Friday, 30 March 2012

Don't You Love Us! 30/03/2012

And Don't We Just love him!

OMG... just watched this for the first time in a long time! Adam!


adam Mix Most Requested Hall Of Fame: Adam Lambert Better Than I Know Myself
After twelve nights in a row at number one, Adam 

Lambert’s song “Better Than I Know Myself,” has made it 

into the Mix Most Requested Hall Of Fame! The 

‘Glamberts,’ have been loyal to their artist, requesting 

‘BTIKM,’ more than any other song that has been in our 

countdown! Thanks to all our listeners for all the tweets, 

texts, calls and votes!

Yay for amazing US!!!

After a valiant attempt, Green Day triumphed over Adam and won the last round of MTV March Madness by a very small amount!  Thanks to all who voted and on the bright side, we don't have to vote in that one anymore.  

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Summer Sonic 2012: Adam Lambert to perform in Tokyo on August 18 and in Osaka on August 19


Adam's Day!

March 30: Radio, US. Star 94.1 San Diego, CA. [More Info]

March 30: Radio, US. Sophie 103.7 San Diego, CA. [More Info | New name for station ENERGY 103 7]

March 30: Radio, US. HOT 103.5 Sacramento, CA. Ray Styles Tonight with Adam Lambert 7p-9p PT. [Source]

March 30: TV Japan. Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice (Kurt Browning/Adam Lambert’s Feeling Good). [More Info]

Presale tickets start at 10AM EST this morning!


San Jose



downloads here:  Thanks to @_ninni


[b] The Rundown (Episode 27) - Adam Lambert


Clean up your mouth, Adam!

Friday, 30.03.2012 at 12.37
Finland-in-law, Adam Lambert surprised the curse after the show in Finnish.
Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert are followed up a couple in the United States.
Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert are followed up a couple in the United States. (SPLASH / AOP)
Sauli Koskinen, socialize with the pop star Adam Lambert swore in fluent Finnish with while on an interview after the gig in San Jose. Adam was asked how he masters the Finnish language.
- Suomeni is lousy, Adam admits.
- V * p * ck this scaled, Adam, and blurt out, however, says that the saying of his favorites. The audience wants to know what the saying means, but he merely states swearing.
Adam emphasizes YouTube loaded in an interview that part of the little Finnish.
- It is a difficult language!
Of the audience asked, does the English and the Sauli in turn, Adam tells her boyfriend to be a good language skills.




GLAMBERTS - You need to ask for ADAM - the 

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From Mix 106.5




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  1. Gloria, I really enjoyed the happiness lectures. Thanks Chris

  2. OH, so the Finish tabloids didn't like Adam cursing in Finnish?! Kind of funny. I don't think that occurred to him!

  3. The google translations are awful...and most often give you a totally wrong impression etc. Don't worry about the Finnish tabloids' headlines (humour!) I'm sure the Finnish Adam and Sauli fans found Adam's cursinh in Finnish just awesome (LOL). And the Finns in general can't afford to disapprove anybody's cursings. The same curse word is used there by adults, by boys and girls alike and all the time - almost like a conjunction (I'm sorry to say). ¨

    Thank you, Gloria, for all your hard work and dedication to all things Adam! Enjoy reading your blog. Candi

  4. I must agree Gloria, those AOL sessions are awesome. I love watching them because they are pure Adam. Thanks for all the radio vids. :D


    A linc to Pop Crush...right up our alley. Who has the best fan base. Its a tough field, but right now, we are this for voting please


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