Sunday, 12 February 2012

Adam Gorgeous at the Grammy Party! 12/02/2012






Adam at 6:00


laura_ansa Adam in Finnish Popcorn program 12/2/2012


Renovation two years ago, and twenty-three years ago

Adam Keeps the Queen Secret! 

  インタビュー見る聞くたびに思いますw Shhhhhh.. 
Great interview uploaded by AdamBombShow
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Adam Lambert Fan club
Yay!ADAM LAMBERT's 'Better Than I Know Myself' #1 5th week in a row! Music Daily Chart Hungary Top 25 Singles 2/18/12.
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Adam Lambert and Britney... they sat at the same table last night!

 Interesting - Britney Spears sitting at table with  at Clive Davis party

Fifteen HQ Pictures  and lots more here:

Adam on the Red Carpet

Adam leaving Clive Davis PreGrammy Party

Fan video thanks to Glamb3rt

RIP Whitney Huston

She had everything, beauty, a magnificent voice. How sad her gifts could not bring her the same happiness they brought us.
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Adam at :57

Yay! Another Toronto Station CHFI 98.1 ... 

NJR Germany...Adam DJ's 


Thanks to @terra_zephead


This Week in Adamland

February 9 – 16 NY Fashion Week

February 14- Adam visits Z100 (New York) and will be interviewed by Danielle Monaro.

February 14- Adam meets Adambertdaily :)

February 15- Adam visits Fresh 102.7FM (New York).

February 16- Adam at Q102FM I Heart Radio Theater

Don't worry, if you don't win passes, you can watch the entire performance and interview LIVE right here on this Thursday, February 16th, 4:30pm.

February 18- Adam interview by "P3 Star" Radio Show (Sweden) will be aired


RussoGR7@Ray_KayHow it was working with @adamlambert ?

in reply to ↑

@Ray_Kay @RussoGR7 @adamlambert It was both fun and inspiring. Adam is a true artist and pushes to get everything as perfect as possible.


Sauli's Blog!

Sauli's IS blog, 2/11/12, translated by @moominbert

Good News and Bad News

Apologies to all my readers for not having come out with a blog or even a Tutka this week. My Tutka wife has been down with a bad flu and I've been pretty busy. I was going to write a blog here the day before yesterday, but I had to have a small operation. A stye was removed from one eyelid, and the operation was extremely painful. whew! It took seven shots of local anesthetic in the eyelid, and I still felt pain. Luckily the procedure only took 10 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. I shook, yelled, and almost cried, but I grit my teeth and took it like a man! :) I was allowed to remove the patch today and somehow writing seems much easier with two working eyes. hah! It was very strange to only have the use of one eye for two days and my coordination was completely gone. I couldn't even go jogging as I would have probably run into a ditch :) hah! The doctor told me I might have a black eye like someone had punched me when I removed the patch. Luckily there was just a small mark, and even that is all but gone now. yay!! Don't go scaring people like that!! My doctor's name was Kami Parsa (=asparagus), which I found amusing, but he did an excellent job and you may also have seen him on the tv show The Doctors. :)

Tomorrow's Grammy Awards in LA will certainly be unforgettable, because singer Whitney Houston, who was supposed to be part of the show, just died. This sad news has thrown all of Los Angeles into turmoil. The gala will probably be a very emotional event. R.I.P. Whitney Houston. I won't be in town to watch the Grammys tomorrow but traveling to New York. New York's Fashion Week is next week, and that's where I'll be. Katri and I promise to make two Tutkas next week, and the time difference will only be seven hours, which makes it so much easier for both of us! So all sorts of exciting things to come! yay! :)



Adam at :40 and : 2:23 thanks to @blakkrrox

SFPD It Gets Better!

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  1. have fun sweetie and thank you for all the pretty today.


  2. Woooaaah Black hair! :D

  3. What is a Tutka again? And who is Katri? Thanks.

  4. I'm getting very excited for you and your upcoming trip. √v^√v^√v^√v^√v^ *my heartbeats*


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