Monday, 2 January 2012

Shanghai Live! 02/01/2012

Translation thanks to @moominbert

Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone a totally awesome New Year!! Once again, a year has passed, and so quickly. I'm always excited about New Year's, I can't help but think about all the things the new year may bring with it. We learn something new each year that passes and try to make the next year better based on what we've learned. I feel like I've grown so much during the past year. It's been a very eventful year for me, and I wouldn't trade a single day of it for anything. It certainly hasn't been easy, but it has definitely been the most memorable year so far. My year included a major life change, along with both joy and sorrow. Like I said, I wouldn't trade a day of it for anything and I have to admit I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. :)

We celebrated New Year's Eve alone with just the two of us, and had dinner at Nobu, a sushi restaurant in West Hollywood. The food was to die for!! We ordered just about everything on the menu and my absolute favorite was fresh tuna with a lemon chili sauce. YUM!! I love ordering small portions at restaurants and tasting all kinds of new things. That way you never get too full and end up feeling better about the meal. :) For dessert, we had carrot cake with ginger ice cream. OMG so good!!

I didn't make any new year's resolutions, but let's hope this year ends up being even better and more interesting! yay!

xoxo /S


Screencap thanks to @lilybop2010

Adam sounds wonderful in Shanghai thanks to TheTeamNoPants!

Vocals work, video..ok Parts of FYE. DTRH, Strut, TCB,IIHY

Full Size Boyfriends!

Adds are starting!

GayJim108Jim Clerkin
@crazyforadam No worries. I'm away on vacation right now butits a hot song.I'm sure we'll get to it when I get back!  (Boston station KISS)


Guess what song was #1 in Hungary thanks to Bellina

Rolling Stone Magazine Review

Romantic angst, "Glambert" style - that is, a wind-whipped mid-tempo ballad, produced by Claude Kelly and the inevitable Dr. Luke and designed to showcase Lambert's superhuman vocal range. It's formulaic pap, but just you wait for the money-shot falsetto in the chorus

Billboard .com Track Review

"Better Than I Know Myself" the first single from Adam Lambert's forthcoming sophomore album "Trespassing," attempts to replicate the winning pop-rock formula of the singer's breakout single, "Whataya Want From Me." That song, from the former "American Idol" finalist's 2009 debut "For Your Entertainment," included an unstoppable hook and an unflinching vocal performance to serve as its foundation. While "Better Than I Know Myself" is not as immediately overpowering, repeated listenings amplify the untamed vulnerability that has become Lambert's defining asset. Producers Dr. Luke, Cirkut and Ammo provide a ground-swelling chorus, but Lambert shines in the intimate verses, singing, "I can be obnoxious at times/But try and see my heart" before the final climax. Like any talented pop artist, Lambert understands subtle reflection as well as epic bombast.


Greatest Queen + Collaborator Poll Announced Yesterday

Adam Wins With 93.26% of the Vote!!  Yay Us!

Queen + Adam Lambert

Cecycat1 Cecy

@Adamlambert "Queen's New Freddie", New Straits Times (Malaysia), 2 Jan 2011 (From Times, UK) twitpic via.@rhyden


Adam Lambert looking gorgeous.... (side note:  Lots of Orbs in this and many of Adam's pictures.. I believe they are significant!)

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It's back! -
Last Night

Adam lambert is at the abbey. Cute!


Aftermath and BTIKM in the top 25

#24 Aftermath – Adam Lambert

While Lambert’s album: “For Your Entertainment” was released in 2009, a lot of attention in the media on the bullying of gay teens caused a number of musicians to speak out against bullying. Lambert released a new version of his album track “Aftermath” (Billboard Remix) in March as a charity single for The Trevor Project. While I admit that I don’t love the alternate mix near as much as the 80′s rocker album version – it remains a beautiful song with a strong message and breathtaking vocals from Adam.

#15 Better Than I Know Myself – Adam Lambert

Just when most bloggers have already written their year-end charts and I’m still trying to convince myself that I’m not putting the “PRO” in procrastination, Lambert sweeps in a few days before Christmas and drops a SCORCHING new single from his upcoming 2012 album: “Trespassing” that is worthy of year-end 2011 gold despite the fact that it’s moment will almost certainly be in 2012. With soaring, powerful vocals and a deeply personal and heartfelt lyric,this one should be a smash for Lambert within a couple of weeks.

