need a fix.

21. Q: @sutanamrull: @adamlambert TWITTER PARTY?!
A: @sutanamrull yes Mary

22. Q: @jambajim (MTV guy): @adamlambert Last album/single you bought! Annnnd go!
A: @jambajim Rihanna!

23. Q: @sutanamrull: @adamlambert i'm losing my mind about your new magic!!! #beyondexciting epic realness!
A: @sutanamrull why thank you!!

24. Q: @8starz8: @adamlambert do you buy your music off of iTunes or do you buy the actual physical CD? just curious :)
A: @8starz8 yeah I buy digital on itunes. Easiest.

25. Q: @sutanamrull: @adamlambert just tweeted me!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE HIM!!! no, seriously, I LOVE HIM!!! you are sickening!
A: @sutanamrull hahaha O M G

26. Q: @liveyoung82: @adamlambert Any new additions to the backing band or the troupe of dancers?
A: @liveyoung82 of course there will be changes... New album, new line up. Naturally. :)
Final Tweet by @adamlambert: Ok thanks guys!! Till next time...


   Adam Lambert via  Looks like CBS Early Show?

 Adam Lambert performs on the EMAs 

Today's @LiamMcEwan Adam Lambert Hour


Not seen this crazy pic of vamp Adam & friend before 

Louisestelle Louise Sweeney
Thanks for supporting Adam #FF @shoshannastone @RCAPromo @RequestAdam @BonnieMcKeee @nilerodgers

in reply to @Louisestelle ↑

@Louisestelle @shoshannastone @rcapromo @requestadam @nilerodgers you kidding? Love that man!


 Tim Foster 

The Pennyroyal Black Friday sale is still goin crazy. Does that make this Black Saturday? 

 I will always wear my peace ring from Penny Royal... it's so beautiful!  You could consider the infinity ring that is on sale.. I'm sure it is also amazing!

Adam Lambert thanks to @tuke18 thanks to @weelassie11

Adam Lambert lauds tacky fashion

Adam Lambert thanks to @tuke19 enhanced by @weelassie11

(Not saying this outfit is tacky....just needed to fit these two beautiful pictures in today!)



Sauli Koskinen cropped from a picture at the AMAs thanks to 

More Sauli pictures and info here:

Thanks to pmpz82t

Thanks to y0116jp

Sauli after the Kissing Pictures appear in Seiska

Uploaded by pmpz82t on Oct 4, 2011
 Thanks Tiiqqu!
K: Hi!
S: Hi again!
K: So, Sauli told me to start with this Jukka thing... but of course I'm not
gonna do that. Haha, not gonna... (Sauli ducks under the table) Sauli, get up
from there now! I heard you've been kissing this very famous American Idol
S: ... naw, haven't been kissing anyone... no-one has such picture material...
K: (giggling)
S: As you could see from the picture, he was just holding my head...
K: Oh yes, that's actually right!
S: ... I don't know why...
K: Yes, why does he take hold of people's heads like that...?
S: ... strange...
K: Is it some kind of an American way of greeting people?
S: I bet it is, so strange...
K: Hey, let's start greeting each other like that. Every time we see each
other we'll do this... (demonstrates)
S: I think it's a pretty strange way... and when he was trying to say
something to me I didn't even hear a thing... since he was covering my ears.
K: So you don't have any idea what you two have been talking about...
S: Yeah, that's right
K: Okay, I'm blushing here too (giggles)
S: (laughs)
K: Well okay, maybe we'll leave this topic... I better not tease you any more.
S: Maybe we'll talk about this in private later on, just you and me
K: But hey, I'm pretty jealous though... that you have... gotten into this kind
of a situation (demonstrates while laughing).
S: (holding his hands over his ears) WHAAAT?
K: (laughing) Okey, hey let's...

Original video:


 New Rolling Stone December 8th is Availble.... Win a copy by entering the contest below now!

Thanks to SusieFierce

Leila, Neil and Eber Lambert !  So proud!!
(This was from Idol Queen performance, right?)

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 20: Singer Adam Lambert arrives at the Rolling Stone 2nd Annual AMA after-party at Rolling Stone Restaurant And Lounge on November 20, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images

Awww!  Who is that sweet man carrying that sign??


