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Breaking the Top 10! 24/03/2012


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lambertlust 's  is #2 on amazon movers and shakers list!!! Woohoo!!!  


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Hopefully will be top 10 on VH1 today too!

Trespassing will be released on May 15th  

Adam Last Night (Sauli was there too!)

jbonz: adamlambert I ran into #Americanidol -- runner-up Adam Lambert #adamlambert #runnerup #ponyseattle


Adam Clambert is at Pony! In all his guy liner glory.


@jewish_sex: Me and Adam Lambert <3 @ The Lobby Bar

 like, my heart hurts right now. Omg. Oh my god. Why, how. I can't deal with the perfection of his face.


@adamlambert awesome..u have a gorgeous smile

Schedule for Next Week!

March 25: Radio, US. Live 95.5KBFF Portland, Oregon. The Bing Lounge 6pm local time. [Facebook | Livestream]

March 26: Radio, US. Z100 Portland, Oregon. [More Info]

March 26: Radio, US. 105.1 The Buzz Portland, OR. [Source]
March 27: Radio, US. NOW 100.5 Sacramento, CA. [More Info]
March 27: Radio, US. 107.9 The End Sacramento, CA. [More Info]
March 27: Meet & Greet and performance at MetroPCS Lounge. [More Info]
March 28: Radio, US. 99.7 NOW San Francisco, CA. [More Info]
March 28: Radio, US. Star 101.3 San Francisco, CA. [Webpage]
March 28: Radio, US. Alice Radio 97.3 San Francisco, CA. [More Info]
March 29: Radio, US. Mix 106.5 San Jose, CA. [More Info]

March 30: Radio, US. Sophie 103.7 San Diego, CA. [More Info] 


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Seattle Fan Recap

Thanks to

Amy (@)... 

The most important thing I can say about meeting Adam this morning is that I am floating on a warm, floaty gooey sea that is the color of green-ish aqua-ish…his eyes were very green-ish aqua-ish today. That color is my whole world right now. It’s all I can see when I close my eyes. It will be my happy place for a very long time.

I will forever be eternally grateful for what I did get, but you guys are not gonna believe how scorned Seattle fans were. We did not get to see him sing. No autographs. We could only ask him a question by writing it down, getting it pre-approved and having the DJ read it for us (I got around that). No giving him your gifts yourself (we got around that). No taking individual pictures. No taking a picture of him with your friend or having your friend take one of him with you. The DJ on the way out when it was over asked us “How was it?” and we said, “It was great, he is amazing, but it’s a bummer we didn’t get to hear him sing.” DJ says to me, “Well, usually on these promo stops, fans don’t get to listen.” I lingered for one second, wanting to say Uh, dude, are you serious? Do you know who you’re talking to here? – but we just left. 

Many stunned and silent faces riding down in the elevator and in the parking garage after. 
So it goes like this: They let us into the room and we sit at tables with an aisle in the middle. I’m at the first table. There are the two stools up front and we don’t realize yet he’s not singing for us… DJ gives us instructions bla bla bla, scorned Glamberts side-eyeing each other all the room as we start to get wise to how little we’re actually gonna get. People are reluctantly putting away the things they brought for him to sign. We will get to sit in on the Q&A. Get our picture taken with him. And get herded out immediately.

Adam walks into the room, says “Hi guys!” He takes my breath away. He’s right there. I’m so close. He takes a seat, and the DJ starts picking out questions from the slips of paper and reads them himself. He picks mine, says “Where’s Amy from (my town?)” I raise my hand and Adam lasers me immediately with his greenish-aqua-ish warm floaty universe…the DJ ceases to exist. Dimly I hear him saying that he can’t read my writing…clearly this is my sign from the Universe. I stand up. I’m the only one in the room who did that. I have a great view and all, but I want Adam to see me. He is staring at me with this happy waiting look and we don’t need the DJ and in my mind there’s nobody else in the world. Cue dark lights and disco ball and darkened dance floor - it’s me and Adam. He sees me and I see him. Inner monologue: *NO WAY ARE YOU, MORTAL DJ, GONNA DEPRIVE ME OF CHIT-CHAT WITH THE DARK LORD* I give Adam a big smile and say, “Good morning! Welcome back to Seattle. We’ve really missed you.” Adam says to me, “Aw, thanks! I love it here!” And *then* I get around to my question: “So you’ve given us Maypril….we’re wondering if you’ve given us another Adam-ism in Cuckoo?” And I sang to him, “go – on – and – pack - up – your - …?” And I extend my hand to him to indicate it’s his turn. He says happily, “Thingses!” I clap my hands and say “We love that!” and then I say, “If you ever want to just make up an entire language for us, we will learn it.” 
I sit.

Oh and during the Q&A I realize that Tommy Joe has appeared out of nowhere and is like one leg length away from me, kind of skulking in a chair off to the side. He’s wearing these enormous sunglasses and is immersed in his phone and looks a little tired. He’s so close I could have easily reached over and tapped him on the knee. Except Adam’s in the room so yeah. Eyes front.

