Friday, 30 December 2011

Countdown to 2012!

Adam Lambert as Mr. October!  One more time before the year end!  
Thanks to @leecherry


 Adam Lambert 

Just a quick thank you to all who are helping get BTIKM noticed! I wouldn't have been able to make this album if you weren't so passionate.

 Adam Lambert 

You all got my back and I feel that love!!! Thank you!!

: #31 on Billboard Pop Digital Songs This 


BTIKM chart performances!! 30/12/2011


More Adam Tweets.  Adam Introduces the Band!


ladies and gents: for those of you who don't know, please meet @ashleydzerigian - my new badass diva on bass. 
(Welcome Ashley!)

ashleydzerigianAshley Dzerigian
Some sweet new effects pedals to experiment with thanks to @IsaacTheCarp and @TommyJoeRatliff


Gonna be in the studio tonight with my musical brother @MrRaulPacheco. Lookin' forward to it!

@adamlambert Thanks, Love. That's very sweet of you! I know we have yet to meet, but tell Neil I wish him a fabulous birthday.:)

CrazzyGlambert Proud*Glambert*Girl
@ashleydzerigian Heeyyy:Dso happy for you to play bass for @adamlambert! How long do you play bass now??
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@CrazzyGlambert 17 years, started when I was 11.:)


And mr @TommyJoeRatliff is feat as lead guitar now. He understands my musical vision, plays so tastefully and as an ensemble! Go team!

(Pretty boy!)

 TommyJoe Ratliff 

 Fuck yea!! !!!! ; )


And the incomparable @isaacthecarp on drums!! So in the pocket!!! And the biggest heart...

(and a great photographer too!  ABD)

IsaacTheCarp Isaac Carpenter

"@adamlambert: And the incomparable @isaacthecarp on drums!! So in the pocket!!! And the biggest heart..."2012 is very cool. Love my people

And @UhHuhHerMusic's Cam on keys!! A true artist and musician... And a sexy spirit!! Luv ya Cam!!


@adamlambert Heart you. Give neil a pat on the butt for me tonight all the way from texas. x


@adamlambert Is there a release date for your album yet?:)Xx


@MrCocozzaFans yeah! March 20th is the album release date!


@adamlambert When would you be expecting to tour????

in reply to 


@Renae_Young the albums not even out yet... No clue when a tour is happening... One thing at a time...;)


I'm so excited for you all to Trespass into my world and under my skin with this album!!! My Lightness and Darkness collide on this one...

negativeneil Neil Lambert
@adamlambert and, of course, Neil Lambert on cowbell.

negativeneil Neil Lambert
@adamlambert I really spice up the slow ballads.

Adam Lambert shares band and album details with fans


Brian May and Adam are mentioned in the February 2012 issue of Clash (UK)


@Adamlambert is No.8 in Chinese QQmusic Foreign male singer Chart

@jieshrek66 @Adamlambert yeah,most of QQmusic users are teenagers

In just more than a few years, the public has witnessed the uniquely extensive progression of Adam Lambert. We recall Adam Lambert's charismatic American Idol season 8 audition and star-studded performances, the release of his For Your Entertainment album which achieved over 1 million sales, and his Grammy nomination for "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" for Whataya Want From Me. It is also remarkable how only a year after his spotlight on American Idol, he rocked the world on his Glam Nation Tour with over 100 performances in countries including the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. In November 2011, he led a memorable performance at the MTV European Music Awards with Queen, who was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Audiences saw him as a front-runner to the famed group, but yet Adam was humble enough that he arranged for Queen to have the only introduction. Before the curtain went down, audiences walked away with visions and sounds of a rock solid soloist and rock group. Undoubtedly, Adam Lambert is a man of firsts, so the public will continue to hold Adam Lambert listening parties, birthday parties, Glamfests, purchase albums and digital downloads, and brainstorm on forums, as they stay tuned to his March 20th release. Better Than I Know Myself is a cliffhanger for the next chapter.


Best Dressed Men of 2011


: Best Jingle Ball Performace of ALL TIME Final 4!  vs ... VOTE! 

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:The Glamberts are leading the votes regarding who should be Pressparty's King & Queen of 2012!


Countdown to New Years Eve!


A Visit to Adam's New Year's Eve 2009

New Year's Eve 2010


Warning:  Don't Watch this with your makeup on!

Thanks to FonzerelliOfficial


All of Adam's AI Performances

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Tommy Joe Ratliff  handiwork by @smartmarta

Love this song! Thanks to GlitterKat

Rush by Ferras



The truth is, everyone is eventually going to hurt you. You've just got to find the ones that make it worth it.


More updated Adam Lambert news soon!

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  1. hugs bb..looking forward to the new year and all the wonderful things that will be coming Adam's way

  2. Thank you for your wonderful posts everyday. I get all the best Adam news and pictures here first.


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