Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sixty-Nine Days and Counting! 10/01/2011

Zen Adam Lambert at Fantasy Springs thanks to ?

Countdown to Trespassing thanks to @Scorptwitr

shoshannastone: Just listening in on adamlambert doing interviews and talking about his amazing glamberts:)

Hope Adam is getting some rest today (after the telephone interviews)!


Grammy nominee is back for more 

American Idol runner-up-done-good Adam Lambert has announced he will be releasing a new single and album. 
His second album Trespassing will be released in the UK on March 19, following the release of new single Better Than I Know Myself on March 12.
The album sees a number of collaborations with producers and artists including Pharrell Williams, Sam Sparro, and Bruno Mars
Lambert has described Trespassing as "an exciting journey through the past two years of my life. It's been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I've experienced. All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality."


This Month in AdamLand!

Sometime this week: Adam will appear on ET Canada

January 11- Adam interviewed by Byron Cooke.  May be released unedited quickly!

January 16- Polly from NZ interviewing Adam in LA http://www.zmonline.com%29/

January 17 (Tuesday) Adam sings BTIKM on Jay Leno

January 19 (Thursday) Adam  on Ellen Degeneres  (taped on January 18)

International Livestream for both shows via @kinkyiedis:  http://tvpc.com/Channel.php?


Watch @adamlambert performing on @jayleno on 1/17 11:35/10:35c on NBC + on @TheEllenShow on 1/19 check local listingshttp://bit.ly/zQQoWm

January 24 to 31- BTIKM Radio Impact Date  (adds should result)

Januaryish - Music Video for BTIKM  released

February-Adam will be in the UK (via @shoshannastone)

@MixPhiladelphia: Yes! We LOVE Adam!!! RT: @Virg1877

@MixPhiladelphia You feeling the @adamlambert fan love ?"


UK Articles:

Adam Lambert to release new single and second album on March 12/March 19 respectively

“Lambert is a natural successor to Robbie Williams” – Sunday Times Culture 
 “It actually is brilliant” – Popjustice on ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ 
“Insanely great – good luck to whoever picks the singles” – Digital Spy on ‘Trespassing’


American superstar Adam Lambert has announced that his second album ‘Trespassing’ will be released in the UK on March 19th.
The American Idol winners album will be preceded by  the single ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ on March 12th.


Adam Lambert's Better Than I Know Myself jumps 22 spots on the Idol airplay chart (No. 89-No. 67). Twenty-three stations (most notably San Francisco's KLLC-FM and WOMX-FM in Orlando) spun the record at least once last week.



AdamLambertRUUA RussianUkrainianFans

@adamlambert's BetterThanIKnowMyself is #1 in Belorussia!Keep on voting to save this place for him

(click on the box beside Adam and then scroll to the bottom of the page and vote)

Thanks to CLL?

Remember this Wonderful Adam Introduction from KISS concert last year?


Music: New releases of note for 2012

Destined for the Top 40 are new releases from Nicki Minaj, Adam Lambert and The Fray. In the folk/folk-rock vein, we've got new entries from Ani DiFranco, Ingrid Michaelson, Kathleen Edwards and Andrew Bird.

Looking Back...love this Donor's Choose Chat!


Glambert To Do List

ChumFM poll:  Halfway down the page on the left  "Love it"


         (The results posted are for the last poll, NOT 
                                   Adam's results)


New audio poll is up! Tell us what you think of @adamlambert's new hit: montreal.virginradio.ca/Music.aspx

Sign up and Rate Music

You will eventually get to rate BTIKM

 Request Adam Lambert 

Check this link for stations close to your home and request regularly!


At Least this poll was short and Sweet and Adam finished #1


Some Special Moments...So many more to come soon! Watching these and feeling that the Adam singing would be so thrilled to be where present Adam is right now!

Following videos thanks to the very talented TALCvids


Celebrities (who are these people?) turning 30 this year

So many of these scenes make my heart skip a beat!

Overnight Fame of Adam Lambert by Lambertglowbug... January 2011


No Worries about Adam Lambert

I would love to see Adam have five #1 singles from Trespassing but regardless, he's arrived!

Love this comment regarding Adam's "future" success  ...

From Cassie:
So, the UK either climbs on board for BTIKM and the album or it foolishly denies itself that singular pleasure in favor of mundane crap. After a couple of appearances and the release of the video, BTIKM sails to the top of the charts, or it is a moderate hit. Ultimately, it doesn't matter to me. 
I AM GETTING NEW ADAM MUSIC TO BASK IN. Adam is getting enuf money to buy dimmers, enuf fame to take his boyfriend to Bora Bora, and enuf respect to work with the best in the biz, including Queen. It's all good.

From Savvy92: 
I totally agree. You can’t please everyone, so you take your best shot. Adam has “found his place” in the music industry, and if it turns out not to be as big as Gaga or Katy, so be it. He can sing, he is finally getting the appreciation he deserves, he will never not have a gig, his life is changed for the better by 5000%, so worrying about what “might happen or not happen” is an exercise in futility.
By May we will see where things are going with TRESPASSING, but one thing I am sure of, it will generate lots of love and attention and a tour will follow, a tour for us to celebrate and attend and dissect, and videotape and cherish until the NEXT album comes out that we can angst over.

Life is so good in Adam’s fandom right now that I can’t find a thing to whine about except that I don’t live in Southern California and therefore cannot attend the tapings of ELLEN and LENO. And I’ve been whining about that since AI8, so it’s getting old, even to me.

Cam and UH HUH HER on Jimmey Kimmel last night



Tommy Joe Ratliff

Missed this one taped by @sashamallory

Old video with Tommy signing thanks to supervid09

@theilluminati In the end, love and compassion will win.


I Know you want to know...What's Dubstep!?


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  1. Wonderful posts, as usual. I love to see Adam happy and I'm so looking forward to hearing the live version of BTIKM.
    Much love!

  2. Thanks for the blog. You (and Adam) brightened up my day today. :)

  3. THNAK YOU~I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU~I don't post enough to let you know how special you are and how I appreciate all your hard work...keeping me up to date on Adam. I love this site sooo much and find it to be the best one. I was missing so much the "Planet Fierce" site so much but yours is top notch.
    Thanks for posting the sexxxxy pic from Milwaukee GN, a night of many I will never forget..being up close and personal with the sexxxiest most SALACIOUS man alive all night. Beautiful sweaty memories!
    You just always come through with the most awesome info and Pics...like you read my mind...I quess that's why we are all in the "Glamily"..great minds think alike!!
    PS>>Could I get a "PASSCOODE" to enter the over 18 site?? I keep forgetting to ask..pretty please!

  4. Thanks for all the comments today!

    Password is Sunshine.



  5. Some of my favorite photos of Adam today. I love seeing him in his relaxed and happy mode...when he's feeling the love and not having to pose for the camera. Such a sweetheart. XO

  6. I checked out Popjustice today and on their news dump made the following comments:
    "Adam Lambert has finished his "intense" video shoot for new single 'Better Than I Know Myself'. (Examiner) It would be good if we can just skip to the album's bangers now please, thanks!"

    I think we can agree with that!!


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