The DJ tells Adam the album release date is now May 15 and he seems surprised. We tell him Sony tweeted it and he seems surprised. We always joke about how he’s last with the news. Sometimes he is. (and tbh I’ll believe it when I see it)

After some other people get their questions picked by the overlord DJ – not everybody did, so I’m really lucky - it is suddenly over. We are to form a single line up the middle aisle with our guest. I’m right up front at that front table, so I think I was the third one to go…I step into the aisle. The radio henchman is all “Where’s your guest?”very importantly with his clipboard – I turn around and my friend is collecting our stuff at the table. She’s not ready. I turn back around and…um…Adam fucking Lambert is staring at me. He is about ten feet in front of me and he’s waiting for me cause I’m next. He locks the greenish-aqua-ish tractor beam on me and there are these very bright lights shining on him that they’ve suddenly turned on and I. Am. Pulled. In. Helplessly. Like. A. Fish. On. A. Shining. Dripping. Net. It’s another moment when I can do either do exactly what the radio Gestapo tell me to, wait for my friend, or I can grab the moment that seems to be presenting itself. He’s right there. Ten feet of air between us, and he’s staring at me. I forget my friend (she’ll forgive me), I forget my own name, I walk into the light, I die happy. I extend my hand and he takes it and I put my other hand on top of his. So I am. Um. Holding Adam Fucking Lambert’s sweet, warm hand between mine. There was so much I want to say. All I could remember was…. “It’s such an honor to meet you. You have brought so much happiness, *sexxxxiness* and fun into my life.” He. You guys. There was. See, there was this tractor beam. It was green and aqua. I remember his silver shiny disc earrings and one pock mark on his cheek and there was all that green and aqua and light and warm and holy fucking shit. He’s staring right into my soul and listening to me like I’m the most fascinating person in the world and he says, “Awww…thank you….yay!”

Oh God. 

My friend arrives and I step to Adam’s side and I slip my arm under his jacket and on top of his t-shirt and wrap it around his body and hold him for dear life and I assume she’s on his other side and there’s a camera to look into and he smells like Tokyo Milk with the Octopus on it, which I know because I bought it. He is holding me so delicately with his left arm. I have my arm and hand around his waist and he’s warm and slim and solid and yeah that’s his body my right arm is wrapped around and guhhh…

My friend hands him the gift bag herself – we will probably be arrested for this or shot on the way out for not leaving the gifts on the super important gift table by the donuts (our kingly “breakfast,” ha ha). But Adam takes the bag and says, “Awww…you didn’t have to do that.” 

I’m glad I wrote out a card to him that is in the gift bag and includes the other stuff that I forgot to say. I hope he reads it. I forgot to ask for a hug. It was just so important to me that I step up and give him my hand and look into those amazing eyes and say words, and I did get to be right by his side and in his space so…..I will try to remember to get a hug next time. Everything was so fast. We were shuffled through so fast. Hope I look decent in the picture. Very happy my friend and I got to do an Adam sammich….but I wish there’d been more time to take one with him, one with her, one with both… Oh well. I guess I want it all. Can you blame me?

Floaty. Green-ish aqua-ish. He is the most beautiful, ethereal creature I have ever seen. 

And I may never wash my hands again. Heh.


It's Complicated... thanks to Lisa Fowler!

I have always said that people with money have no idea how hard it is to be poor.  It takes much more effort, planning, time and energy to live life when funds are extremely limited.   When I made the decision to become a card carrying member of the Glam Nation, I knew that my life was going to be much more complicated.

I had to set up a budget that would allow me to fully support my habit and Adam’s dream.   Some things had to be sacrificed, though I really can’t say what those things were.  At this point, I can’t remember what I did with my free time and my extra money before Adam Lambert came into my life.

Many times over the past few years, my husband has asked “Just how much money have you spent on Adam?”  When I planned a 2 day trip to Melbourne and Tampa, FL to see the Glam Nation tour, added the dinner for my group before the show, rented hotel rooms, paid for gas and tickets and even found a wonderful lady from Atlanta that agreed to sell me one of her VIP packages so that I was able to meet Adam, (had to pay her part in cash and she agreed to hold my check for a few days), he asked.   My answer was “Please do not ask.”

When I planned for months to be able to purchase one of each of the three pendants from Pennyroyal Silver, he asked.  I told him again “Do not ask.”

When I had to buy my first iPod and then realized it did not have enough memory so I had to buy another one, he asked.  I said “You know not to ask.”  When I order every magazine that mentions Adam, or drive all over town trying to find the Rolling Stone, then decided to buy one off of ebay, then found it in the store and bought another one.  When I spent hours downloading songs from iTunes, even though I had already pre-ordered 3 copies of the FYE CD, then spent more hours downloading every remix that was released, he asked.  By this time, I just rolled my eyes and he knows.

