Monday, 27 February 2012

Cloak of Light! 27/02/2012

10 adds today and three amazing ones: #2 Los Angeles, #9 Washington and #10 Boston!!!!! GO BTIKM, GO!!!!

Adam will be Performing!


Thanks to @mindchnger

Album pushed back about a the studio on Monday
                                        with Bruno Mars


Megan Hilty Talks About Kissing Adam Lambert [AUDIO]

She talks about Adam starting at 3:00
Had so much fun last night. Thanks for everything Elton! 


 you are absolutely spectacular Adam. Don't let 

haters penetrate your cloak of light!

 thank you !! Wow such a treat to tweet w you! ;) you are a beautiful spirit!

 thank you! And thank you for the fabulous music. You are an inspiration!!

(Mia will forever be Allison MacKenzie to me! :))



Today's Interview with Mix 102.9 thanks to Scorpios4Music

Yes Please!  Plural!!

Queen are set to play a series of shows later this year. American Idol star Adam Lambert will front the performances, in place of the late Freddie Mercury.

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Nina Dobrev Adam Lambert Sarah Hyland Elton John Oscars Viewing Party

UK Article

Finnish Article

9:14 p.m. At the 20th Annual Elton John Oscar Party, Adam Lambert and his Finnish boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen, have left Elton John’s dinner table to hang out in the bar area and chat with friends. Adam gently strokes Sauli’s back.

Three Pictures of Adam on Rolling Stone Photos


This poem was written just before the EMA performance thanks to @glitteryglambug

Twinkle Twinkle my beloved star,
I'm blowing you a kiss from afar.

I wish you Goodnight, with a blissful night's rest. 
So you can fulfill tomorrow's days quest.

@adamlambert,You intrigue me,
make me feel young at heart,
With your great vocals, 
Quick wit and your fine Art.

You're extremely gorgeous Adam,
and you're impeccably smart.
You're the type of man 
that I'd choose after my heart.

Twinkle Twinkle my beloved star,
Soon the world will know how talented you are.

I wish you love the tenderest kind. 
This in @saulikoskinen1 arms you find.

I wish upon a shooting star,
That your career will break every bar.

So Good Luck my Darlings,
sending you both all my love
and best wishes from Above.
I want to give you both a  huge hug.

Yours truly @glitteryglambug :)

Sweet!  Thanks for sharing!


  1. what a wonderful poem and thank you for all the wonderful photo'sfrom elton's party

  2. Adam must have been so thrilled to be at Elton's party with Sauli at his side. They both looked spectacular - what a beautiful couple. Things are looking so good for Adam - happy, happy - you must be, too - luv, lee

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that poem- thanks for including it in the blog!!! Great pics and links. I was so thrilled for Adam being at Elton's table. I understand what Adam means about "putting things out to the Universe"... cuz that's exactly what he does and it always seems to happen for him. (Like asking Elton to "call me" in that interview he did not that long ago) He's AMAZING- MY LOVE for him just keeps is that possible??? haha!! Thank you Gloria! Andrea @Powderpuffnails


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