YouTube video by @GaleChester:

 ADAM LAMBERT Is Our Hero 2012! Via @glamstarky & @AdamLambertRUUA (RussianUkrainianFans):
We have no idea what they are saying but we agree that ADAM LAMBERT is our hero! Made via with the help of @glamstarky & Tweeted/Shared by @AdamLambertRUUA (RussianUkrainianFans).
English Translation Thanks to @AdamlambertRUUA:
"Do you hear me?
At such times, we must ask ourselves some important questions.
How can you, me, our friends and children really trust anything, that we can see on TV and hear on the radio? Is... this true?
How do we know that our decisions are truly our own? Can we count on the fact that even a small voice will be heard and not harassed into silence? I can tell you how. There is a personality, which we are grateful for all that. We can thank this person for providing us with new perspectives. We can thank that person for giving us the opportunity to choose. This person gives us an alternative to the uniformity and short-term thinking. We owe this person for turning an ordinary day into something special, a day when we rise from the sofa watching television, saying ‘I had changed my mind by myself’. Only one word adequately dignify that person - a Hero.
2012 is coming soon!

Earth needs a Hero!

AMA Presentation by Adam


Unauthorized Albums

Links to all the songs if you want to listen


New Fan Contest

Love hearing your Adam stories so please send me them. 

 This contest is for international fans or North American fans who would like to win a copy of the Rolling Stone magazine coming out December 8th

Will have a random drawing for winners from all the entries .  Contest ends December 8th

(Please put ADAM in the subject line and let me know if it's ok to post your story.  Also, happy to receive all entries... you can decline the prize and I won't include you in the draw)

Number of prizes will depend on how many magazines I can scoop up for you so there could be lots!
For New Fans... this is such an amazing Interview
I'm gonna watch it again too!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

 Fiona Burns-Davies 

 Hey U. Have u fallen off the Planet or something? Miss u :( xoxoxo ^..^ ^v^

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @virg1877 enhanced by @weelassie11


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A Brand New to me favorite! Hair down, profile view and zipper pants! LOL!

Videos of Queen at the EMAs are being removed  (Keep this one thanks to @GaleChester



Better Than I Know Myself

Cold as ice

and more bitter than a December

winter night

that's how i treated you

And I know that I – I
I sometimes tend to loose my temper
And I cross the line
Yeah that’s the truth

I know it gets hard some time
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say

Coz if I wanted to go – I would have gone by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge

If I wanted to leave – I would have left by now
But you’re the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself

All along
I tried to pretend it didn’t matter
If I was alone
Deep down I know

If you were gone
For even a day I wouldn’t know which
Way to turn
Coz I’m lost without you

I know it gets hard some time
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say

If I wanted to go – I would have gone by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge

If I wanted to leave – I would have left by now
But you’re the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself

If I wanted to go – I would have gone by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge

If I wanted to leave – I would have left by now
But you’re the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself

If I wanted to go – I would have gone by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge

If I wanted to leave – I would have left by now
But you’re the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself

Thanks to NoAngel on Adamtopia


  1. Thanks. Gloria... I love the Sauli videos and so good to see Idolotry vids again!! Oh that boy in white!
    Love ya!!!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you do with this page - it's an important part of my "keeping track of Adam things" ;D And wow - the interview after Idol was new to me!!! And it was a great one =D Thank you! Sending lots of love from Sweden

  3. Good Morning -Happy Sunday! Just watched the Idolary video's - wow, he's SO positive with everything he says... he's such a bright light in the world.. I love him so much - Thanks Gloria Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  4. Darn, I do wish I could get a tweet from that man. All kidding aside, I'm so relieved that Sasha and her sister are ok...that accident looks deadly. See you tomorrow. Thanks for the lovelies!

  5. I, too, love those Idolatry vids - you can really see Adam's wonderful personality shine in them - and so many funny moments - just great.
    Terrific vids today - love the BSB one - I'm just a sucker for boy bands.
    Sauli in the store with the Oscars was so funny - he's got a wicked sense of humor under all that sweet smiling boyishness. Bet Adam loves that about him, too - got something in common - lol - besides other things. Noticed how Sauli rearranged the statuettes on the top shelf - think he did say he was neat - not so much Adam, I don't think.
    Enjoyed the Twitter Party - some interesting info there - still recording - TJ doing some work on his own, I gather.
    Great stuff today - luv,Lee


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