As the release date was announced for Trespassing and the pre-orders started, I ordered 2 copies, one from and another from Adam’s website (have to make sure we get those sales up) , then I purchased an iTunes gift card, just to be prepared.   This is really tough because I know I have to plan to have the money in my bank account the day that the orders ship.  I had it noted in several places around the house to be sure to make a deposit before March 20th.

Today, when I got the email from apologizing that the order would not ship and they had no new ship date, I realized I was screwed.  Now, I have no idea when those charges will hit my bank.  When my husband asks why the account is overdrawn I will have to explain that being poor is hard and being a Glambert is really complicated.

No matter the cost or the hardship, it is worth it.


Livestream from the Bing Lounge on Sunday 3PM EST

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3/25 on your computer at http://www.alp 



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Brian May Interview mentions Adam

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Letters to Adam

Thanks to Lisa F
Leader of Florida Glambs


Adam - When I saw the request for letters from husbands, I had to write.  Though this is about my husband, not from him. 

I guess the story begins with the fact that we both happen to share a passion for music.  He is a musician, I have always been a groupie, Ha Ha!  Most guys that I dated before finding my keeper, 36 years ago, were musicians.

We both became addicted to American Idol from the very start.  When you auditioned, he was at band practice but I met him at the door to tell him about you.  I had some idea that something insane was coming.  Little did I know that a complete life change was on the horizon.

As Idol ended, the fact that you finished 2nd was only a temporary disappointment, I realized that there was something very wrong with me.  I had become totally obsessed with you. I went to the internet to research this problem, thinking I could find a cure.  Instead I found that there were millions of others out there feeling the same thing.  How had this happened?  How could it be possible that my obsession was shared by so many other women, older women, professional, married, strong women.  Suddenly we were putty in your hands.  So instead of finding a cure, I signed up to be a group leader for the state of Florida.

As my group grew, we spent hours and hours and hours and hours online.  I would estimate that I googled your name 12-15 times a day, every day for a year or so.  We wanted to read every report, watch every video of every performance during the Idols live tour, we counted the days until your album would be released.  With each day, our passion grew and our obsession became a total addiction.  I shared all of this with my husband and to my surprise, he really seemed to be supportive.  As a musician, he fully appreciated your talent and I believe he also enjoyed the changes that he saw taking place in me. 

We had been together since I was 16, now at 50+ I think he enjoyed the fact that I was so alive again.  I dressed differently, wore make-up and wild nail polish, lots of bling and feathers.  I kept my ipod going at all times and I danced and exercised and got down to what his friends called date weight.

The day that it was announced that you would be touring and had a couple of shows in Florida, he stood by and supported me as I took on the role as Glambs Leader.  We purchased 30 tickets to the show in Melbourne and the show in Tampa.  We booked blocks of hotel rooms, arranged a Glam Fest dinner before the show and a Get Glam Party before the dinner to have our make-up, tattoos and glitter added.  There were 2 husbands with 30 insane woman so he at least had another guy to hang with, or so I thought.  As it turned out the other husband was not so supportive of our weekend on Planet Fierce.  Mike, my dear sweet man, went out of his way to assure that every one of us had the time of our lives.  He watched as I went completely insane for 48 hours.  He is very tall and seeing him make a point to sit or stoop down during the show in Melbourne to make sure all of the women could see was just so precious.  After the first show, he started calling his buddies and fellow band members to tell them about the most incredible concert that he had eve seen.  I was so proud of him.  The other women kept telling me how blessed I was to have a husband like him.

As we were leaving the 2nd show in Tampa, at Tropicana Field, I was literally over the edge.  I had danced so much, screamed so much, jumped up and down until the soles of my feet were bruised, and I turned to tell him how much I appreciated his support.  At that moment, it all caught up with me and the emotions could not longer be contained, I began sobbing.  He just held me while I cried tears of joy, exhaustion, and gratitude.  I could not speak but he knew what it was that I wanted to say so he just held me.  It was one of the most beautiful moments of our relationship.

To think that you, your music, your magic had just created such an unbelievable moment between us was one more totally unexpected surprise.  I took me to the next level of love and appreciation for this man who God had blessed me with so many years ago

Now, 2 years later, he still listens to me talk about what Adam is doing today or planning tomorrow and how I have to be prepared.  The time is drawing near when I will have to started planning for our next road trip.  Knowing that I can chase my obsession and have the man that I love be there to enjoy it with me is a beautiful thing.  We both love you and we thank you for the joy you have brought into our relationship.  He has even offered to find me a lifesize cardboard cutout of you and nail it to the ceiling about our bed.  OMG!  LOL!

Love forever,
Lisa and Mike F are one lucky lady!!  :)


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  1. Wow,I really enjoyed the letters today. Very well written and entertaining. My favorite line:

    "Floaty. Green-ish aqua-ish. He is the most beautiful, ethereal creature I have ever seen."

    Great stuff!!


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