MissSaana Saana Koskinen

@saulikoskinen1 Happy New Year my Dear brother <3 !! Much Love for the year 2012 <3


Saana Koskinen
@adamlambert Happy New Year:)!!



Allure of Sound’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Albums


2. Adam Lambert – Trespassing

Adam Lambert is one of the few American Idol finalist who most people can still remember. He is by far one of the most talented contestants the show has produced. Adam worked on Trespassing, his second studio album, with Dr. Luke, Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Benny Blanco, Nile Rodgers and Claude Kelly. If the lead single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” is any indication, I think it is safe to say that Adam is on track to avoiding the infamous sophomore slump. Trespassing will be released in March.

Jewellery Lady

SaraVannah sarahanna
@adamlambert I really enjoyed working with you! I wish you both health and happiness in the new year!
(tweet has been deleted)

Older tweets

sarahanna @SaraVannah15 Nov
I just got a call and I may be going to new york to work a very cool client.

sarahanna @SaraVannah17 Nov
Just got into new york. Early meeting with Ben and then face to face w my new client and his partner.

sarahanna@SaraVannah17 Nov
I feel nervous for the meeting. Custom designs are always trickier and I really admire this client anyway.

sarahanna @SaraVannah17 Nov
And the client and his boyfriend were very sweet and down to earth! I wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness



Another Baby in Adam's Life!  Coming Soon


alisanporter Alisan Porter

Best thing about 2012, I'm gonna be a Mommy!!!! Xo


Get Adam Lambert More UK Recognition
We make no secret of the fact that we believe Adam Lambert is hugely under-appreciated here in the UK. It was purely by accident that we even learnt of Adam’s existence. When we heard about a singer who was jumping off stage to snog lucky individuals at the front row of his shows we knew this would be something our readers would love to read about. Soon after we published we were blown away by the number of Adam fans who posted, sharing their favourite songs and videos with us, and an equally large number of people commented to say they had never heard of Adam, but were seriously impressed by his vocals. It was then we made it our mission to back Adam in all ways possible, and with his new music out this year we’re planning more of the same.

TennisLover813 Dee
@AdamLambert in in touch weekly current issue Love that beautiful face with and without makeup

LECHUGAROCKS: Adam Lambert in the South Africa Teen Zone Magazine


Chloe's Blog about BTIKM  ( Better late than never, right?)


VH1Top20 VH1Top20

Because the #Glamberts are out in full force for our last question, here's a treat -- @AdamLambert's @VH1 Unplugged


Adam Lambert Roller Coaster Full Size!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Vote for Tommy... top 10 Bass Players

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This comment....LOL...

"Undoubtedly Tommy Joe the best bass player in the world! (I realized it when the tour Adam Lambert took my mind completely)"

Thanks to @weelassie for these beauties!


The illuminati 
Fear is the parent of cruelty.


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  1. Good morning gloria another great day and I day closer to new album. Lots of great stuff hear hope you are ready for all the wonderful things about to happen. May need to send you chocolate and coffe to give you energy to keep up. anyways just wanted to stop in and say HI.


  2. What do you think the orbs mean? Manifestations of his divine energy or maybe spirits or angels? Just curious about what you think.
    Love ya!
    p.s. Are you in England?


  4. PaulaSee:

    I live near Toronto, Canada. I'm not exactly sure what the orbs mean but I know they are usually around highly spiritual people. I believe they are a good sign. I have a friend who is an energy healer (all his pictures are surrounded by orbs) He has said that he knows what they are but isn't willing to share the information yet. Must be too hard to believe for most of us.

    Love seeing them around Adam all the time.


  5. My understanding of orbs is that they are angelic/spirit beings that are attracted to joy. (People who are profoundly connected to Source exude joy more than most of us.) I've seen photos of babies or groups of people being joyful that are FULL of orbs.

    I actually haven't noticed nearly as many recent photos of Adam that have orbs in them - especially compared to his photos prior to 2011. There are a lot of orbs in his Burning Man photos from pre-Idol days. It would make my heart happy to see more orbs around Adam in current photos!

    Gloria, please share your friend's take on orbs when he decides it's time....OK?


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